Online Flight Reservation System .Net Project Report

Existing System

An extensive study of the existing Online Flight Reservation System was carried out. There is an existing flight booking system available in branch. The system is run manually by the database. It is difficult to run efficiently by manpower, and difficult to respond every user within a short period. Thus we came to know the essential need to make its web application.

Drawbacks of Existing System:

  • It is difficult to run efficiently by man power.
  • The system is run manually by the database.
  • It is difficult to respond every user within a short period.
  • The danger of losing the information in some cases.
  • The problem of maintaining the information of registered users.

Proposed System

The airline reservation system makes finding information about any ticket quick and easier, booking any ticket with a click of a mouse, also cancellation of ticket. It also maintains a record of regular passengers, their names, addresses, tickets issued, date of return, etc.

Advantages of Proposed System

  • No possibility of the missing database.
  • The request will help users to ask for new bookings.
  • All the information about the users and bookings can be maintained in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Saves a lot of time in searching, requesting and issuing.
  • The system contains all the up-to-date information and stores information.

Module List

The Online Flight Reservation System can be differentiated into the following modules which are closely integrated together.


This module provides all the information of agent, passengers and flight details. He has the privileges add the agent, add the flight details, edit the flight details, delete the flight details, maintain the bookings, delete tickets according to the request of the customer.


This module provides all the information regarding flights.i.e Arrival and departure time of flights. Each agent has some group of airlines associated with him. He has to maintain all the details about the flights and bookings. He can add flight details, delete flight details, edit flight details, view the flight details and maintain the bookings.


In this module, User registers and can book the ticket for the desired flight and can even cancel his ticket.He can change his password. Send requests for booking and cancellation. View the flight details to book or cancel the tickets.

LIST OF Output Screens Pages:

  • Home Page
  • Login Page
  • Admin Login Page
  • Admin Home Page
  • Admin Profile
  • Admin View Profile
  • Output of Admin View Profile
  • Admin Change Password
  • Output of Admin Change Password
  • Admin Flight
  • Admin Add Flight
  • Output of Admin Add Flight
  • Admin Edit Flight
  • View of Admin Edit Flight
  • Output of Admin Edit Flight
  • Admin View Flight
  • Outputs of Admin View Flight
  • Delete Admin Flight
  • Output of Delete Admin Flight
  • Admin Agent Page
  • Admin Add Agent
  • Output of Admin Add Agent
  • Admin View Agent
  • Outputs of Admin View Agent
  • Admin View Agent Flight
  • Output of Admin View Agent Flight
  • Delete Admin Agent
  • Output of Delete Admin Agent
  • Admin Customer
  • Admin View Customer
  • Outputs of Admin View Customer
  • Admin Booking
  • Output of Admin View Booking
  • Output of View Cancellation
  • Admin Ticket Cancellation
  • the output of Admin Ticket Cancellation
  • Admin Logout Page
  • Agent Login Page
  • Agent Home Page
  • Agent Profile
  • Agent View profile
  • Outputs of Agent View Profile
  • Agent Change password
  • Output of Agent Change Password
  • Add Agent Flight
  • Output of Add Agent Flight
  • Agent View Flight
  • Outputs of Agent View Flight
  • Agent Edit Flight
  • View of Edit Agent Flight
  • Output of Edit Agent Flight
  • Delete Agent Flight
  • Output of Delete Agent Flight
  • Agent Booking
  • Output of Agent View Booking
  • Agent Logout Page
  • Customer Login Page
  • Customer Home Page
  • Customer Profile
  • Customer View Profile
  • Output of Customer View Profile
  • Customer Change Password
  • Output of Customer Change Password
  • Customer Booking
  • Customer Search for Flight
  • Output of Customer Search for Flight
  • Customer Ticket Details
  • Customer View Ticket
  • Output of Customer View Ticket
  • Customer Ticket Cancellation
  • Output of Customer Ticket Cancellation
  • Customer Logout Page
  • Customer Register Page
  • Output of Customer Register Page
  • About Us Page
  • Contact Us Page

Asset Management System .Net Project Report


This project aims at creating an Asset Management System, which can be used to maintenance, the machineries, shares, project assets, insurances. The Administrator of the system can create an Item for sale providing the item name, description, an image of the item, minimum bid prize and insurance etc.

Sequence Diagram


  • Administrator
  • Users


Name of the module-1: Administrator

Description: This module Administrator maintains the industry information.

Sub modules:

  • Project Asset.

Machinery Asset: Admin Add machine category and Add machines, machine name, machine description, cost, no of  items, machine insurances, Damaged Machinery information,  Display information of machineries.

Shares: This module contains Partner details, if partner involves in other business that business details partner business type, percentage and profit of in business displays, share percentage in Company, partner information.                      

Project assets:  This module consists Project details, required Configuration about projects, Profit details, Display   Project details.

Output Screen

Insurance: This module describes about Company details and Issuing of insurances.

Name of the module-2: USERS

Description: This module user only view the industry information.

Partner Information: User can view the partner information.

Machinery Information: Available information on machineries.

Project Details: Includes details of project like investments and profits. 

Insurance: Includes company details and insurance for goods.