Sales And Management System Project

Final year students of cse or IT who are interested in developing sales and market related project then Sales and Management system project information will be a best choice. The main idea of this application is to computerize sales functionality and provide option for market Analysis for a Management company. This software will help to manage marketing information. Sales-And-Management-System-Project

Information for Management organizations.

Sales and management software will provide services for a marketing company for a better marketing of their products. In present competitive marketing business it had became hard for MNC companies to provide consistent marketing solutions. There is scope for developing management application in order to increase company market. Also it is important to update product sales details from time to time on marketing aspects is a key for any company to increase their revenue. 

This project is developed for computerizing of entire marketing statistics. This application is developed in different modules where each module is functioned at different levels to perform their work. In marketing organizations always there is a gap between marketing personals and managers so this application will fill that gap by making this application go online which can save time and increase sales automatically. 

This application is developed with different modules by considering different levels in a marketing company.

Modules Information for Sales And management system project

Module 1 or Level 1: In this module marketing manager will assign tasks like product costs, decide sales targets for their employees for every product. 

Module 2 Level 2:From level 1 information is moved to Level 2 where regional managers will take up the task and allocate work to field engineers by modifying cost, tax and other information. 

Module 3 or Level 3: In this module field engineers will take decisions on the sales of products and submit product to dealers and update daily sales information to their site which can be analyzed by regional, general manager. 

For more information on Sales and Management system project  project you can download project report from this site.

.NET Project on Online Missing Vehicle GPS Tracking System

Students who are interested in developing sms related application then .NET Project on Online Missing Vehicle GPS Tracking System can help you. The main aim for developing this project is to interconnect information between public, police department linking with RTA for finding out the information of the stolen bike with a single automated sms and provide quality and fast services to public. .NET-Project-on-ONLINE-MISSING-VEHICLE-GPS-TRACKING-System

Now a day’s bike stolen cases are increasing day by day. Finding out stolen bikes had become tough task for police why because culprits may leave stolen bikes where ever they want. Police department will send a constable with chassis number and license number to RTO office where RTO officials will accept letter from police and send information after one or two days and then police will inform to the bike owner this entire process takes more than a month or more. This application is developed to solve this problem. 

As the technology is growing day by day new applications can be developed for solving this problem. 

There is scope for integrating new applications in to RTo for better service, Police department and public which will help in fetching instant information of the stolen bike owner’s information, FIR details and submit them to requested police official. Police official will request information to RTO with license number and Chassis number based on the request return sms will be received with all details of the owner within a short span of time.

The same application can also be used by general public before purchasing a second hand bike by just sending license and chassis number details about the bike can be known along with owner information. So using this application can reduce vehicle thefts and reduce work load for police and public, case can be solved in a short time.

 Application Development: System Requirements for gps tracking system project

Windows Operating System

 Front-end: Microsoft .Net Framework and Visual Studio (Express Edition)

 Back-end: SQL Server Database

Mobile Phone and Mobile Phone Simulator applications.