The aim of this Construction of Test Apparatus to Identify Different Types of Wood Mechanical Project study is to recognize the wood example by inserting a nail by a hammer that is swung on the test device to insert the nail deeper into the device with a stroke. The test device made and wood specimens examined on the device. The equipment allows inserting the hammer to be managed and hence allowing constant strikes on hammer to obtain with each example.

 On noticing the depth of piercing of nails that is obtained by consistent number of blows and the resistance provided is attained by the wood practically. The hammer strikes the nail by wood structure. When the nail theoretically penetrates through, it forces the cellulose fibers that are very strong tied with lignin. Hence, these determinations of force to pierce the nail are done completely.

 The difference among softwood and hardwood includes plant reproduction. The trees reproduce seeds and seed structures are different. Hardwood trees are angiosperms and plants which form seeds with kind of covering like apple and acorn. Softwoods are gymnosperms. These plants produce seeds which fall on the ground without covering like pine trees that produce seeds in hard cones.


 The wood from various kinds of trees include various properties. For instance, Maple wood is very hard. It is simple to curve the nails to pound into the form of maple. Unlike Maple, Pine lumber is soft which can be marked with fingernails. Hence, the information of piercing of the nail can be obtained and achieved with many kinds of wood and help to recognize the wood by providing resisted forces.

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