Mobile Payment Service System Project Source Code In Asp.Net And Report

Mobile payment service system project Description:

Mobile payment service system project is web based mobile payment application which is implemented in java platform specially designed for PDA or mobile phones. In present trend mobile technology usage had increased with 3g and 4g services included in mobile devices had created scope for developing mobile apps and online web portals for mobiles. In this project we implemented mobile payment methods for shopping applications, which works efficiently with small file size with low memory capacity using low bandwidth of wireless hand held devices.

In order to develop mobile applications java is best software which will provide Graphical user interface with enhanced features.

Detailed explanation about Mobile payment service project is provided in reference documents.

download Mobile payment service project source code in java and project report for free download.

Encryption Algorithm Project Source Code In Java And Project Report

Encryption algorithm project Description:

Encryption algorithm project is implemented in java platform. This application is used for providing security for data by converting normal data in to different format and transfer to end user where decryption algorithm are used to re convert to correct format. Encryption algorithms are used in wireless communication networks, military, mailing, voice data…etc. Now a day’s every application use different encryption methods. Gmail, yahoo mail use different encryption algorithms for providing security or mails.

In this paper we study basic concepts of AES Algorithm, RC4 algorithm and Triple DES algorithm  and their implementation methods.

Here we provide Encryption algorithm source code files and final document for free download.

download Encryption algorithm project source code in and project report.


Keyword Rank Checker Project Source Code In Java

Keyword rank checker project Description:

Keyword rank checker project is one of the important tool used in seo marketing for knowing rank of website and take required steps to improve rank of website. In present trend website business is one of the fast growing business which is used to improve search ranking of website and allow websites to get better rank in search engine. There are many software applications available on online which helps in finding keywords. This application is also related to seo marketing, by implementing this we can understand basics on google search engine ranking and keywords basics.

Here you can download project files, test files, build, src ..etc.

download keyword rank checker project source code in java for free.

Project Management System Project Source Code In Java

Project management system project Description:

Project management system project is used in software companies for efficiently organizing project form starting stage to ending stage and allocating works to different departments form designing, coding, testing and management. Using this application company can handle many projects at a time which will save time and human resource. Project management system application maintains budget of the project and resources required for implementing this project and provide time for project to complete and also manages information of clients documents and requirements.

Here we provide project management system project database, source code is provide in .war format, and sql file.

download project management system project source code in java.