Seminar Topic and Seminar Report on An ATM with an eye

Introduction to An ATM with eye Seminar Topic:

There was a time when we do not pay importance to time, later we felt importance of time, later we felt unsatisfactory result even with span of time. This statement stands true for the topic we are learning. ATM it stands for Automated Teller Machine. 

Thus to fulfill the above goal i.e customer satisfaction, time saving of customers ATM was created. ATM is generally used for money transaction. Now since we already know what is money and how transaction of money is we are going to skip this .Lets look on how the ATM works. The most important security of ATM is pin that is used.  ATM is a machine, in order to access the machine and get some money some form of magnetic card is used .This would decrease fraudent activity. 

Since this is a system that is going to be used by a lot of people there is need to maintain some form of privacy. Why exactly a privacy is needed is the next big question that comes in the mind ?Its because we are sharing the Automated Teller Machine to perform same task i.e taking money using different account number .To properly use the ATM we need to give the account number to the system ,which is followed by Pin. 

We generally see a bank as one of the main reason that is responsible for the growth of ATM. Now one of the one question that may come in our mind is why only pin for authentication, why not something else say images for detection. Since images stored in database may not perfectly match one face even if its face of correct person who gave the image, the pin used for authentication seems to be the smart choice. Again speaking on one of the concern related to customers is privacy of images in bank database since it may be misused in some way or another thus smart choice is to use pin in ATM. 

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