Shopping Cart Web Portal Use Case and UML Diagrams

Shopping Cart Web Portal Use case Diagrams provides customer and admin in depth functionalities in project designing phase. Here we can find the relation between middle layer with admin and user where admin is having connection with category management, product management, content management, order management and user has connection with purchase module and customer management.

Here the category management module explains how the connection given between user and admin with view category, add category and update category modules.

Here the customer management provides how all customer management details connected to both admin and user. Connections included view customer details, list customer, add new customer, update customer and finally delete customer. 

Content management Use case Diagram explains how view content page and update content page connected to user and admin. 

Catalog Management UML Diagram explains how all other website functionality work with both admin and customer. UML relations included in this diagram are managing country details, manage state details, manage city details.

Shopping Cart Web Portal Use Case and UML Diagrams4

Download Shopping Cart Web Portal Use Case and UML Diagrams.

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