School/College Fee Management System VB & Oracle Project

About the project-Fee Management

The project of Fee Management of a school/college has been developed by MCA final year student. This project has taken 4-5 months for its completion.This project work with Visual Basic as the user’s interface and the Oracle as the part to handle fee database of a school/college. 

Overview of  Fee Management 

After proper analyses, I came to know that , In MCA college, fee are paid in three period (Jan-April),(May-Aug),(Sept-Dec).In apart of admission fee

Other fees also collected like hostel,stationary,library charges,vehicular charges and many more. College also collect fine from students from time to time.College also run pre-coaching batches like “coaching for entering test”

School-College Fee Management System

New system should handled that. Moreover current system also handles the security charges which is returned to students after completion of course or whenever students leave the college.At the time of security returning some rupees will be deducted in a account of library maintenance. System are in under control of  head person.Concession are paid w.r.t. marks obtained,relations(two brothers/sisters are studying or child of teacher ) .Concession will be paid to only one student of one family.Current system provide the mechanism regarding to check whether a particular student has  paid his/her fee for particular period quickly .This will help him/her to getting other facilities of college like(Receiving of Roll number,Receiving of college magazine,opening account in college canteen and many more  ).Current system also charge rupees from students for Photostat and Attestation.For all students who got  admission in Inter classes ,corresponding charges should be paid to DPI(Deputy Public Instructor)  and  students who got admission in UG/PG level classes,corresponding charges should be paid to DPI(Deputy Public Instructor).


During the system analysis, it is found that the old system is the manual system. The old system has following problems

  1. It was very difficult to maintain the ledgers, lists, trials and bulky bills preparations.
  2. No automated tool like COMPUTER is used for the processing.
  3. It is difficult to get the prompt case position.
  4. Difficult to keep the provide ON-LINE information to the departments.
  5. More staff was required.
  6. Not up-to-date
  7. Very Expensive
  8. Less security
  9. Data duplicacy
  10. Not centralized
  11. Slow in process


The new recommended is the computerized, which has many advantages over the old one.

  1. Since the overall system is under the control of Data Base Administrator (DBA) – hence the system us centralized one.
  2. The security and privacy is more in case of new system.
  3. The long process can be shortened.
  4. Easy to maintain the LEDGERS, TRIALS, DETAILS and other a/c books with deposits lists.
  5. User friendly
  6. Easy to prepare reports
  7. Easy to find the defaulter students list
  8. Easy to maintain the cash information
  9. Easy to handle security information
  10. Creation of users and granting authorities
  11. Less staff is required
  12. Addmission/Others fees are maintained properly

Requirements Specification:

  • Entering student information with different categories
  • Handling fee information via Bank Cheque as well as via Cash
  • Concession Handling related to
  •                                       ——- Marks Obtained
  •                                       ——- Relations
  •                                       ——- Schedule Caste/Backword Caste
  • Proper handling of new Departments/Classes
  • Creation of new users and authority management.
  • Precoaching Information Handling ( fees for non default courses like   math,science,crash course)
  • Security Handling
  • Database Backup/Database Recovery
  • List of Defalter  students
  • Cash Handling Reports wrt. (Fine,Admission Fee,Other Fee)
  • Fee related to convenience,stationary,liberary,computer labs
  • Password management
  • Proper Graphical User Interface
  • Proper Links with MsWord/Ms Excel
  • Internet Usage
  • Client/Server Architecture

S/W Requirements:

  1. VB 6
  2. Oracle 9i

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