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In this paper “Submarines Mech Project Pdf” a comprehensive study of submarine, their parts and functions are explained vividly. A submarine is a vehicle which is designed in a way to operate at a specific depth of water. Submarines are mostly used in warfare applications. However they are used in civil applications like ocean research, pipe laying and servicing.


The main parts of Submarines Mech Project Pdf are explained in great detail. The main part is the hull which has to be designed with minimum resistance than other components. This increases the cruising range, reduces fuel consumption and speed increases too. The water ballast tanks comprise of the main ballast tanks and the variable ballast tanks. There are however 3 fuel ballast tanks which are located on the starboard and port side.

Then there are the propellers which are driven by 4 motors and are arranged in pairs via a reduction gear to drive the propeller shaft. The geared type main motors are two wire dc compound types with their specifications.  The periscope is the eye of the submarine and is created for the sole intent of viewing the surface without any detection. The technique by which the submarine navigates is the SONAR.

Submarines Mech Project Pdf Conclusion:

The submarines that are powered by nuclear energy can be operative for several months and the volunteers are tested strictly for enduring inside the submarine. This is because the physical and psychological stamina of the people within the submarine is a crucial factor. They are also devoid from worldly contact for long time periods.

The crew members reside inside pressure filled machinery that is crucial for their survival and also for the ship’s functioning. They need to adjust within cramped spaces and very little privacy. Every crew member is also given a set time period for duty watch.

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