Online Bus Ticket Booking Project Synopsis


This Online Bus Ticket Booking project will provide an Online bus ticket booking platform and thereby leverage the tedious manual ticket booking activity for a customer. We can come up with features like saving favorite routes and providing discounts for the same. We can provide a feature that will allow the customer to get a ticket booked without much hassle.

Existing System:

Initially, customers used to book tickets manually by queuing in lines at bus stations or go to travel agents who in turn used to book tickets for them. This was actually a tedious process and was leading to wastage of time.  It also had issues like having incorrect names or other information used to book tickets.

Proposed System:

We can eliminate the drawbacks by developing an application which will allow customers to register themselves and book tickets, cancel tickets or postpone or prepone travel dates with feasibility. This actually is a welcome step for customers as they can access the application from anywhere and will also avoid wastage of time that was caused due to the drawbacks in the previous way of booking tickets manually.

User Types: Admin, Customer, Employee


Route management
Bus management
Bus Staff Management
Manage bookings
View bookings


It will be used by admin to create or manage Bus information and create bus staff information. Link the bus staff to different buses that are managed.

It will also have the option to view all bookings that were done for all buses on a day or month or quarterly basis. View all cancellations and rescheduled bookings. Will be able to confirm reschedule bookings. Will be able to handle transactions related to cancellations.

It will have the option to confirm rescheduled bookings and confirm the same to the customer.

The dashboard of admin will basically have a view which will show no of buses running, no of bookings on a specific day, no of cancellations on a day, no of hits to the site.

It will have the option to review and approve employee logins.

It will have the option to add routes for which buses will be linked.


The staff of website can register themselves and send an approval request to admin. Admin will assign a role and approve the login. Once logged in they can view the no of bookings on a specific day, no of cancellations on a day and rescheduled booking requests. They will be able to update and confirm rescheduled bookings, also take care of canceled bookings and its transactions.

Route management:

This module will be accessible to admin and employee both. Information related to all roots will be added in this module. Information like From Where to Where, the distance between two locations, stoppages in a route etc. Depending Upon the distance saved bus travel time will be calculated.

Bus management:

Will have options to add all information related to buses that are plying and then link it to different routes. Bus features like AC/ Non A/c, Two by Two or Sleeper or Pushback etc will all be added in this module.

Bus Staff management:

It will be accessible to employees and admin both. It will allow saving info related to a bus like a bus driver, cleaner, and attendant. Details, like name, phone no, email id, home address, alternate address, an alternate contact number will all be saved for each and every staff.

Customer: This will allow a customer to search for buses on any route with date search criteria. Bus listings will be shown as per search criteria and will also show information related to features of the bus that are playing the specified route. Book option will be provided to confirm booking. No of passengers has to be provided and then booking can be confirmed.  A customer will also have Manage bookings module which will show the history of all bookings that were done till date. The customer can reschedule a booking or cancel a booking from Manage bookings module as two options will be provided for the same.  Dashboard for a customer will show most recent bookings and depart time and date initially in a grid format.

Future Enhancements:

We can provide SMS based alerts and email notifications for bookings.

WThe wallet can be developed to handle discounts on the points basis. It can also be used to provide referral code concept for referring friends.

Chat feature can be included in the application to chat with customer care.

We can come with a feature that will allow the customer to save favourite routes and provide discounts for same.

Introduce coupon management for providing coupons which customers can use to avail discounts.

System Requirement Specification: 

Hardware Requirements:
Intel Core processor
RAM 4GB and Above
HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above
64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above

Software Requirements:

Technology: HTML,CSS, Jquery, PHP

Back End: SQLServer or Mysql

Operating System: Windows7 and more

Frame Work: Larvel or Phalcon 

Or it can also be done in .Net


Database:           SQLSERVER 2008 or  more

IDE & Tools:           VStudio.Net 2010 or more

Web Server:           IIS 6.0

Web Technologies:           Asp. Net, C#, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Online Accommodation Information System Project Synopsis


This Online Accommodation Information System project will basically be an easy to use web application that will allow customers or users to search for accommodation in all localities. It is basically for providing a platform wherein information related to rented accommodation will be provided as per different search criteria. It will have sophisticated search logic which will cater to all sorts of customers.

User Types: Admin, Customer, Dealers


Admin: This module will have options to create all base information.

It will have the option to add Property Category types like flat, farmhouses, Individual houses etc. It will then have the option to add subcategories like 3 bhk flat, 2 bhk flat, individual farmhouses, 2 storied or 3 storied individual houses etc. It will have the option to save info related to dealers who will save data related to their properties. It actually will manage approvals of properties that are being added to the system by dealers after verification. It will have the option to update the status of properties to indicate that they have been occupied or vacated or discussion in progress etc.

Customer module: It will allow customers to register and then search for accommodation as per search criteria. The customer has to add all information like price range, locality looking for, type of property and other related information while searching for properties. The dashboard will be provided to show the related search results and option will be provided to contact the dealers of properties.

It will also have the option to send request meeting with a suitable time frame to see the property and they can also get a notification in dashboard once the meeting is confirmed. Once a dealer confirms request sent by the customer the contact information will be shown so that he or she can contact dealers over the phone.

Dealers: They will register with online accommodation system to host and advertise their properties. Once registered admin will check and approve their registration. Once approved they can add their property info and advertise it. They will have a dashboard which will show the info related to properties which were viewed by different customers. If a customer sends a request to view a property that can also be seen in the dashboard under a separate section. It will show the timeframes which customers are looking for and they can accept request which will then enable contact information for the customer.

Future enhancements:

We can introduce email notifications, SMS alerts to customers.
Chat functionality can be enabled after request acceptance for both customer and dealer.
Ratings and review functionality can be introduced which will allow the customer to rate or review dealer property which was shown or rented successfully.

Technical Aspects:

Database: SQL Server 2008  and more
Language: C# and Asp
Framework: .Net
Front-end: HTML, CSS, Javascript

It can also be done in Php, MySql as backend with other frameworks.

Budget Monitoring System PHP Project Synopsis


Budget Monitoring System is a web-enabled online monitoring information system.  This is mainly for streamlining the flow of annual budgetary allocation on various account heads of an establishment including government departments.

It is very necessary to keep watching the utilization of budget allotment in various heads carefully for tracking the progress of various initiatives taken by the organization.

Typically the budget monitoring system is very useful in other than regular expenses or administrative expenses.


  1. Budget Allocation details
  2. Department wise details
  3. Maintaining Regular Expenses
  4. Maintaining Administrative details



System: – Pentium IV 2.4 GHz

Hard disk: – 80 GB

Monitor: 15 Vga Colour

Mouse: – Logitech.

Ram: – 2 GB

Keyboard: – 110 Keys Enhanced.


  • Operating system        : – Windows Family.
  • Coding Language       : -PHP
  • Back end                     :- MY SQL

Bank Information System PHP Project Synopsis


In this Bank Information System project, the bank details are maintained in common. Bank information system manages the account transfer from one bank to another bank.

The details that should be maintained is its bank code, branch code, the amount that should be transferred, the account number from where the amount gets transferred.

The very important thing that should be maintained is the name and along with that unique Id of the person. This could be maintained via a normal view.

According to the detail of the bank account and Id, money that gets transferred is maintained in the database. Whenever the bank manager wishes to retrieve the files by providing the ID and bank code he could receive the data.


1. User Account
2. Unique ID
3. Money Transactions
4. Admin view Details


• Operating system : – Windows Family.
• Coding Language: PHP
• Backend :- MY SQL

Train Ticket Booking System PHP Project Synopsis


The objective of this Train Ticket Booking System project is to reserve the tickets for t the ain through online. Birth ticket confirmation is also made through this railway reservation system.

If any person enters to book the tickets they could view the details of all the persons who have booked tickets until and also about what are all the places already booked. Presently available seats also shown. According to the passengers wish they could reserve the tickets.

All the booking details and cost of tickets for reservation will be displayed. This is less time consuming and also reduces the overhead of railway employees.

When it works out manually numbers of employees were needed. But through this system, we could overcome the above-mentioned problems.


1. Availability at Major Stations
2. Train Schedule

3. Upgraded Passenger Scheme

4. Train Berth Availability



• Hard Disk : 80 GB.
• Floppy Drive : 1.44 Mb.
• Monitor : 15 VGA Colour.
• Mouse : Logitech.
• Ram : 2 Gb.


• Operating system : – Windows Family.
• Coding Language : -PHP
• Back end :- MY SQL