Online Insurance Portal a Oracle Database Project

   The project “Online Insurance portal a Oracle Database Project is a web based application which is designed mainly for the agents of the insurance company. In this system, the company takes the policy for his clients electronically. The company on receiving the requests from the clients and processes and maintains the policy details through the system. Online-Insurance-Portal-a-Oracle-Database-Project

              This system is an integrated insurance system that links up all the channels within the insurance industry. This system can facilitate online processing and provides services to the insurance partners. This can be broadly divided into two types-motor and non-motor. The motor insurance policy covers all types of private vehicles and good carrying vehicles. The other types of vehicles are taxis, buses, motorcycles etc.

Online Insurance Oracle Database Project Description:

  This project Online Insurance portal various a lot of policies for its various customers wherein the customers can view the complete details of the policies available and the benefits they cover. Through this system assistance is provided to the customers for choosing a policy of their choice and also calculates the premium amount.

         The performance of this system is increased with the latest technology. It is a one-stop for all the agents of the insurance company to perform all sorts of transactions. A single authentication step is sufficient for accessing all the information resources and applications. It provides 24 hours service and is built with high security and reliability. A search option is incorporated for searching in the existing details.


    The system has been successfully implemented. The software used to design the system is well thought of and then implemented in this project. Stringent efforts have been made to make the system error free and provide a user friendly environment for the customers. Also, the system is flexible in nature so that future enhancements could be incorporated into it. 

download Project Report of CSE Online Insurance portal a Oracle Database Project.