Computerized Internal Evaluation Test (CIET) PHP Project

Project Title: Computerized Internal Evaluation Test (CIET).    

Front End Language: PHP

Back End Database: PostgreSQL

Operating system: Red Hat Linux 9.0

DescriptionComputerized Internal Evaluation Test (CIET) PHP Final Year project built over the open source platform, automates the process of conducting internal examinations for engineering students.

It has log-in form where it can accept user login information (username and password), then authenticates the user, upon the successful login authentication, it gives those privileges for which he/she is authorized for.

Here the user can be a student or a head of the department (admin). The student uses Computerized Internal Evaluation Test (CIET) to write an exam and views his/her examination result.

Head of The Department uses Computerized Internal Evaluation Test (CIET)  to view students’ performance and to generate reports.

For the project development, we used spiral process model, where we had started with initial Business requirement designs, and went parallel with the technical designs and reviews, coding, and finally testing.

Download Computerized Internal Evaluation Test Project Code.

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Spam Filter Email Program PHP CSE Mini Project

Many Electronic mail tools have been developed, with the aim of helping users to organize their mailbox

– such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail’s “Bulk Mail”, “Sent Mail”, “Draft”, “Spam” & “Junk Mail” folders respectively.

These Different folders hold all e-mail that has been flagged as spam by the two providers. It is important to have some kind of a spam filter because organizing e-mails takes up a relevant amount of time and we could very well do without having to sort through junk mail folder. Spam folder also adds to an increase in bandwidth consumption especially if the junk mails contain huge attachments and images.

Download Spam Filter Email Program PHP CSE Mini Project

Php Online E-Mail System CSE Project

We have carried out a final year Engineering PHP ONLINE E-MAIL SYSTEM CSE Project about a web based email.  This online email serves users to send e-mails to any recipients of their choice by clicking on the “Compose” button on the left side of the webpage.  An future enhancement of this project and improvement of the system, we have added a POP protocol to receive and read email messages from all mail servers. 

When “CHECK” button is clicked by the user, it shows a page that asks for the pop domain, user and the password to be verified and validated.  The “SIGNOUT” button allows user to close all sessions and log out from the web sever.  “HOME” button links the user to the online e-mail’s home page when it was first viewed. As further analysis of the system, we, the programmer analyst, assume that by doing a free online email service, users will be amazingly satisfied because they are able to receive their e-mails where ever they are.

This Project Website is formatted in a frame that has three sections.  The web page is created using two programming languages, which are DHTML and PHP.  The added animation on the web pages also gives satisfaction to user.

Download Php Online E-Mail System CSE Project

Social Networking Site Buddy Manager PHP CSE Final Year Project


This PHP Final Year project can be developed by maintain the list and details of your friends.

This can be maintain all the user’s details who are registered in to buddy manager and provides the list to others for establishing the friendship to new users. This project is developed for making the friends.

The important modules are

  • NEW
  • SAVE

NEW: This function deals with the new user to get the detailed information and get the avatar also.

SAVE: This function deals with just saves the user’s information which is provided by the user into the database.

DELETE: This function deals with delete the user’s information permanently from the database which is existing in the database

MODIFY:This function deals with the data base for updating the user’s information which has been given by the user and made the modifications into the data base and keep the data into the database which gets the recently updations 

SEARCH: This function is used for search the user and get the user’s information from the database based on search methods with specified column details regarding the user.

RELOAD:This function is used for reloading the web page.

PRINT : This function gives the option for printing the current web page.

Software and Hardware Requirements

 Software Requirements:

Operating System : Windows 2000/xp/Vista

Front End Software :  MacroMedia

Database : MYSQL

Backend Language : PHP

Hardware Requirements:

Processor : Pentium 4.0(1.6 GHz) and Higher

Memory :  512 MB

Hard Disk : 80 GB

Download Social Networking Site Buddy Manager PHP CSE Final Year Project