University Management System Project in C++ with Source Code

University Management System Project is developed in c++ programming language. This project contain full project report, documentation with data flow diagram, screen shots..etc.

University Management System

University Management System Project Overview:

In University a large amount of data is processed and the results are used in running an organization. The University management system project maintains the list of colleges and their different streams. It also maintains the examination and the result department with a proper menu system.

Man is a social animal and has endless wants and needs. The days of the primitive man are gone. Gone too are the days when survival meant just food, clothing and shelter. Technology has changed the ways we live. The invention of currency has ushered in a new breed of humans. Most business transactions are clinched by fiscal exchanges.

To sustain them, people put in hours of work .The average adult spends approximately one-third of his or her life working. Business is booming. A considerable portion of the expenditure of the business is on the compensation given to its employees. Therefore it becomes necessary for an organization to maintain perfect and accurate record. For this we need a computerized  university management system.

Perfect ness is the key to work. It is very important from the point of view of the organization as well as for the student that the record is maintained about the colleges and students error free. So, speedier and accurate maintenance of the university becomes a matter of importance. Automation does this to a large extent.

As we know that today is the world of computers and it has entered in the each and every phase of everyday life. Computer plays an important role in day-to-day   work. Hence today is the day of computers.

The use of computers in the field of management of information is well known to us .The use of computers in the university management system provides following benefits over manual system 

1.) Availability

It gives us that information which was not provided by the manual system. 

2.) Timeliness

Provides information (output) in less time. 

3.) Accuracy

Using computer, we will get the information more accurate rather than the manually calculated and manual records information. 

4.) Completeness

Computer never gives us incomplete information. We will always get the complete and full information using the computer.

5.) Meaningful and action oriented

Whatever the work we will provide the computer to do, computer works on only that particular work. It means computer always do a meaningful and action oriented work for the user. 

6.) Commensurate

Whatever the format (output) is designed for a particular program by the computer should be in such a manner that co-relates with the format of other information groups.

“A University Management System handles all information necessary for handling a college and student.” This system must develop the paperwork necessary college and the students. The system must maintains files on individual college and student record, provide up to date the information, print outputs on information related to the University.

In addition, the system must have checks & controls that prevent fraudulent use of payroll funds.

* The University management system processes data related with activities of students and colleges. So university management system is very important for a university. Needless to say, careful planning and suitable backup measures are absolutely necessary when automating these activities. During the selection process, it is worthwhile to review our present universities policies.

Improve benefits over before talking the whole questions of automating the process.

A good university management system will process input data faster and reduce clerical time, while:

  • Assuring management control in making certain that output is correct.
  • Generally useful reports at little or no incremental cost.
  • Project is handled with oops concept.

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