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1000projects is looking for engineering graduates

1000projects is looking for engineering graduates with good programming and analytical skills for our internal team.  Following are the additional skills/expertize required for individual positions:  Java/ .Net/ PHP/ any other programming language knowledge Embedded Systems, VLSI, MATLAB, Robotics, AutoCAD, DIP, DSP, Communication Systems and Power Electronics.  Please send your latest resume to  Please mention following(…)

SMT Recruitment Drive – 18th May 2014 (Sunday)

Subject: SMT Recruitment Drive – 18th May 2014 (Sunday)  at Technical Training Center (TTC) –  Bachupally Campus  – Refer your friends !!!Dear All,We are looking for young talent to be a part of our “Self Managed Team“, which encourages continuous learning, practical exposure and excellence in team based work.These opportunities are at our Formulation units in Andhra(…)

Success of Apple iPhone

Success of Apple iPhone has made many other companies to imitate it in terms of the services like excellent hardware and the operating system level. The success of Apple iPhone has made different competitors to develop a similar packages and software’s  There are few important features available with Apple iPhone that made other companies to develop(…)

App Store and Apple iOS

App Store  App store is the facility provided by the Apple iOS and third party software developers can develop the required Apple iPhone softwares and utilize them. Different Apple iPhone applications can be browsed or downloaded using this App Store and the services can be of free of cost or chargeable based on the application(…)

Software and Operating System Features of Apple iPhone

 Apple iPhone Operating system provides excellent software features and it runs on the operating system known as iOS, also known as iPhone Operating System. Apple iOS runs on the concept known as Darwin Operating System and a separate Core Animation component is made available with iOS that was originally taken from MAC OS X. Motion(…)

Success factors of Apple iPhone mobile

 There are many factors that made Apple iPhone a successful mobile technology and application provided and the main key factors can be considered as its support for excellent Hardware, sophisticated Operating system and the rich user interface provided to the end users and they are explained as below.  Hardware features of Apple iPhone  Apple iPhone(…)

Background of Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone was introduced by Apple Computer Inc in the year 2007 and till now there are many changes to the previous versions and most of the customers are really happy with the services provided by Apple iPhone. Initially Apple had made some design changes due to the competition of Motorola and its services were(…)

Mobile Applications and Mobile Technologies

Mobile applications and mobile technology is under sophistication these days and there are many service providers and vendors in the market that support the latest mobile technologies and application. The main success of any vendor purely depends on the range of services provided to the customers and the ease of usage that was embedded in(…)

Your Contribution to Save the Environment

Before we take a step forward to reduce environmental pollution we need to know basic causes for pollution which we come across in our daily life.  Noise, heat and light are the three basic causes which we need to control in every work we do.  Here are few changes I am practicing in my daily(…)