Student Information System a Java Project

In the project “Web portal system for student information system a Java project”, the design of different modules and components of a student information system are aptly described. This is basically a web-based application for students, faculty and academic faculty in order to obtain student information quickly. This system is like a replacement for the traditional file system and avoids traditional paperwork.Student-Information-System-a-Java-Project

In this web-based application project, a student’s complete academic records can be tracked thereby providing easy access to office staff and committee members. It avoids the need of tedious paperwork on the part of the students and students can then file their information through a computer and makes an easy process for submission as well as evaluation.


In this project Web portal system for student information system the student information is classified into three modules viz login module, administrator module and student module. The login module is used for entry to the website with provision of various functions and facilities. In the administrator module there are two parts: one is for entry, update or deletion of student. The second part is for issuing notices, internal results etc.   

In the student module, once the student enters his id and password, he can access other pages. If profile view is clicked, he can update his personal detail. In the notice view he can check out all notices. The link to the attendance view student can access his attendance details. There are links to internal exam results and also the time table.


The software used to design this project is the Java-2 Enterprise edition (J2EE). In this every component can be selectively designed and a multilayered distributed application model. It’s a secured software and flexible in nature too. By making use of this software and its several components this project can be successfully designed.

Video Streaming a Php Mysql Project


In this project “Video streaming a Php Mysql Project” the details of a video sharing website is provided. Through the video sharing process, users can upload, share and also view the videos uploaded by others. Not only this videos can be edited and uploaded online and has different modules. In this project the different modules that have been provided are administrators, users, web registration and search.Video-Streaming-a-Php-Mysql-Project

The several features that are provided by this project are that the users can view the videos. However the users do not have authority to delete the records of the website. This authority vests only with the administrator. It is also a secure and easy to use process. Also, in recent days, there has been a lot of demand for videos.


In the project Video streaming Php Mysql project, if any user as to upload any videos, he can do so by registering himself in the registration link. The entire system described here is totally computerized which negates all the drawbacks of the previous system. In the design process, a blue print is provided for the implementation, testing and maintenance is provided.

After the software is implemented then it is very essential to test the software. It’s basically a trial to know if the software is best. The software testing includes different kinds of testing. They are unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing, white box testing and black box testing. Once the testing is executed, the results are compared with the expected results.


This project has several advantages. Managing the levels of the project is pretty easy and so is storing the videos. It is easy to maintain up to date information and is cheaper to maintain. Also, manual tracking is not required.

My SQL Connect Form with Project Code


          The project “My SQL connect form” is one of the most powerful My SQL manager and an administration tool which combines the feature of SQL browser, administrator, php and other MySQL front end features. It is a complete Unicode support and has table diagnostics and also has the provision of dropping a database. There is also presence of a multitab query editor and result set editor.My-SQL-Connect-Form-With-Project-Code

        This system allows browsing of databases and tables from an intuitive Windows and Linux interface. The most required feature of this system was a GUI which was incorporated in the system. Tables can be easily modified in this system as the creation and modification of databases is easily done and exact copies of the tables can be reproduced.


          The project My SQL connect form leads to a very easy process for creating database and performing data transactions which is simpler to the existing system. Here, creation of stored procedures, functions and triggers are done in an easier way. The SQL query editing customizes highlighting and snippet files. The result f any data grid is stored in a single dump file and also XML files.

            A graphical user interface is provided for creating and the editing of stored procedures and triggers. There is also the system of placing one file per table or also one directly into the host. The result of this transaction can be saved either as an HTML/XML or a PDF file. This system also sends a list of tables, columns and variables directly to the printer.


          The project discussed here can be developed easily and can also be integrated with other systems. However in this project, it is not possible to find out the minimum and maximum values nor is it possible to make selections in ascending or descending order. This can be enhanced in the future.

download Project Report of CSE My SQL Connect Form with Project Code.

CSE Mini Project Report on Multimedia Database Management System


        The project “CSE Mini Project on Multimedia database management system” can be defined as a framework which can manage different types of data. This data is potentially represented by a wide diversity of formats on a wide range of media sources. This Multimedia DBMS provides support for all kinds of multimedia data types and also in the creation, storage of multimedia database.Mini-Project-Report-on-Multimedia-Database-Management

                  This multimedia database management fosters suitable environment for the use and management of the multimedia database information. All the traditional database functions are supported by this project like data access and organization, data independence, privacy, integration, integrity control and concurrency support.


           This project Multimedia database management system keeping the traditional functions of DBMS as guide, the purpose of this system can be explained. In the integration method, the data items need not be duplicated and require different program invocation for obtaining the data. Data independence is for separating the database and management functions.

    Concurrency control ensures that the multimedia database is consistent throughout the rules and usually imposes some form of execution order on concurrent transactions. Persistence is the ability of the data object to survive through the different transactions and invocations. The privacy component ensures that the system does not get unauthorized access. Any queries can be solved at the query support. The version control is used for organization and management of persistent objects.


    Through this project it can be concluded that the database management for multimedia is a necessary requirement and can also be managed like the normal data which is very important for current multimedia applications. The multimedia systems do exist but they can be further enhanced by adding a lot of enhancements which will make the system work in a better way. 

download Project Report of CSE Mini Project Report on Multimedia Database Management System .

School Automation Record Management System a ASP.Net

The project “School automation record management system a ASP.Net Project” is an automated system for managing student details. All details like college details, student personal details, academic details etc are handled by it. This system is high in accuracy and back-up is maintained easily. Only the administrator can update and monitor the complete process.School-Automation-Record-Management-System-a-ASP-Net

The main motive of using this management tool is for academic institutions which range from schools and colleges which simplifies the administrative process including personal management, inventory as well as payments. This system is developed using Microsoft .NET platform which provides user friendly environment and ensures high end security. 

School Record Management ASP.Net Project Description:

The project School automation and automatic record management system will have databases of the courses offered by college, teacher and faculty details. The program here is used for exploring all the activities occurring in college. On the basis of the information report and queries can be generated. The additional features of the system here are SMS and email.

These tools can be used to notify the parents about student activities and the events on school. This system makes it very easy to track records with a built-in search operation. The system is designed in a way to ensure BPR is possible in future requirements. This project also reduces the workload of end users by eliminating data-entry work while reports are prepared for the top management.

The system designed is error free and robust in nature. It is efficient and less time-consuming. The .NET is developed on the OOPS concept whose main benefit is modularity that enables in providing add-ons for the project. These modules can be added without much effort without much modification. Thus this project can be enhanced in the future to make it very robust in nature.