Online Shopping Mall PHP Project

Project Title:  Online Shopping Mall PHP Project                                                                                        

Technologies Used: Html, JavaScript, PHP

Database Server:  MYSQL

Project Abstract: Online Shopping Mall PHP Project is a simple real-time online portal was developed with PHP & MYSQL under open source category which consists of different features and functionalities in different categories available for sale like we find in the real-time shopping malls like Big Bazaar, Reliance Fresh, Damart, More, etc. 

The user can select the product which he/she likes to buy the product and can add that product to the shopping cart. After selecting all wanted products they can order the product.

The payment transaction can be done by using PayPal system, Debit card or credit card system.

This final year project makes the users work easy in buying the products just by sitting at home rather than going to the malls directly and it’s not a time-consuming process.

This project was developed & Tested in small shopping malls & working fine with no errors.

Download Online Shopping Mall PHP Final Year CSE Project.

Online Leave Management System PHP Project

Project Title:  Online Leave Management System PHP Project.

Project Type: Open Source Web Application.

Programming Technology Used: PHP

Database Server: SQL Server 2005.

Software Tools: Zend Server.

Project Duration: 6 Months

Developer Role: Website Designing, Data base Administrator. PHP Programming.                

Project Description: This Online Leave Management System PHP Project is a great solution for all leave related problem of all Engineering Colleges, Small Scale industries, etc.

In most of the Colleges the leave related information’s are maintained through the letter/paper work which is a very difficult task because as the time passed the information will be lost.

The administrator can view the information of a particular employee’s that for how many days he was on the leave so that he can have information about the remaining leave period of an employee.

This Leave Management System Final Year Project streamlines communication between your HR management and employees and facilitates simple yet efficient management of employee leave.

Developer Responsibilities:

  • Login permission for different groups of users.
  • Providing the relation between various levels of employees.
  • Maintain a perfect hierarchy between employee, referral and approval.
  • Performed testing and bug fixing for the module and other modules.
  • Created Support documentation and user training material for the application.

Download Online Leave Management System PHP final year project

Computerized Internal Evaluation Test (CIET) PHP Project

Project Title: Computerized Internal Evaluation Test (CIET).    

Front End Language: PHP

Back End Database: PostgreSQL

Operating system: Red Hat Linux 9.0

DescriptionComputerized Internal Evaluation Test (CIET) PHP Final Year project built over the open source platform, automates the process of conducting internal examinations for engineering students.

It has log-in form where it can accept user login information (username and password), then authenticates the user, upon the successful login authentication, it gives those privileges for which he/she is authorized for.

Here the user can be a student or a head of the department (admin). The student uses Computerized Internal Evaluation Test (CIET) to write an exam and views his/her examination result.

Head of The Department uses Computerized Internal Evaluation Test (CIET)  to view students’ performance and to generate reports.

For the project development, we used spiral process model, where we had started with initial Business requirement designs, and went parallel with the technical designs and reviews, coding, and finally testing.

Download Computerized Internal Evaluation Test Project Code.

Php Projects

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Spam Filter Email Program PHP CSE Mini Project

Many Electronic mail tools have been developed, with the aim of helping users to organize their mailbox

– such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail’s “Bulk Mail”, “Sent Mail”, “Draft”, “Spam” & “Junk Mail” folders respectively.

These Different folders hold all e-mail that has been flagged as spam by the two providers. It is important to have some kind of a spam filter because organizing e-mails takes up a relevant amount of time and we could very well do without having to sort through junk mail folder. Spam folder also adds to an increase in bandwidth consumption especially if the junk mails contain huge attachments and images.

Download Spam Filter Email Program PHP CSE Mini Project