Python Projects

The below list of available python projects on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, OpenCV, Text Editor, and Web applications. Software requirements are python programming, Anaconda, etc.




1.     Anomaly detection in Network Traffic Using Unsupervised Machine Learning Approach.

2.     Outlier detection in indoor localization and Internet of Things (IoT) using machine learning.

3.     Machine Learning-based anomaly detection for IoT Network: (Anomaly detection in IoT Network)

4.     A Study on Machine Learning Based Anomaly Detection Approaches in Wireless Sensor Network

5.     BAT: Deep Learning Methods on Network Intrusion Detection Using NSL-KDD Dataset.

6.     Anomaly Detection in Smart Grids using Machine Learning Techniques

7.     Fraud Detection in Credit Card Data using Unsupervised Machine Learning Based Scheme.

8.     CICIDS-2017 Dataset Feature Analysis With Information Gain for Anomaly Detection.

9.     Detect malicious SQL queries via both a blacklist and whitelist approach

10.  PredictDeep: Security Analytics as a Service for Anomaly Detection and Prediction

11.  A Cyberbullying Detection in live chatting Using Machine Learning Techniques.

12.  Phishing Email Detection Using Improved RCNN Model With Multilevel Vectors and Attention Mechanism


  1. Solar Energy Forecast Using Machine Learning


  1. An Efficient IoT-Based Platform for Remote Real-Time Cardiac Activity Monitoring.
  2. Image-Based Plant Disease Detection: A Comparison of Deep Learning and Classical Machine Learning Algorithms.
  3. Alzheimer Disease Prediction using Machine Learning Algorithms.
  4. Heart Disease Identification Method Using Machine Learning Classification in E-Healthcare
  5. LSTM-Based Auto-Encoder Model for ECG Arrhythmias Classification
  6. Breast cancer detection and algorithm comparison Decision tree and SVM classifiers
  7. Automated Prediction of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease using Machine Learning Algorithms
  8. HDPM: An Effective Heart Disease Prediction Model for a Clinical Decision Support System
  9. Heart Disease Identification Method Using Machine Learning Classification in E-Healthcare


  1. Predicting Stock Market Trends Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms Via Continuous and Binary Data; a Comparative Analysis


  1. Crop Yield Prediction based on Indian Agriculture using Machine Learning


  1. A Machine learning Model for Prediction of Graduate Admissions
  2. Students Performance Prediction in Online Courses Using Machine Learning Algorithms
  3. Predicting admission acceptance and rejection of Universities based on Education data.


  1. A Virtual Trial Room using Pose Estimation and Homograph.
  2. Virtual Ornaments trial system Using AI


  1. Smart Edge Healthcare Data Sharing System
  2. Path Planning with Improved Artificial Potential Field Method Based on Decision Tree


  1. Twitter Bot Detection with Reduced Feature Set
  2. Detection of Depression-Related Posts in Reddit Social Media Forum
  3. Fake News Detection: An Ensemble Learning Approach
  4. Detection of Malicious Social Bots Using Learning Automata With URL Features in Twitter Network
  5. Defensive Modeling of Fake News Through Online Social Networks
  6. FAKEDETECTOR: Effective Fake News Detection with Deep Diffusive Neural Network
  7. Spam Review Detection Using the Linguistic and Spammer Behavioral Methods


  1. Plant Leaf Disease Detection Using CNN
  2. Predicting Fashion Products type from Image Using sequential Model
  3. Predicting Covid-19 from X-ray Images using VGG16 CNN Algorithm
  4. Rice Leaf Disease detection using CNN Model
  5. A survey on detection and classification of rice plant diseases
  6. Confidence measure guided single image de-raining study image processing
  7. Underwater image enhancement techniques for benchmark dataset and beyond study and analysis.
  8. An Efficient IoT-Based Platform for Remote Real-Time Cardiac Activity Monitoring
  9. Soil Classification using Deep Learning
  10. Robust Face-Name Graph Matching for Movie Character Identification


  1. Amazon Data Rating Review Analysis and Predicting rating from review using Linear SVM Algorithm.
  2. Automatic Disaster Message Classification using Linear Algorithm.
  3. Advance Detection of Machine Failure in Automated Industries Using ML Algorithms.
  4. A Decision Model for Human Resource Allocation in Project Management of Software Development
  5. Detection of Epileptic Seizure Event and Onset Using EEG using Machine Learning


  1. Analysis of Online Shopping order History and predict Future Orders using SARIMA Model.
  2. Analyzing Telecom customers Data for Improving Services.
  3. Analyzing satellite images and clustering areas using K-means
  4. Time Series Analysis of Sales Data
  5. Amazon Data Rating Review Analysis and Predicting rating from review using Linear SVM Algorithm.
  6. COVID 19 Data Analysis and Cases Count Prediction using CNN.
  7. Analyzing Data to suggest the best stream for higher studies.
  8. Keyword trend analysis using Google API


  1. An Automated System to Limit COVID-19 Using Facial Mask Detection in Smart City Network
  2. Fire and Gun Violence based Anomaly Detection System Using Deep Neural Networks.
  3. Voice-based Gender Detection and Online shopping product category classification.
  4. Detecting Active Features in given Image using Scale-invariant feature transform algorithm.
  5. Chatbot application based on User Input using LSTM (hospital, colleges’)
  6. Hand Gesture detection using AI
  7. Human Gender and Emotion detection from live voice recordings using AI.
  8. Social Distancing Detection with Deep Learning Model
  9. Sewer Pipeline Fault Identification Using Anomaly Detection Algorithms on Video Sequences


  1. Laon data analysis and prediction using K means
  2. Classifying and predicting Brest cancer using the Decision Tree Algorithm.
  3. Liner Regression-based student Marks prediction
  4. User Ads spending Prediction based on salary using Logistic Regression Algorithm

Latest Topics:

  1. Lyrics Scrapper from website
  2. Phishing website detection  
  3. Pneumonia detection using deep learning
  4. Customer Spending classification using K means clustering
  5. Titanic data clustering on survived data.
  6. Recipe Recommendation system using K means clustering
  7. Character detection from images using OCR
  8. Crude Oil Prediction using SVR & Linear Regression
  9. Face Recognition based Criminal Identification system
  10. Language Translator and converting voice to text
  11. Face detection based attendance system
  12. Automatic Land mark classification using Deep Learning
  13. Automatic Brand Logo detection using Deep learning
  14. Fake News Detection Using Naïve Bayes Classifier

Python Text Editor

  1. Number plate recognition using opencv
  2. Emotion based music player
  3. Detection of brand logos from given images
  4. Color recognition using neural networks for determining the ripeness of a banana

Machine Learning

  1. Vision Sentiment Analysis using googleapi cloud
  2. Sentiment Analysis
  3. Classification Of IRIS Flowers Using Scipy Library In Machine Learning
  4. Visualize Machine Learning Data Using Pandas
  5. A Framework for Analysis of Road Accidents
  6. Wal-Mart Sales Prediction
  7. Bigmart Sales Prediction
  8. IIT Paper Analysis
  9. Disease Prediction using machine learning
  10. Heart Disease Prediction
  11. Custom Digit Recognition
  12. Rain fall prediction using svm, Artificial neural network, liner regression models.
  13. Self Driving Car Simulation using AI
  14. Crop prediction using linear regression
  15. Automatic question and answer generation using NLP
  16. Vehicle counting for traffic management


  1. Python Image processing using opencv.
  2. Pedestrian detection
  3. Custom Digit Recognization
  4. Driver Drowsiness detection using opencv.

Web Applications 

  1. Iris species predictor flask web app
  2. Medical data analysis using machine learning using flask webapp
  3. Youtube spam detection using flaskwebapp.
  4. Named Entity Recognition and sentiment analysis using flask webapp.
  5. Text summarizer and comparison using flaskwebapp.
  6. Gender classification based on name.
  7. Image encryption compression and decompression and decryption
  8. Data encryption using aes,des algorithms
  9. Toll gate management system
  10. Image stegnography using lsb algorithm
  11. Prediction house worth using machine learning
  12. Securing data using hybrid cryptography in cloud
  13. Evaluating Employee Attrition
  14. Improving security for login using two factor( password and QR code) method.
  15. Heart Disease Diagnosis based on symptoms
  16. Automation of test evaluation for objective and subjective tests
  17. Phishing website detection
  18. License Detection Using QR Code
  19. E Plastic
  20. Student Help desk
  21. E Waste
  22. Online Shopping
  23. E farming
  24. Visualizing Machine Learning Using Pandas
  25. Detecting Pneunomia using Machine Learning
  26. Two factor authentication using QR code APP for user login
  27. House Worth Prediction based on machine learning
  28. Water Marking Image
  29. Analysing and Detecting Money Laundering

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