MS Dissertation Projects

MS students can download latest collection of ms dissertation projects source code and reports. These dissertation projects are part of previous year final year ms projects. These projects are submitted by uk , us , canada ms students.

MS Project Assignments/ Masters Assignments / Writing Assignments

Preparing for the exams has become easier with the online support If you are struggling with your college assignments, you have logged on to the perfect online address for help. Assignment Writing India provides one stop solution for all your degree writing assignments. We provide help to students in almost all subject matters so that(…)

Approaches of a Strategy Literature Review

Approaches of a Strategy There are many theories of strategy which deeply explains various aspects.  These different theoretical frameworks on strategy are successful because the attention spans and preferences of the organizational management are shifting. It is also said that present models of strategy have nothing more to do with the certainty and exactness but(…)

An iPhone Application for BCS (British Computer Society) Project Proposal

Project Proposal I want to make an Apple iPhone Application for the British Computer Society from which Users will gain a richer web experience for BCS users. The BCS members will be the Sole beneficiaries from this Project.  Purpose:  Users will be able to register themselves to the BCS Membership. Student will be able to(…)

Library Management System Using PHP and MYSQL Database Project Proposal

Background  Library management system has a wider scope towards the educational institutions these days. In general each and every educational institution right from a high school to Universities, maintain ample number of books, journals, articles and different publications with them. Initially library management is done manually and the required records are saved across books. The(…)

Research Methods and Dissertation Proposal Power Point Presentation

Research Methods: Assignment 1: Critical Review (4000): Note: **** indicates important Title Page :(Name of couse,university ,2 id’s) Table of content with page numbers Executive summary :(from study skills) Review of the literature:(literature which is in the article) /(summarise of article literature) ****Critics of the literature review:(what author missed out ,what we have to tell(…)

Investigation and Critical Analysis of the Effects of Various Storage Media on Computer and Network Security

This study provided the detailed information on the storage media, the computers networks and the different types of the storage devices. This study specifies the different types of the networked storage such as DAS- direct attached storage, NAS- network attached storage and SAN- storage area network. This research even provided the information on the different(…)