Banking System a Database Project Report


Usually all persons want money for personal and commercial purposes. Banks are the oldest lending institutions in Indian scenario. They are providing all facilities to all citizens for their own purposes by their terms. To survive in this modern market every bank implements so many new innovative ideas, strategies, and advanced technologies. Banking-System-a-Database-Project-Report

For that they give each and every minute detail about their institution and projects to public. They are providing ample facilities to satisfy their customers i.e. Net Banking, Mobile Banking, Door to Door facility, Instant facility, Investment facility, Demat facility, Credit Card facility, Loans and Advances, Account facility etc. And such banks get success to create their own image in public and corporate world. 

These banks always accept innovative notions in Indian banking scenario like Credit Cards, ATM machines, Risk Management etc. So, as a student business economics I take keen interest in Indian economy and for that banks are the main source of development. So this must be the first choice for me to select this topic. 

At this stage every person must know about new innovation, technology of procedure new schemes and new ventures. Because of the following reasons, I prefer this project work to get the knowledge of the banking system. 

The Banking System a Database Project system provides faster data access, data entry and retrieval. 


The Banking System a Database Project system is more efficient, fast, reliable, user friendly. Over and above the proposed system does not have any possibility of data loss during processing. This banking system project will serve as a useful approach to data base dialogue box to deposit and withdraw the money for the person. It serves as a helpful approach for the users. It provides easy way of the deposit and withdraws the money. It reduces the time taken by the user to save the money. Thus the project is the user friendly approach.

download Project Report  and sample code of  CSE Banking System a Database Project  .

Download HRM Database Management A Java Project Report

HRM Database Management Java project creates software that stores and manages all the data needed to describe the personnel and their framework within an organization.

It includes a definition of various levels of hierarchy in an organization, the salary structure pertaining to every element in this hierarchy, the description of every department functioning in the organization and the overall employee database which integrates elements in all the aforementioned. 

It has a database administrator who has access to the entire database, in regards to viewing and update of information. This exclusive right is implemented using authorized access. Also viewing of all data and editing of personal data can be done by any employee, this also using authorized access. Communication between personnel and administrator has also been provided for. 

This exclusive right is implemented using authorized access. Also viewing of all data and editing of personal data can be done by any employee, this also using authorized access. Communication between personnel and administrator has also been provided for. 

The data can be accessed, manipulated and retrieved very easily. The interface has been made very user-friendly. The data is well protected for use and the data processing i.e, the result of query functions has been made very quick and efficient.

 Primary Objective: 

The main objective of the system is to maintain and retrieve information about the entire personal framework of the organizational system. 

This system is fairly simple in design and implementation.  

Easy management of databases of various sections covers key aspects such as very simple and easy to implement. Checks the security of data, ensures data accuracy. One of the alternative solutions is the improvement of the manual system. 

Anything, which can be done by using automated methods, can be done manually. But the key question is how to perform a task manually in a sound and optimal manner.   


Application software has been developed using Oracle and Java database programming connectivity via Oracle driver so as to meet the requirements of an organization, thereby ensuring quality performance.The data can be accessed, manipulated and retrieved very easily. To conclude this software has proved to be a user-friendly interface.

Download an Alumni Association Java Project Report

An alumni association is an association of graduates (alumni) Java Project or, more broadly, of former students. In the alumni of universities, colleges, schools, fraternities and sororities often form groups with alumni from the same organization. alumni-association-Java-Project-Report.

These associations often organize social events; publish newsletters or magazines raise funds for the organization. Many provide a variety of benefits and services that help alumni maintain connections to their educational institution and fellow graduates. 

Additionally, such groups often support new alumni and provide a forum to form new friendships and business relationships with people of similar background.

Alumni associations are mainly organized around universities or departments of universities, but may also be organized among students that studied in a certain country. 

In the past, they were often considered to be the universities or schools old boy network. This project is aimed at developing a repository for the alumni of the college, which is of importance to a college. 

The Repository and Search Engine (RASE) is an Internet based application that can be accessed throughout the World. Anyone can access the Search Engine to know about any Alumni of that college but can’t able to add. Alumni can only update the database when they are in the college. 

The project is envisaged to be completed in two phases. 

The initial phase will be the creation of a simple system that will be used to capture data from current final year students before the end of the term.

The second phase of development will extend the functionality of the system to allow past alumni to register.  It is very tough to find and locate the old students of a particular institution and gather them using the college records. 


Searching for the particular batch students is a time taking process. To overcome all the drawbacks of the existing system we go for automate alumni software in which all the data of the members are updated automatically by the student itself. This modification will be updated only with proper validation of the student. The searching for a particular student is done very easily using this software.

A Geometric Approach to Improving Active Packet Loss Measurement a Java Project

A Geometric Approach to Improving Active Packet Loss Measurement a Java Project is for computer science and information technology final year students who are interested in developing packet related final year project. Active-Packet-Loss-Measurement-a-Java-Project


In geometric approach measuring and analyzing network traffic dynamics between end hosts has provided the foundation for the development of many different network protocols and systems. Despite of efforts on network engineers and operators to limit loss, it will probably never be eliminated due to the intrinsic dynamics and scaling properties of traffic in packet switched network. 

Network operators have the ability to passively monitor nodes within their network for packet loss on routers using SNMP. In an Existing System, they analyze the usefulness of Poisson Arrivals; see time averages in the networking context. Several studies include the use of loss measurements to estimate network properties such as bottleneck buffer size and cross traffic intensity, which is not accurate. Network tomography based on using both multi cast and unicast probes has also been demonstrated to be in-effective for inferring loss rates on internal links on end-to-end paths. 


The purpose of this project is to understand how to measure end-to-end packet loss characteristics accurately with probes and in a way that enables us to specify the impact on the bottleneck queue. This project is to understand how to accurately measure loss characteristics on end-to-end paths with probes. In every application we have our own merits and demerits. 

What is being covered? 

The project has covered almost all the requirements. Further requirements and improvements can easily be done since the coding is mainly structured or modular in nature. Changing the existing modules or adding new modules can append improvements. Further enhancements can be made to the application, so that the web site functions very attractive and useful manner than the present one. Thus, our project implements a tool named BADABING. Specifically, our method entails probe experiments that follow a geometric distribution to enable more accurate measurements than standard Poisson probing and other traditional packet loss measurement tools.

Online Examination Project a Java Project

Online Examination java project is a newly developed project that assesses students by conducting online objective tests. The tests would be highly customizable. This project will enable educational institutes to conduct test and have automated checking of answers based on the response by the candidates. The purpose of the project is to see that the responses from the candidates will be checked automatically and instantly. Online examination will reduce the hectic job of assessing the answers given by the candidates. Being an integrated Online Examination System it will reduce paper work.


It can generate various reports almost instantly when and where required. This project would be very useful for educational institutes where regular evaluation of students’ is required. Further it can also be useful for anyone who requires feedback based on objective type responses. 



Online Examination java project allows faculties to create their own tests. It would enable educational institutes to perform tests, quiz and create feedback forms. It asks faculty to create his/her set of questions. Faculty then creates groups and adds related students into the groups. Further the tests are associated with specific groups so that only associated students can appear for the test.

The result of the response would be available to the faculty of the question set. Further the result would also be mailed to the student. This project would be helpful for creating practice tests, say for educational institutes and as a feedback form. The project requires programmed software with administrator aspect, student aspect and analysis.