Zigbee Projects Abstracts

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ZIG-BEE Monitoring and Control System ECE Project Report

Introduction to ZIG-BEE Monitoring and Control System Project: In this paper we implemented a new concept in high level communications with low power digital based radio systems, in upcoming advancements of wireless communication systems our project ZIG-BEE monitoring and control system provides proprietary conditions for low cost, low power consumption, wireless network in global implementation. Wireless(…)

A Remote Home Security System Based On Wireless Sensor Network and GSM Technology Project Report

Introduction: This paper elaborates the working of the home security alarm system developed by employing WSN and GSM technology. WSN technology has the capability to detect object information in dangerous conditions. By using GSM networks we can transfer information to large distances. A system  software is developed in C51 which sends and receives data, and(…)

Remote Controllable and Energy Saving Room Architecture Based On Zigbee Communication Report

Introduction: Remote Controllable and Energy Saving Room Architecture Based On Zigbee Communication Project presents the working of remote controllable standby power which in turn reduces the energy consumption of room architecture. The power controller is designed by using IR remote control functionality. By using this we can efficiently manage the power outlets. By using the IR(…)

Zigbee Based Electrical Projects

List of zigbee based electrical projects: Download latest collection of zigbee based electrical projects from this site for free download. Students can find wilress communication zibee projects reports,abstracts,ppt,pdf and base papers which can be useful as reference for final year projects. Projects listed here are part of pervious year and this year projects. submit zigbee based electrical(…)

2010 Zigbee Projects

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Zig bee Based Projects And Abstracts

List of ZIG-BEE Based projects and abstracts:  Electronics students can download ZIG-BEE based projects and abstracts from this site along with project abstracts, project source code and full documentation. Students can use these projects as reference for final year projects and seminar topics.  submit ZIG-BEE Based projects and abstracts to us. Links to download ZIG-BEE Based projects and(…)

Zigbee Enabled Intelligent Monitoring and Control System

Main project: “Zigbee Enabled Intelligent Monitoring and Control System” Project Purpose:          This Zigbee Enabled Intelligent Monitoring and Control System ECE project was developed with embedded system technology; here we have implemented a new efficient system on ZigBee technology for Wireless sensor networks. This electronics project can be very useful in mechanical industrial companies to provide communication(…)

Patient Monitoring System Using Zigbee

This Patient Monitoring System Using Zigbee final year ece project was developed with embedded system technology, this electronics system collects the data about a patient with in predefined time intervals using different sensors for different measurement like temperature; heart beat etc. and will transmit the data. In standalone application data acquisition system ,the output may(…)

PC to PC & Machine And Machine To Machine Communication Using Zigbee Project Abstract

The purpose of PC to PC & Machine and Machine to Machine Communication Using Zigbee ECE Final Year project is to establish perfect wireless communication channel between computers and micro controllers using ZigBee protocol. Zigbee is useful for cost efficient communication protocol which is available for free of cost.  This protocol is a open source(…)

Intelligent Automatic Plant Irrigation System with Water Pump Control

 Plant Irrigation Embedded System Project Description: The main aim of Intelligent automatic plant Irrigation system with water pump control project is to save the water, no manpower reouired, and save time.  A person who have a garden/plants ,he is going to attend a function or away from the home , what it happens to the garden.(…)