Secure File Sharing System Java Project

Secure File Sharing


Many Users will store the files in the cloud and share with other users but the information in the cloud is not encrypted so it cannot be secure so, we proposed this web application. In this project, we can encrypt the user’s uploaded files and we can also generate a secret key if any user requests for the file then we can verify and respond to their requests. Using the key, he can access the file.  In this Project, there is only one module


The user will register into the application by providing all the necessary details and therefore he can log in into the application using username and password and the user can upload the files to cloud and share with the other registered users. He can also view the files uploaded by him and can also view the requests for a secret key from the other users and we can respond and the key will be sent to his registered email. Using that key, he can download the file and view the information.

UML Diagrams:

Use Case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Class Diagram:

Existing System:

In Existing System user cannot share the files with multiple users at a time. And the files do not have security as the user who received the file can share to a number of users.

Proposed System:

The proposed System user can share the files with multiple users at a time. Users will have at most security in this project using AES Algorithm as a result users can encrypt the files and share to other registered users.

Output Screens:

Home Page:

User Registration Page:

User Login Page:

User Upload File Page:

Select users and Share Files Page:

View Files Requests Page:

View Requests and Response Page:

Verify Secret Key Page:

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