Php Online E-Mail System CSE Project

We have carried out a final year Engineering PHP ONLINE E-MAIL SYSTEM CSE Project about a web based email.  This online email serves users to send e-mails to any recipients of their choice by clicking on the “Compose” button on the left side of the webpage.  An future enhancement of this project and improvement of the system, we have added a POP protocol to receive and read email messages from all mail servers. 

When “CHECK” button is clicked by the user, it shows a page that asks for the pop domain, user and the password to be verified and validated.  The “SIGNOUT” button allows user to close all sessions and log out from the web sever.  “HOME” button links the user to the online e-mail’s home page when it was first viewed. As further analysis of the system, we, the programmer analyst, assume that by doing a free online email service, users will be amazingly satisfied because they are able to receive their e-mails where ever they are.

This Project Website is formatted in a frame that has three sections.  The web page is created using two programming languages, which are DHTML and PHP.  The added animation on the web pages also gives satisfaction to user.

Download Php Online E-Mail System CSE Project

Social Networking Site Buddy Manager PHP CSE Final Year Project


This PHP Final Year project can be developed by maintain the list and details of your friends.

This can be maintain all the user’s details who are registered in to buddy manager and provides the list to others for establishing the friendship to new users. This project is developed for making the friends.

The important modules are

  • NEW
  • SAVE

NEW: This function deals with the new user to get the detailed information and get the avatar also.

SAVE: This function deals with just saves the user’s information which is provided by the user into the database.

DELETE: This function deals with delete the user’s information permanently from the database which is existing in the database

MODIFY:This function deals with the data base for updating the user’s information which has been given by the user and made the modifications into the data base and keep the data into the database which gets the recently updations 

SEARCH: This function is used for search the user and get the user’s information from the database based on search methods with specified column details regarding the user.

RELOAD:This function is used for reloading the web page.

PRINT : This function gives the option for printing the current web page.

Software and Hardware Requirements

 Software Requirements:

Operating System : Windows 2000/xp/Vista

Front End Software :  MacroMedia

Database : MYSQL

Backend Language : PHP

Hardware Requirements:

Processor : Pentium 4.0(1.6 GHz) and Higher

Memory :  512 MB

Hard Disk : 80 GB

Download Social Networking Site Buddy Manager PHP CSE Final Year Project

Question Exam Portal A PHP Project With Code And Paper presentation

Question exam portal php project is for CSE Final Year students who are looking for examination related final year project.This project is related to projects like student information system project which is implemented in Java and Online study portal project . These both projects can be used as final year projects.


About Question Exam portal Project.

This project is used to implement a auto generating question based software for educational practice which will be better than regular book practice.As we see usage of computers and software are increasing in present trend developing this education software will be very helpful for students. Now a days many competitive exams are conducted using online software students can get practiced to the environment.

This application is developed using a sequence of general purpose syntactic transformation to turn sentences in to questions. Based on the quality of the questions educators can use give these questions to students for best practice.

Using this application online test system will be simplified and using of manual paper system will be reduced, this is best practice for reducing paper usage, educators and  students can save lot of time. This application will help educators to evaluate candidates standard using this automated system. And one of the best features is it can be practiced through online.

This question generator cse final year application will generate qualified questions from a text. This project will create new environment for research which can be used for intelligent tutorial system and closed-domain question answering system. This application is new method to replace existing methods with template or syntax based methods.

Generally speaking, a QG system can be helpful to the following areas:

 This application will provide option for students to select there interested topic so based on that intelligent tutorial will generated automated questions for practice. Students can practice on tough questions that appear in examinations.

• Closed-domain Question Answering (QA) systems. Some closed-domain qa systems use pre-defined (sometimes hand-written) question-answer pairs to provide qa services. By employing a qg approach such systems could expand to other domains with a small effort. 

• Natural language generation systems. qg can help to generate, for instance, Frequently Asked Questions from the provided information source in order to provide a list of faq candidates.

4) Search module 

In this module we can search the crime in station wise, nature of crime.

5) Administrators Module

The module will be protected by user ID and password. Ordinary users of the software will not be permitted to enter into this area of the software. The module will be focusing on the maintenance like Master Data Maintenance, Removal of old and outdated data from the software etc.

6) Avocation Module

This Module deals with the Law part of every Crime.

Blood Bank Data Abstract a PHP Project Report

The purpose of Blood bank data abstract php project study was to develop a blood management information system to assist in the management of blood donor records and ease/or control the distribution of blood in various parts of the country basing on the hospital demands. 

Without quick and timely access to donor records, creating market strategies for blood donation, lobbying and sensitization of blood donors becomes very difficult. The blood management information system offers functionality to quick access to donor records collected from various parts of the country.

It enables monitoring of the results and performance of the blood donation activity such that relevant and measurable objectives of the organization can be checked. 

It provides to management timely, confidential and secure medical reports that facilitates planning and decision making and hence improved medical service delivery. The reports generated by the system give answers to most of the challenges management faces as far as blood donor records are concerned. 

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society publication, Development in the 1990 states that information from blood donors should be completely confidential and if this is not assured, names of the blood donors should not be recorded at all and/or an alternative record identification should be used. 


Full implementation of the safe blood policy has called the use of information technology (IT) in providing working solution to the identified challenges. The associated problems with the PCS included delays in accessing historical records, inconsistencies and errors in data entry that stem right from acquisition of data from the blood donors because the exercise is of routine nature and very tedious to the system users. 

The automation of the system using modern IT has improved the quality of service. Secondly, with the use of IT, now relevant and timely blood donor reports can easily be generated and hence facilitating planning and decision-making. 

What Scolamiero recommends? 

Scolamiero (2000) recommends blood donor services automated information system as a solution to routinely collected, accurate and readily available information in blood transfusion services. 

It is also important to note that the impact of information technology on organizations is increasing as new technologies evolve and existing ones expand. According to Clifton (1995), nearly all business executives say that information technology is vital to their business and that they use IT extensively. 

Certainly business executive’s main concern is planning, coordination and decision-making, therefore, the role of IT in enhancing management of blood donor records is of major importance. In all, the computerization of blood donor PCS at URCS came at the ripe time given the background to the situation. 

This is more so because the demand for safe blood in Uganda has increased due to soaring increase in total population. Therefore, modern means to manage the PCS using IT had to take route. 


The main objective of the study was to create electronic blood donor management information system in order to assist in the management of blood donor records, planning and share information in a more confidential, convenient and secure way using modern technology.

download Project Report  of  CSE Blood bank Data Abstract report.

Video Streaming a Php Mysql Project


In this project “Video streaming a Php Mysql Project” the details of a video sharing website is provided. Through the video sharing process, users can upload, share and also view the videos uploaded by others. Not only this videos can be edited and uploaded online and has different modules. In this project the different modules that have been provided are administrators, users, web registration and search.Video-Streaming-a-Php-Mysql-Project

The several features that are provided by this project are that the users can view the videos. However the users do not have authority to delete the records of the website. This authority vests only with the administrator. It is also a secure and easy to use process. Also, in recent days, there has been a lot of demand for videos.


In the project Video streaming Php Mysql project, if any user as to upload any videos, he can do so by registering himself in the registration link. The entire system described here is totally computerized which negates all the drawbacks of the previous system. In the design process, a blue print is provided for the implementation, testing and maintenance is provided.

After the software is implemented then it is very essential to test the software. It’s basically a trial to know if the software is best. The software testing includes different kinds of testing. They are unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing, white box testing and black box testing. Once the testing is executed, the results are compared with the expected results.


This project has several advantages. Managing the levels of the project is pretty easy and so is storing the videos. It is easy to maintain up to date information and is cheaper to maintain. Also, manual tracking is not required.