Career Guidance

Provides Career Guidance to Freshers, Final Year students. Here we provide articles for engineering students and students who are looking for career guidance. These articles are written by experienced software engineers.

Simple Steps To Get A Software Job

1. Prepare aptitude questions and answers to clear written exams. 2. Prepare C&DS, Operating systems, Database management systems for interview. 3. Improve your communication skills. If you’re poor at it, read English news paper, watch Hollywood movies with subtitles if needed, watch English news channels. Even following cricket commentary will help a bit of improving(…)

I don’t know coding?

While chatting with friends, I come across people saying “I don’t know coding”. This article clarifies what people really think coding is and what it really means. One question you need to ask yourself when thinking about coding is if you’ve enough skill to do it or not? Do I have good analytical skills? If(…)