Role of women in Canada

The challenges as well as roles differ for each woman and they are not a homogenous group. In Newfoundland and Labrador, the women are urban as well as rural differing in age, different ethnicities, lesbians, Aboriginal and with disabilities. These diverse group of women’s dwell in society in various positions which is noticed from the research.  Consider an instance where than the non Aboriginal women, an Aboriginal women gets low formal education as well as wage.  As a group, economically the women are more susceptible for the unfavorable effects of political, social as well as economic change and some women positions in the society is determined through the factor than a female.  Several characteristics of women are needed to be identified as a group.

      In Canada according to 2002 statistics, the percentage of women above age 15 engaged in the labour force is 60.7 whereas in Newfoundland and Labrador, the percentage of women above age 15 engaged in the labour force is 53.4.  

     Therefore in the latest years in labour market, the women participation is increased considerably.  

For an example, at their main job, nearly two million employed women, in paid workforce almost 27 percent of all women who worked not more than 30 hours per a week in the year 2000. From late 1970’s, the women accounted of all part time employees for nearly seven in 10. 

For women’s admission in to Employment Insurance, opportunities for pensions as well as advancements, this trend offers implications. Consider an instance that the change in Employment Insurance regulations like from the system of weeks based to an hour’s based brought a disproportionate effect on part time workers mainly on women in the year 1996.

      The pattern of employment lean to be different, so many women are getting engaged in the labour market. For achieving balance amid responsibilities of family as well as work, the women often go to part time works. This replicates through labour market on their relationship, the impact of women’s unpaid work.  

MBA Dissertation Literature Review on Global outsourcing Report 2012 Analysis

The Outsourcing report of 2012 states that outsourcing allows companies to function at a global scale without hindrances. The report also states that most companies have a positive outlook towards outsourcing to other companies because this allows them to manage their businesses in a cost-effective manner.

Outsourcing is not only cost effective, but it also offers companies to capture a global market. This is been typically accomplished through the establishment of delivery centers around the globe.

These centers allow the companies to reach out to as many customers as possible and enable them to serve their customers in a more efficient manner. Different companies adopt different strategies of outsourcing based on their needs and the nature of the job. The article states the benefits of global outsourcing. The author states that outsourcing allows companies to interact with their customers in a better way. The researcher also lists all the advantages that global outsourcing offers.

            The article states that global outsourcing helps companies to become more competitive. Companies become better businesses as they try to offer maximum value in the competitive global market. The author suggests that outsourcing is the future of business as it gives them an edge that is required to thrive on an international scale.

The future work is required to this article in order to explain the successful global outsourcing strategies that give competitive advantages to the companies.

The Researcher suggests that companies can make use of global outsourcing process in order to get competitive advantages in the global markets. 

Sample MBA Dissertation Research Approach and Methodology

Introduction to methodology

The methodology is the system that contains wide range of principles or rules in which the particular methods and procedures are considered in order to solve the problems that arise within the specific type of research process.

Types of Research Methodologies

The methodology contains two different types of perspectives such as quantitative research method and the qualitative research method.

Qualitative (Primary) research method

The qualitative (Primary) research method will include the survey reports, questionnaires, personal interviews, etc. The qualitative research methodology is even based on more number of mathematical variations, measurements and the equations that are related to the selected topic Trochim (2000).

Primary research data

  • Interviews
  • Survey reports
  • Questionnaires etc.

Quantitative (Secondary) research method

The quantitative (Secondary) research method will include the articles as well as the case studies which are similar to the concerned topic and that are obtained from different types of internet sources. The quantitative research method is a theoretical based approach and it is analyzed by using the empirical analysis.

Secondary research Data

  • Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Book Reviews
  • Web documents
  • Journals

MBA Dissertation Project on Analysis of International Out Sourcing


The main goal of this research is to identify the significance of global outsourcing in change management process of the companies. Identifying different external and internal change management problems that take place in global sourcing process is the actual goal of this study. Alternately, to propose different change management strategies and methods that can be used to overcome problems related global outsourcing process in the change management process is the other goal of this study.

Scope of the Project

This project analyzes the information on problems faced by companies particularly the (Infosys company India-Hyderabad) in global outsourcing process when performing the business activities. This research study reveals detailed information on global outsourcing in change management process.

Deliverables of the project

The main deliverables of this project are as follows:

  • Overview of Change management process of companies
  • Overview of Change management process of Infosys
  • The detailed information on technology based problems faced by companies especially Infosys in global outsourcing process with business activities.
  • Information on strategies and approaches to be followed in balancing global outsourcing with change management activities

Research Questions

  1. Why companies try to perform outsourcing process to their products and services and what is the impact of global outsourcing process on companies?
  2. Why should companies expand their business activities into global markets?
  3. Why global sourcing aspect is important in the change management process?
  4. What is the current situation of Infosys Company in global market?
  5. Why Infosys Company is facing failures in managing the change management process successfully?
  6. What type of techniques and methods should Infosys follow in order to implement change management processes successfully?

MBA Dissertation Literature Review on Infosys Company

According to Infosys (2012), Infosys Company is one of the biggest IT Company that is having its operations in major countries of the World. Infosys is a 30-year-old company, which includes different services like software technology services, technical consulting services, system integration services and infrastructure management services. Infosys is the huge company with wide range of software services in many countries. Even though it is having many international operations, it is still outsourcing some of its products and services to the global companies. There is a fact that not every company will be successful in all areas and the same situation happened in Infosys Company. It is facing failures in some areas and at this particular situation where the company is facing failure in the global market; Infosys is using global outsourcing process. Changes are the un-sudden aspects that take place in any company and within the process of global sourcing process; Infosys faced many problems related to change management. In general, there are two different types of problems such as internal change management problems and external change management problems. Infosys is facing internal change management problems like problems with employees and its global outsourced company employees and the external change management problems are global market competition, changing behavior of the customers, lack of global outsourcing experience etc.

Problem Definition

SWOT Analysis of Infosys

Strengths and weaknesses are the as the internal factors of Infosys and the strengths and weakness of Infosys are explained below.

 Internal Analysis-Strengths

Infosys is a huge organization with a wide range of national and international operations and its major competitive strength is most if its major business activities are processed in India, which is an economic indicator for IT Companies. Infosys has high financial standards when compared with other companies. Infosys has high experienced workforce for its IT services through which it is one of the leading IT service providers in the market.

Internal Analysis- Weaknesses

Infosys faces similar problems like lack of using appropriate strategies to perform global sourcing process in a successful manner. In general, there are different types of global outsourcing strategies like strategic alliance benefits, mutual profit shares, competitive reputation, global standards etc. Each strategy can be used to build strong relations between the actual companies and its global outsourcing company. Infosys has large number of employees for which it is spending huge funds on their employees that affects the financial standards of their company.

External Analysis-Opportunities

Infosys is offers a wide range of opportunities to its employees and it plays a key role in the employment sector of India. Infosys will always be ready to enter new markets even with strategic partners that give good benefits to third party companies. The products and services offered by Infosys are been implemented by considering innovative technology which always gives innovative products and services to the customers. After reviewing the opportunities, it is been noticed that Infosys gives many advantages to its employees, strategic partners and customers. Employees of Infosys are more especially benefited because Infosys Company is gives high priority to its employees and even supports them with required resources.

External Analysis- Threats

Infosys Company is facing tough competition in the global markets, especially in the US market. The US and Indian markets are huge markets with more number of competitors, especially Infosys Company is facing competition in India and US. The top companies like IBM, Dell, Wipro, Microsoft, Oracle and Cognizant etc. The market shares of Infosys are high because it has high market shares in and around 40 major countries either directly or through third party companies. Infosys has faced many problems related to finances because of the impact of recession on working projects. Lack of appropriate strategic alliance and global outsourcing third party companies which can offer efficient services to the customers on behalf of Infosys.