Career Analysis Java Project


“Career Analysis” is a web application developed in java & MySQL Database. This project enables users to search information about colleges and college location. The user can get all the detailed information about colleges and course details. Users can select their interested category and branch. Users can get the information of colleges just in one click. Users need to give their rank to know the suitable college for their rank. This application provides required information of the engineering and medicine colleges and the location of the college.

Existing System:

In the existing Career Analysis system, physical effort is needed and proper information is not provided within time. The user needs to go physically to the college and give his rank to know the suitable and available college’s. Complete information of the colleges and course is not provided to users. This system takes a lot of physical effort and time.

Proposed System:

The proposed Career Analysis system provides an easy and accurate way to search colleges. The User can get all the details of colleges and course details in just one click. The user needs to give their rank and find the details which do not require any physical effort and time loss.



Admin needs to get logged in by entering valid credentials. Admin can view all the details of users. Admin can activate and deactivate users. Admin can add engineering and medicine college details.


The user needs to give all the required information in the registration form to get a unique username and password. The user can select the category branch and need to enter their rank. The user can get the result with the suitable college and its information after entering rank.

Software Requirements to develop this application below:

Netbeans 8.0.1, JDK 1.7, MySQL 5.5, SQLYog, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Project Outputs Description:

  • Home Page of Career Analysis Project

  • Admin Login Page

  • Admin Home Page

  • View Users Page

  • Add Engineering Details Page

  • Add Medicine Details Page

  • User Registration Page

  • User Login Page

  • User Home

  • Course Details Page

  • Branch Details Page

  • Search College Page

  • Search Result Page

Office Level Student Information System Java Project


Office Level Student Information System is a web application which provides an easy way for students to know about faculty and events information. This application makes the work of faculty and students easy in searching the all the details of the events conducted in the college.

Admin will add all the information of the faculty, students, and events conducted in college. Faculty can view all the details of students and events in college.

Existing System:

In the existing system, all the details of students and faculty are maintained in a record which takes a lot of time to view or modify. Very low communication is maintained between students and faculty. No proper information available to students about events conducted in the college.

This system takes a lot of time and physical effort to students and faculty in searching the information.

Proposed System:

The proposed system all the information is given by admin. All the details of student and faculty are maintained in the database which is easy to retrieve or modify the data.

All the details of the students and the events conducted in the college can be viewed by faculty from anywhere and at any time. Students can vie wall the information of the events online which save a lot of time and physical effort.

Office Level Student Information System Output Screen



Admin needs to get login with a valid username and password. Admin can add details of students and view details of the student. Admin can add details of faculty and view details of the faculty. Admin an add details of the event and view all the details of the event.


Faculty can get log in with a valid username and password allocated by admin. Faculty can view student’s details and view event attendance information.


Students can get log in with a valid username and password allocated by admin. A student can view his profile. Students can view his attendance details. A student can view event attendance details.

E Plastic System Java Project


  • E-Plastic recycling includes the user registering for the E-plastic process.
  • Admin getting the user information and returning the date, day, and time for E-plastic collection.
  • Users can then do online shopping for the recycled products.
  • The user can also track the delivery of the ordered product.


  • The objective of this project is to manage/process recycling process online.
  • The request for recycling placed by the users should be fulfilled by the admin.
  • The user can do online shopping for recycled products
  • The order goes through various payment phases till it finally reaches the customer.
  • At any point of time customer, himself can track the status of the order online with the reference number he got while placing the order.


  • Through this E-Plastic we can categorize and display products of plastic.
  • It can give the date, day and time for plastic collection accurately
  • Increase in competition
  • Adopt new methods and approaches
  • Developing an electronic-based platform
  • Recycling ensures sustainable use of resources

Scope of the System

  • We can make the Recycled products to feature on other online shopping portals so that more users can purchase it.
  • This can become a standard mechanism for collection of plastic.
  • We can include the save in cart option for online shopping.


Admin can get log in with valid username and password. Admin can view materials details and also can accept materials. Admin can also upload products.


The user needs to register by entering all the fields in the registration form. The user can get log in with valid username and password. The user can upload material and can view material status.

Online Shopping:

Online Shopping can get log in with valid username and password. Online Shopping can view products.


Customer needs to register by entering all the fields in the registration form. The customer can get log in with valid username and password. The customer can view the products in the application and can purchase the selected products.


E-Plastic is a web application which is developed to recycle products collected from users. This application retrieves the user’s information returning the date, day, and time for E-plastic collection. Users can then do online shopping for the recycled products. The user can also track the delivery of the ordered product.

Genesis Auto Mobile Store and Service Java Project Abstract, Report & Source Code


We showed the Auto Mobile Store and Service project to our professor today, he said that the project is outdated he wants us to add a new module in which we need to show the graph of cars brands that got problems in the past 10 years,
For example: If the user selects car brand Toyota the graph should show the total number of cars that got problems in past year and the other graph should show the graph of what kind of problems that particular car had to face like engine problems, tire flat problem and another kind of problems. If you can do this we can clarify further on this and give you the respective data for this module. It is actually data visualization functionality which should show graphs based on data we give.
Video Changes :

Make below changes and send a new video with all new changes in video

Auto Mobile Store and Service Project explanation (All the functionalities in the application)
Change “AMSM” to “Genesis” in all pages of application and make every page look appealing like real-time automobile sites
the pages in the video are outdated and header images sidebar images are not even half the length of the page.

Create different login For Admin and Customer and pls how can we do that in a database like creating user ids and giving permissions.

In the Available Brands scrolling section in the login page, we need images of American car logos like Audi, BMW, Dodge, etc.If u want we can provide you with the logos and brand names

Please use the following as usernames for logging in and any password

Admin Login Username1: Anurag
Admin Login Username2: Rajesh

Available products page and inventory page use only US related product names and price in dollars.Make navigation bars effective and attractive throughout the application

Please explain the difference between Products page and inventory page

Make the table display on every page more appealing and the headings font should be changed and font should be increased

Make sure that tabs images fit the screen without leaving the pages empty with spaces

Dropdowns have to be more effective the dropdowns as of looks very dull.

Main Project Changes:

Most Important thing we already informed this that the database should be Oracle or MySQL or SQL Server we don’t need to want it in MS Access

Need Job Scheduling page, Reports, and Invoices page with options to print them. This is mentioned in the abstract but not found in your video.
These pages are very important for our project. We showed that these 2 pages as major selling points in our project.

In Job Scheduling page the storekeeper should able to enter customer name, his contact details, his car name, repair description required for car, repair start date,
car delivery date after repair, cost estimation for repair and on the other side, the customer should be able to see the job status of his repair when he logins into the application.

SRS Documentation Changes:

 Please change the documentation as required In module section of SRS document please check the module sections it is all repetitive which doesn’t make any sense at all. Please include only
the functionalities used in our application.
Main Documentation Changes:
Is the E-R diagram in the documentation related to our Auto Mobile Store and Service application or is it generalized? If generalized we need it as per our application and use case diagrams should be project related and we need these changes by next Monday as we need to present them next week and pls explain them.The technologies used in the application should be explained clearly like how are they used in our app? what did we achieve using those technologies? In documentation, we got only generalized explanation of
each technology used which will not be accepted by our professor.

Please provide all these before October as we need to check all the things and submit it October last week and we need a complete demonstration of the project once all these changes are done.

Training and Placement Cell Java Project Abstract

Training and Placement Cell is an online-based software application created in the Windows system so that the training team and the university site can provide the important points of their students in a database so that the companies obtain a suitable means of employment. begin the session.

The Training and Placement Cell contains all information regarding students. The device stores all of your students’ personal information, such as your personal details, your added scars, your experience and your specialized skills that may be required in the CV that will be provided to a company.

A device is an online software that can be achieved throughout the business and effectively with the appropriate start of the session. This technique can be used as a software for university TPO to manage scholarly information regarding placement.

This challenge contains all the important points of the students that can be considered by all consumers (read-only), but only the student can modify them if they have an approved service. By maintaining student information, the system facilitates the options for a company to test the employment process.

Students can search for the product needed for the selection method, such as talent, reasoning, and other different sites for site documents. The activities that take place in the university and the achievements of the students, that is, the details of the students chosen, can be seen by all users.

So our challenge offers the ability to keep the important points of the students and get the set of people needed for companies that wish to recruit individuals according to the confirmed query.


The earlier program is not computerized. All transactions in the system are performed personally sustaining records. To make that laborious job simple the customers have to computerize the system.
The management and most of the departments which have been holding out that job using personally makes the job harder and monotonous all of the times. Therefore, the easiest way is advanced computerization of the current environment.

For example, in the earlier program positioning official has to gather scholar details for placements. Signing these scholar details requires lots of time. Positioning official and pupils have to consult each other straight if any data is needed. If any new organization come for placements, positioning official and his team has to search the scholar details and they have to get the eligible prospects for that specific organization placement.

Here looking for eligible prospects requires lots of time. And sometimes some prospects’details might be missed.


The planned program is fully advanced, which removes most of the disadvantages of the present system. The planned program is an on the web application which can be seen through the entire company and external as effectively with proper login provided. This technique may be used as a software for the TPO of the university to control the scholar data with regards to placement. Pupils recording should have the ability to add their data in the shape of a CV. Visitors/Company associates recording in may also access/search any data set up by Students.

All the customers have some common services like adjusting the password, upgrading details, looking for details, checking the important points, mailing to the supervisor, and studying the substance submitted by admin if the consumer is a student. The supervisor has to accomplish the services like putting activities, achievements and he can reply to the messages sent by users. They can add components, search for scholar details, and he has the best to approve the students.