CAN Protocol Projects

This category consists of projects based on CAN Protocol and CAN protocol based embedded projects. Final year students can download mini and major projects reports on can protocol.

CAN IP Core – Digital Design and Realisation

Abstract In today’s world, the communication in a system is computerised in order to reduce the Manufacturing cost and for more reliability. The CAN protocol is the standard for high speed, mission critical, real time control networks in many networks. The CAN protocol is reliable, cheap and last a long time. This project explains the(…)

Network Security Protocol with Cryptography and RFID System ECE Project

Seamless communication is general and broadly used method under the communication area. Within this area, the modern method introduced is known as RFID technique where object includes RFID labels present on them and allowed under radio frequency area. Cryptography technique includes both methods encryption and decryption. It is broadly utilized under safety of network system.(…)

Can Protocol Based Data Acquisition System Abstract

Can Protocol Based Data Acquisition System projects main idea is to control temperature variations in industrial process.  LM35 sensors are used as temperature sensors in this application. This data is transfer with CAN controller to the master node and in the master node the values are detected and then it goes for the accurate value(…)