Academic Projects In .Net

List of academic projects in .net:

  This category consists of academic projects in .net which are developed by students as there academic final year projects in different institutions and colleges. Here we provide large collection of academic projects for free of cost including projects with project report, source code and paper presentation. Most of the projects consists of data flow diagrams, work flow diagrams, flow chart and SRS.

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Links to download academic projects in .net:

  1. academic project on Employee management system project in C# source code
  2. academic project on Quality Control System ASP.Net Project
  3. academic project on  E-booking project source code
  4. academic project on Gaming site ASP.Net Project
  5. academic project on  Drop box web file storing project source code
  6. academic project on Discussion forum project source code
  7. academic project on  Deposit tracker software project source code
  8. academic project on Customer management(CRM) project source code
  9. academic project on Contracts management system project source code
  10. academic project on classroom project source code
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New Asp.Net Projects

List of projects new:

This category consists of projects new for free download. Here we provide latest and new projects implemented in this year and last year by computer science students, information technology students and mca students as final year projects. We provide projects reports, abstracts, source code and ppt for free download.

                You can submit new projects to us at info.1000projects{at}  

Links to download new projects for free:

  1.  Intranet library management project source code
  2.  Intranet and internet group project source code
  3. Intranet banking project source code
  4. Renting project source code
  5. Hotel automation system project source code
  6. Holiday website design project source code
  7. Credit Card Management System
  8. Online examination project in source code
  9. Enquiry management system project code
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Asp.Net Project Ms-Access

List of project in ms-access:

    This category consists of project using ms-access. Microsoft visual studio provides best source for developing projects in different programming languages like C#, C++ and more. And MS-Acess is the database provided by microsoft which can be directly used for projects implemented in or vb. Project available here are submitted by final year students which are part of there final year project.

                You can submit project related to ms-access to info.1000projects{at}

Links to download projects in ms-access:

  1. Web eye project source code in java and project report
  2. Wap mail server project source code in java and project report
  3. Visual java editor project source code in java and project report
  4. Universal database viewer project source code in java and report
  5. Mobile information provider project source code in java and report
  6. Mobile banking project source code in java
  7. Intranet management system in java source code.
  8. Human resource management system project in
  9. E-space project source code in java and project report
  10. Distributed management system project source code in java and report
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Asp.Net Projects Mysql

List of projects mysql:

This category consists of projects mysql. Most of the projects which are implemented in platform use mysql as back end. For every project database is compulsory and every database project use MS-Access or My-Sql databases. In this site you can download latest mysql projects, project reports, ppt for free of cost.

             You can submit mysql related projects to info.1000projects{at}

Links to download projects using mysql:

  1. Online life insurance project source code using mysql
  2. Online movie rental project report and project source code using mysql
  3. Online job portal project report and project code using mysql
  4.   Online forum project report and source code using mysql
  5. Online discussion forum project source code using mysql
  6. Sales Order System for Surgical Implants VB Project using mysql
  7. Online shopping project source code using mysql
  8. Online bus ticket booking sytem project source code using mysql
  9. Online bookstore project report project source code using mysql
  10. Online Career Counseling System
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Latest Asp.Net Projects

List of Latest projects:

  This category consists of Latest projects which can be downloaded for free of cost. Latest projects include networking projects, web portal projects, online management system projects. Here we provide entire project source code, project report and ppt. These projects are already implemented as final year projects by students in different colleges.

                     You can submit Latest projects to info.1000projects{at}

List of latest projects for free download:

  1. Phone book project source code
  2. Personal accounting system project source code
  3. Gas Agency Management System
  4. Hospital Management System Project
  5. Vehicle Sales and Service System
  6. Patient information system project source code
  7. Online web album project source code
  8. Online tender project source code
  9. Online songs project source code
  10. Biometric Attendance Applications For Colleges
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