Java Mini & Major Projects

Java Mini Projects developed especially for BCA, BTech and MCA students for their academic mini and Major project development under Java, MS Access, Oracle, SQL Server & MySQL. These are below are selected projects.

Java Web Applications Project List – 2019

Sr.No Project Title Output
1 Booking Photographer Video
2 City Life Video
3 E-Magazine  Video
4 E-Tuitions Video
5 Magazine College  Video
6 Event File Automation  Video
7 Learning Portal Video
8 Nirman  website  Video
9 Ship Management System Video
10 Placement Cell  Video
11 Cancer Project Video
12 E-Procurement  Video
13  Project Management System Video
14 knowledge-based community sharing system  Video
15 Offer-Bazar  Video
16 Online-E-Gas Video
17 Income-Tax-Return-Processing  Video
18 Online Staff Leave Management Video
19 Employee-Expense-Management-system Video
20 Exam Seating Arrangement System Video
21 Color Hunt Gaming project Video
22 Online Form Request Video
23 Electronic-Veg-Market Video
24 Puyo Puyo (game project)  Video
25 Magic Bounce Ball  (game project)  Video
26 Satvara Matrimony Video
27 Query Handler  Video
28 Grade Processing System  Video
29 AES–Photo Encryption  Video
30 Image Enhancement  Video
31 Paradarshia Corruption Free Economy  Video
32 Implementation Of Floyd’s Algorithm Video
33 Atm Location Search Video
34 E-Farming Video
35 Time Table Management System Video
36 Admin Mall  Video
37 Bulls-Eye-Quiz Video
38 Smarter Work Management System Video
39 Online Grievance Redressal System Video
40 Real Estate Magicbricks Video
41 Apartment Management System Video
42 Medical shop Management System  Video
43 Security Mail Communicator Video
44 Feedback Analysis Of interviews Video
45 Intelligent Hospital System Video
46 Tender Management System TMS Video
47 Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)  Video
48 Online Loan Application  Video
49 Retail Purchase & Tracking System Video
50 Opinion Mining For Social Networking Sites  Video
51 Project Information System Video
52 Student Friendly College Management System Video
53 Online Book Store Video
54 Sentimental Analysis For Mobile Networks Video
55 Report Generation System Video
56 Feedback Information System Video
57 Health Prediction Management System Video
58 Online Book Review Management System  Video
59 Suspicious Email Detection System  Video
60 Student Monitoring System  Video
61 Online College magazine  Video
62 Sports Event Management System  Video
 63 Restaurant Management System Video
64 Online House Rental Management Video
65 Online Food Ordering & Service Video
66 Online Course Management System Video
67  Online Cab Booking System Video
68  Online College Voting System  Video
69  Cluster Analysis and Disease Mapping Video
70  College Feedback System Video
71 Result Analysis System Video
72 E Plastic System Video
73 E-Banking System Video
74 Assignments and Materials System Video
75 Vehicle Management System Video
76 Recipe Management System Video
77 Online Event Attendance Video
78 Online Parking System Video
79 E-Auction Video
80 Telecom Services Video
81 Airline Reservation System Video
82 E-Waste Application Video
83 Exam Invigilation System Video
84 Library Management System Video
85 Patient Follow Up Video
86 Event Management System Video
87 Career Information System Video
88 E-Gas Sewa Application Video
89  Student Attendance Management System Video
90  Office Level Student Information System Video
91  Online Pharmacy System Video
92  Online Recruitment System Video
93  Credit Card Fraud Detection Video
94  Smart General Library Video
95  Venue Booking System Video
96  A Secure Two-Factor Authentication Scheme Video
97  Selection of Effective Clouds for Data Hosting Services Video
98 Career Analysis System Video
99 Student Performance with graph & Academic Project work Reporting System Video
100 Wedding Event Planner  Video
101 Travel Rating and Exploring System Video
102 Performance Evaluation System Adoption of Opinion Mining Information Video
103 Online Marketplace Video
104 Uni Watch – Web Video
105 Training & Placement Cell Video
106 File Security System Video
107 Social Networking Site Video
108 Campus Recruitment System (Training & Placement) Video
109 Farmers Buddy Video
110 Event Organization System Video
111 Online Doctor Appointment Video
112 Online Survey System Video
113 Secure Web Application for Managing Auction System Video
114 Identification of Diabetes Video
115 College Placements & Assistance Video
116 Online College Bus Record Supervising System Video
117 Online E-Ticket System Video
118 Online E-Voting System Video
119 Student & Faculty Interaction Outside the Classroom Video
120 Automated Retail Management System Video
121 Dynamic Media Management Video
122 Electronic Highway for Singers Video
123 College Election System Video
124 E Police Application Video
125 Student Performance Forecasting Video
126 College Bus Tracking System Video
127 Performance Monitoring in Virtual Organizations Video
128 Review-Based Rating Prediction Video
129 Automation of Exam Invigilation System Video
130 Fast Detection of Transformed Data Leaks Video
131  Employee Tracking System Video
132 College Sentimental Analysis Video
133 Personality Prediction System Through CV Analysis Video
134 Analysis of Users Behaviour in Structured E-Commerce Websites Video
135 Image Encryption and Decryption using BlowFish Video
136 Resource Maintenance and Management Video
137 Watermarking Video
138 Monitoring Fake Product Reviews Video
139 College Bus Facility System Video
140 Software Piracy Prevention Video
141 Tour Guide Video
142 Local Vendor Review System Video
143 Multi-Level Marketing Video
144 Secure File Sharing Video
145 Water Distribution and Management System Video
146 Citizen Card System Video
147 Collaborative Online Tutorial System Video
148 Online Entertainment Portal Video
149 Secure Web Portal for Real Estate & Property Management Video
150 Agile Management System Video
151 Book Repository Management System Video
152 Frame It Video
153 Voice to Text Converter Java Project Video
154 Purchasing Management System Video
155 Telangana Public Services Video
156 Analysis of Persuasive Text Passwords Video
157 Project Review Automation Video
158 Easy Search Guide (Malls) Video
159 Food Wastage Management System Video
160 Food Ordering System Video
161 Stack Management Video
162 Courier Service System Video
163 Campus Recruitment System Video
164 Vehicle Rental Management System Video
165 Automation of Timetable Generation System Video
166 Online Gas Management System Video
167 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Video
168 Online Leave Management System Video
169 Image Steganography using LSB Video
170 File Tracking System Video
171 Electronic Voting System Video
172 Dynamic Analysis vulnerability to Provide Security In Clouds Video
173 Health Care Logistics Video
174 Car Store Video
175 E-Fuel – Online Fuel Booking Video
176 Hour Wise Lecturers Tracking Video
177 Multi-Hospital System – Online Doctor Appointment Video
178 E – Voters Application Video
179 Repository Application Video
180 Student Information Chatbot System Video
181 Student Help Desk Video
182 Online Student Mentoring System Video
183 Placement Information System Video
184 Hostel Management System Video
185 News Report Video
186 Dance Studio Video
187 Passenger Vehicle Management System Video
188 Automatic Question paper Framer Video
189 Development of Learning Management System Video
190 Online Bouquet Store Video
191 E Approval System Video
192 Online University Voting System Video
193 Automatic Exam Seating Arrangement System Video
194 Advanced Query Management System Video
195 Urban Spoon Video
196 Development of Online College Yearbook Video
197 Predicting user behavior through sessions using the web Mining Video
198 Digital WaterMarking Techniques Video
199 Age Group Classification in Social Networks using Deep Learning Video
200 Securing data in Image & Audio Files using Steganography Technique Video
201 Computerized Examination Management System Video
202 Scalable Architecture for Multi-User Encrypted SQL Operations Video
203 Mental Disorder Detection on Social Networks Video
204 Resource-aware hybrid scheduling algorithm in the heterogeneous distributed computing Video
205 Secure File Storage on Cloud using Hybrid Cryptography ( AES, DES, RSA) Video
206 Data Mining for Sales Prediction in Tourism Industry Video
207 A Secure Approach For Data Hiding Using Visual Cryptography (Image Split, Encryption and Decryption) Video
208 Classification and Detection of Abusive and Insulting Content in Social Media Video
209 Data Security In Cloud Computing Using Two Way Handshake Method Based On Token Management Video
210 Web Application For Conducting University Examination Video
211 Student Performance Prediction via Online Learning Behaviour Analytics Video
212 Faculty Management System Video
213 Online Medicine Donation System Portal Video
214 Indian Wildlife Java Project Video
215 Employee Attendance Monitoring System Video
216 House tax Billing System Video
217 Online Meeting With Clients Video
218 Online Voting System Video
219 Construction Management System Video

 JAVA Projects (Non-IEEE, Web Based, Window Based) – 2018

S.No Project Name Demo
1. Ad Express Management System  Video
2. Finance Management System  Video
3. Credit Card Approval System  Video
4. Computer Telephony Integration System  Video
5. Computer to Computer Learning System  Video
6. Conversation Portal  Video
7.  Logic Gates Java Project  Video
8. Crime File Management  Video
9. Hotel Management System  Video
10. Automotive price Aggregator  Video
11. Blood Donors Symbiosis  Video
12. College Fest Organizer  Video
13. College Management Information System  Video
14. Communication System  Video
15. Computerization of Bluebook/ Online Quiz  Video
16. Computerized Mobile Store Management System  Video
17. Digital Signature  Video
18. Hotel Management System  Video
19. Multi Banking System  Video
20. Digital Tunes  Video
21. Optimal service pricing for a cloud cache  Video
22. Library Management System  Video
23. Crime Records Management System  Video
24. Insurance Management System  Video
25. Friends Meeting Point  Video
26. Student Management System  Video
27. Travel & Tourism Management System  Video
28. E-Compiler for Java with Security Editor  Video
29. Stock Analyzer  Video
30. E-Shopping  Video
31. E-Voting System  Video
32. Enterprise Scheme Planner and Monitoring System  Video
33. E School  Video
34. E Wheelz  Video
35. Congestion Control Using Network Based Protocol  Video
36.  Car Pooling System Java Project  Video
37. Country Cargo and Express Couriers  Video
38. E-Classifieds  Video
39. Distributed Account Management for Prepaid Mobile Services  Video
40. Car Collection for Sale  Video
41. Bug and Component System  Video
42. Bug Tracker System Video
43. Coach Management System  Video
44. Auto Spare parts Java Project Video
45. College Library Record Application  Video
46. Consignment Tracking Services  Video
47. Activity Management System  Video
48. Audio Stenography  Video
49. CRM for Airline Industry  Video
50. Error Tracking System  Video
51. Exam Suite System  Video
52. File Security System  Video
53. Fetch Hard – Component Retrieval System of a PC Video
54. Bug Tracking for Improving Software Reliability  Video
55. Cyber Cafe Management  Video
56.  RSS Feed Reader  Video
57. Ezee Mail System Video
58. Gateway to Gateway Protocol Video
59. Database Manager Video
60. Human Resource Management System Video
61. Image Enhancement Technology Video
62. Image Steganography  Video
63. Increasing Efficiency in Wireless Network Video
64. Image Transport Protocol ITP Video
65. Instant Messenger Video
66. Interest Calculation Video
67. Intra Communication System  Video
68. Inventory Analyzer Video
69. Inventory Management System Video
70. Issue Tracking System Video
71. JChat Video
72. Job Miller  Video
73. Defect Tracking System Video
74. Audio Cryptography System  Video
75. Product Service Management System  Video
76. Auto Mobile Store and Service  Video
77. Ambulance Service Provide  Video
78. Automatic Database Schema Generation  Video
79. An Intelligent Network Backup  Video
80. Digital Image Processing System  Video
81. Knowledge Storm  Video
82. Emergent Request Dispatcher  Video
83. E-Zest Resorts for U  Video
84. Monitoring Online Tests through Data Visualization  Video
85. Data Transmission Using Multi-Tasking-Sockets Video
86. Doctor Patient Tracker  Video
87. Data Hiding in Audio Files  Video
88. Mobile Service Provider Operations Portal  Video
89.  Online Doctor  Video
90. Multi User Chat System Video
91. Network Routing System  Video
92. Online Examination  Video
93. Automation of Interview Scheduling Process  Video
94. Library Management System (Standalone application)  Video
95. Mobile Station Java Project  Video
96. Lending Tree System  Video
97. Library Management  Video
98. VAT Information System  Video
99. Material Management and Information System  Video
100. Government in Action  Video
101. Online Payment Service  Video
102. Order Processing System for Student Music Store
103. Pesticides Information System  Video
104. Property Management System
105. Resource Out-Sourcing  Video
106. Resource Planner  Video
107. Resource Supervision Management  Video
108. SDLC Management System  Video
109. Secured Data Transmission  Video
110. Shopping Cart
111. Online Shopping Cart  Video
112. Simulation of Ant colony Algorithm  Video
113. Speed Age Courier System  Video
114. Traffic Controller System  Video
115. Vehicle Management System  Video
116. Virtual Information System for Audit Group
117. E School  Video
118. Work to Worker Services to Unorganized Sector  Video
119. Broad walk Dealers Network
120. College Administrator Tool/ College Enrollment System  Video
121. College Interact
122. College Management Tool
123. Comparable Entity Mining from Comparative Questions  Video
124. Complaint Management System
125. Computer Retail Store and Maintenance
126. Computerized Examination Management Tool
127. Concurrent Train Simulation  Video
128. Congestion Control Using Network Based Protocol
129. Corporate BPO Solution Management
130. Corporate Leave Management System  Video
131. Corporate Recruitment System (CRS)
132. Cyber Shopping  Video
133. Data Centric Knowledge Management System (DCKMS)  Video
134. Event Tracker
135. DHL Courier System
136. Distributed DBA  Video
137. Distribution Business Automation System  Video
138. EAMCET Mock Counseling  Video
139. Face Identification  Video
140. EzHotels  Video
141. Graphic Media Player  Video
142. Employee Transaction Scenario
143. Hospital Management System  Video
144. Hostel Management Information System  Video
145. FAQ-O-Matic System  Video
146. Get Your Campus
147. Internet Banking  Video
148. Multi-Sensor Railway Track Geometry Surveying System  Video
149. Online Examination
150. Webs Eye
151. Stenography Using Image, Audio & Video  Video
152. Visa Processing Information System  Video
153. University Admission System
154. Telecom Connection System
155. Medi Tracker
156. Travel Management System
157. Online Railway Reservation System
158. Airline Reservation  Video
159. Travel Desk Management System
160. Alumni Information Database  Video
161.  Remote Desktop Administration  Video
162. Health Center Management system  Video
163. Payroll System
164. Self-Diagnosis with Advanced Hospital Management Video
165. 108 – Public Health Emergency Services
166. Water Marking
167. Intranet Chatting  Video
168. Online Banking  Video
169. Net Banking
170. Gateway Of Business Portfolio
171. Distributors Channel Management System
172. Online Doctor
173. Online Mobile Recharge Video
174. Patient Management System
175. Online Order Processing System (AJAX Enabled)
176. Virus Information System
177. Peer to Peer File Sharing Program  Video
178. An Agent Based Intrusion Detection, Response and Blocking using signature method in Active Net  Video
179. Telecom Business Information System
180. Online Telephone Management System
181. Online Tourism Guide Video
182. Online Taxicab Service
183. Online Registration For Voter Card
184. Safe Internet  Video
185. Mobility Management Approaches for Mobile IP Networks  Video
186. Local Service Center
187. Reseller Management System
188. Re-Ordering Of Packets Using Retransmission Timer
189. Online Crime Investigation
190. Revenue Collection and Recovery Services
191. E-education Video
192. Exam Branch Management System  Video
193. Home Improvement System  Video
194. Value Added Sales Tax Information System
195. E dues (E Billing System)  Video
196. Content Management System  Video
197. Train Information System  Video
198. Enterprise Resource Information System  Video
199. Global Interactive Solutions  Video
200. Global Communication Media
202. Hotel Management System Video
204. Retail-Management-System Video
205. Painting Application Video
206. Social Health Care Record Video
207. Reversible Watermarking Video
208. Audio Cryptography System Video
209. Monitoring Online Tests through Data Visualization Video
210. Alumni Management System Video
211. Product Service Management System Video
212. ATM Location System Video
213. Work in Progress Application Video
214. Chores Made Easy Video
215. E-Procurement Video
216. Emotion Detection Video
217. Institutional Infrastructural Information System Video
218. Placement Cell Video
219. Project Management System Video
220. Query Handling Video
221. Timetable Generation System Video
222. Online Staff Leave Management Video
223. PLACE Personal Learning Assistance Center Video

Online Examination System in J2EE

The manual procedure for conducting examination is a time consuming process and error prone due to human limitations. The existing automated system has been facing certain limitations like not having the ability to view the unanswered questions for the student reference. This system is an enhancement to the existing system covering some of its limitations.


The purpose of this project is to develop Online Examination System, used to test the Technical & Non Technical knowledge of the students in the college. Here only registered students must be allowed to write the online test.

Existing System:

The manual procedure for conducting examination is a time consuming process and error prone due to human limitations. The existing automated system has been facing certain limitations like:
• Answers validation being done at client side. Answers are reaching the client as soon as he starts the exam and hence hacking is possible.
• Difficult to check unanswered questions quickly.

Online Examination System

Proposed System:

This system is an enhancement to the existing system covering some of its limitations. The proposed system has advantages like:
• Validation at server side. No possibility of answers through cookies.
• Provides option to separately view the unanswered question ids.

Objectives of Study:

• Enhance it with server side validation
• Refreshing the database by removing the question bank when the exam is over.
• User friendly environment to view the unanswered question ids.


We are overcoming the direct disclosure of answers by server side validation.
Functional Requirements
This section describes the functional requirements of the system for those requirements which are expressed in the natural language style. They are as follows:
• Repetitive questions not to be allowed.
• Student should be able to scroll through the paper.
• They should be able to view the unanswered questions.
• They should be able to view results online.
• Questions should be randomly retrieved.



Operating system : Windows Xp professional
Programming Language : JAVA
Web Technology : J2EE (JDBC, Servlets, JavaScript, JSP)
Browser : Internet Explorer
Web application server : Apache Tomcat (also supported by Glassfish)
IDE : Net Beans
Model Design : Rational rose
Database : MySql


Processor : Intel Pentium core to duo.
RAM : 2GB RAM(preferable)
Hard disk : 80GB or more

Pages Created for this Project:

  1. Admin/Student Login Page
  2. Student Registration Page
  3. Student Profile page
  4. Student Change Password Page
  5. Student Exam Paper
  6. Admin Home Page
  7. Admin View Profile Page
  8. Create User Page
  9. Delete User Page
  10. Admin Change Password Page
  11. Exam Paper Posting Page
  12. Admin/ Student Log Out Page


The primary goal of this project is conduction of online exam. This system is very user friendly. It also has user friendly features like getting the unanswered questions. This requires an optimal space in the database as the question bank is cleared once for every subject. So there us no unnecessary loss of the memory space due to extensive tables. This project is session managed which expire after the administrator logs out. It provides separate privileges to the administrator and the student. This project is successfully completed by including all the specified features. Our project team worked hard with the help of our guide and ensured its completion. At last we can conclude firmly that the entire project is completed as per the stated requirements.


This project has a wide scope for development by including some extra features such as we can provide the administrator with the capability of the setting the required number of questions. We can randomize the options of the question paper. Our question paper can be modified in such a way that one question can be displayed at a time. The unanswered feature also can be enhanced such that on clicking the question number we can directly be redirected to the intended question. The question bank can be subjected to standard encryption techniques to maintain security.

A Search Result Ranking Algorithm for web pages

 Project Status Report 

Project Status Report – Periodic Progress Summary 

Project name: A Search Result Ranking Algorithm for web pages 


Work done last semester:

Last semester we accomplished the phase A of our project. We finalized on “A Search Result Ranking Algorothm for web pages” as our BE Project. A number of IEEE papers were referred to and various web sites were visited in order to obtain sufficient knowledge about the topic. This lead to a proper Literature survey for the project. A presentation was made, which gave a brief of the existing algorithms used and a description of the proposed system. The presentation also included

  • Scope of the System
  • Literature Survey of the System
  • Basics Involved
  • Analysis and Design
  • Workflow Charts
  • Applications of the system

Then an IEEE paper was drafted which contained the abstract , the concept giving a brief idea of the project followed by the explanation and the conclusion inferred from our literature survey. Finally a book report was compiled based on the information in the IEEE paper, the presentation and other data collected.

What are we doing in current semester:

In this semester implementation of the project is to be carried out. The technologies planned to be used are SeoQuake toolbar, Winweb Crawler, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and HTML. A final draft of the IEEE paper will be made and sent to the various conferences (both national and international). Also the presentation will be modified to include the implementation part of the project. The frontend will include a User Interface designed using HTML and PHP. The Winweb crawler will be used for crawling web pages online (restricting the search for only a few keywords). The SeoQuake toolbar will then be used for Keyword density. The proposed ranking Algorithm (SCAR)will be created using javascripts. The database connectivity will be done using PHP. The database used will be MySQL.

Issues we’re working on now: 

We are currently working as to hoew we have to sync the available tools and our ranking algorithm

Summary Progress Report

Project Name: A Search Result Ranking Algorithm for Web pages Report Month: January
Project Guide: Phone, E-mail:  
Project Description: Locating useful information effectively from the World Wide Web (WWW) is of wide interest. The huge volume of the return results makes the user only focus on the top results. So the ranking problem becomes the important task for the search Systems. This gives a new viewpoint on how to improve the quality of information retrieval. On studying the various ranking algorithms, and analyzing their merits and demerits, a new search ranking algorithm based on Web pages and Tag clustering, and using several evaluating methods to assess and contrast with Google can be presented..
Name of Students

Project Status :                        Good                            Avg                              Poor

Key accomplishments last period:

Information about the project was gathered and analyzed. A presentation, IEEE paper and book report was created using the information.

Upcoming tasks for this period:

We plan to design an effective and running Ranking Algorithm

We plan on completion of the coding of the system and the required database to support the system.

After coding we plan on testing the performance of the system.

Implementation of the project will be carried out and a final presentation will be created and presented. Also a final IEEE paper will be created and will be sent to conferences for presentation.


Minor issues with coding are being faced.Major issues if any will be addressed.

Department of Computer Engineering

Weekly Progress Report Card-Project B 

Project Title : A Search Result Ranking Algorithm based on Web pages 

Month : January

Task Assigned: Week 1 Week 1 Week 2 Week 2  
 Worked on the Seo Quake toolbar, and win web crawler Worked on the Seo Quake toolbar, and win web crawler Worked on the database and page links Revision of the IEEE paper for submission to conferences


Month : February

 Task Assigned: Week 1 Revision of IEEE paper and part coding Week 1 Revision of IEEE paper and part coding


Week 2  

Final proof reading of the paper and finding out of other conference details

Week 2

Final draft of IEEE paper and coding


Project Title : A Search Result Ranking Algorithm based on Web pages 

Month : February

Task Assigned: Week 3 Week 3 Week 4 Week 4  
 ImplementationApplication to other conferences  ImplementationApplication to other conferences   ImplementationApplication to other conferences  ImplementationAssembling of the different modules

Month : March

 Task Assigned: Week 1  Implementation

Assembling of the different modules, and testing

Week 2Evaluation and testing of project Week 2 Evaluation and testing of project and making of the black book Week 3Evaluation and testing of project and making of the black book Week 3Evaluation and publishing of final draft of the black book

Flight Tracking Android Application

Flight Tracking Android Application will shows points on the Google map. User will track the Flight details based on Time and Name of the flight. We fetch the data from MySql database.

If we search by time all flights at that particular time will shown on the Google map with point where exactly flight is by Google marker of flight icon (icon is attached in the email). Here result will be one or more points on the Map.

If we search by flight name, only that particular flight will be shown on the map. Any way user has an option of selecting multiple flight names in one search.

 Front End: User interface will have Google map with Points Marked on it.

One search button: When user clicks this button Map must get refreshed with new data. If user has not selected any flight name use must get a pop up message stating that please select any flight name before proceeding to search.

Dropdown Checkbox list:  This control will have list of flight names. User can select one or more flight names by checking the Checkbox beside the name of the flight. When user clicks the

Time Level Control:  this is same as Google map zoom control a scale with complete one week  duration with + and – Symbols at the ends of the scale ; When user launches the app , mover  will be at the top of the scale. When the user clicks the – (minus) sign the immediate previous position of the flight is pointed on the map. Time level control will work on currently selected items i.e., when user clicks + or – signs of this control work on the

Flight Icon: This icon is used to show the position on the Google map. When the user clicks on the icon flight description should be popped up. (Flight icon is attached in the mail)

Data Base: FlightTracking table:

Column NAME Type Flight Tracking Description
FlightName Varchar(100) Name of the flight
Flight_ID Varchar(50) ID or code of the flight
Description Varchar(250) Description about the flight
latitude Varchar(25) latitude
longitude Varchar(25) longitude
CurrentLocation Varchar(100) Current Location of the flight
Destination Varchar(100) Destination Location of the flight
Starting Point Varchar(100) starting Location of the flight
ExpectedArrivingTime DateTime
JourneyDuration Long or double
DetailsUpdatedTime DateTime time when flight details got updated.( time of row inserted)

Note:  Setup Notes is required.

Expected Software n technologies:

Eclipse latest version and Android Virtual device of Samsung s2.

JavaWeb services and MySql server.

Institute Management System Project in PHP

The Institute Management System Project in PHP website is useful for the students, staff, parents who like to display Result as well attendance and all the task like an event, news, fresh assignment without going to college. It provides the facility to the students or parents to have complete information about the college.

Institute Management System

  • This website is very dynamic and very easy to understand, the interface of the website is very easy and anybody can easily work in our website, this website can provide all the details about college, courses, subjects, event, news, attendance, result. some important information about fresh news & events.
  • In this website does not need to perform papers work likes make result sheet on papers and then put on notice board.but in this site just make a sheet on ms excel and just upload that sheet.
  • Staff also give login so it will show own subject result division so it will analyze own result and it will try to make better result than exiting result. 

Institute Management System Project Limitations:

Each and every system has some limitations that can restrict than to work in a particular environment. Through our system is provided a high amount of accuracy and quick data generation there are still some limitations that led us to in greater deficiency to work on that system. Some of the limitations that are observed during all the process are mentioned below

  • This system requires a knowledgeable person to use this system.
  • The system is not to cover the online fees collection.
  • This system doesn’t provide library management.
  • The system is a web-based application (website) so internet facility must be needed.
  • This system is a web-based system so it may slow when more users accessing the same interface at the same time.
  • For data storage a large number of memory covered by system on the web.
  • The user does not view topper of that college.
  • This system is not cover online admission.
  • This system does not cover to pay staff salary.

Future Enhancements : 

 In the future, our system can include an Online Accounting System, Good Backup and Restore Facility. 

The system is so much flexible so in future, it can increase easily and new modules can be added easily. 

You can add online student admission as well as pay online fees. 

In the future, you can add a new module like library management system.