Sentimental Analysis Opinion Mining for Mobile Networks


Sentimental Analysis and Opinion Mining for Mobile Networks is a project mainly focuses on sharing posts in the application more effectively and easily. In this application, users can share their posts whether they may be images any others.

This application provides a special feature i.e.., when one user shares a post in the application, all the registered user can see the post and leave a comment to the post. By this, all users can easily find the comments for their post very easily.

Existing System:

In the existing system, it takes time for users to find the comment for their post. All the details of the comments should be verified to see whether it is positive or negative which takes a lot of time. All the work in the existing system is done manually which requires a lot of time and effort.

Proposed System:

In the proposed system users can easily find the status of the comment for their post by a user. The user can save a lot of time. The user can easily find the status of their comment on the post with in no time and with less effort.



The user should fill all the details in the registration form to get login details. The user should enter unique username and password to get a login to the application. The user can view his profile, add images, view his uploaded images and can change the password. The user can see the positive comments and negative comments of the post and also user has an option to see the graph.


Admin can get login by entering a valid username and password. Admin can view all the activities of the users and can view all the posts uploaded by users.

Software Requirement:

Operating System – Windows
Application Server – Tomcat.
Front End – HTML, Java, Jsp
Scripts – Java Script.
Server side Script – Java Server Pages.
Database – My SQL
Database Connectivity – JDBC


Out project “Sentimental Analysis and Opinion Mining for Mobile Networks” provides easy and fast opinion on the comments made on the post uploaded by the user in the application. Our application saves a lot of time and effort for users in searching the status of the post.

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