The Failure Analysis of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Mechanical Engineering Project is represented with the tar column recoiled E4509 of HOCL which failed in functioning like other exchanger to make the phenol process. The failure cost was very large because of down time and loss of therminol liquid. The loss with these failures is approximately RS 1.5 chore and the cost of bundle is 50 lacks.

 The failure of heat exchanger was attractive and these failures of exchanger decided and approved the solution. The exchanger concept was the methodology utilized to rectify the problem.

 It decreases the temperature of process fluid which is cool by mixing and changing the fluid physical state. Heating is an important function in chemical and petroleum refinery. As a result, failure of heat exchanger moves energy. It needs less operator concentration.

The complete maintenance plan of machinery and plant includes generally operating the function of the plant like a complete. The failure analysis of shell and tube heat exchanger includes many kinds of heat exchangers and generation of phenol from TAR COLUMN.

To obtain the broad and different applications of many kinds of heat exchangers are improved that are divided based on the nature of heat exchanger, way of fluid movement, model and manufacturing features and fluids physical state. Heat exchanger processes are divided in two forms namely direct contact opened heat exchangers and indirect contact heat exchangers.


The Failure Analysis of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger project of heat exchanger is the static tool at Hindustan chemicals limited. Heat exchanger is referred like the instrument that moves the energy from a hot to cold fluid with maximum and minimum running cost and rate of investment.

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