Final Year B Tech ECE Project on Base Transceiver Station (BTS)

This project “Final Year B Tech ECE Project on Base Transceiver Station (BTS)” or cell site (BTS) is a device that assists in wireless communication between the given network and user equipment (UE). Devices that come under UE’s are mobile handsets, WLL phones, and computers possessing wireless internet connectivity. The network of wireless communication technologies maybe GSM, CDMA, WAN etc. it is important to note here that BTS is a part of the GSM system.           

              The Base transceiver system is a network element which maintains the air interface. It is responsible to manage signaling of air interface, ciphering and also speech processing.  Speech processing here refers to the set of functions that BTS performs to guarantee a connection that is error free.

Project description:

          final-year-b-tech-ece-project-on-base-transceiver-station-bts  The BTS, BSC and TC together combine to form the Base station subsystem (BSS) which is actually a part of the GSM network and is in charge of radio path control. This project focuses on the functions of the BTS (Base transceiver system). The BTS parameters are in charge of major parameters like what and which handovers, paging organization, radio power control and the most basic BTS organization.

    The BTS is maintained by the BSC. This simply translates into the fact that BSC is capable of separating a BTS from the network and also collecting alarm information. The BSC further synchronizes the BTS which is connected to the specific BTS. Synchronization is very important because it helps to coordinate calls and sometimes if it’s not done, calls may not be established.

Final Year B Tech ECE Project on Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Conclusion:

           This project thus establishes how important the BTS system is for wireless communication. Though it is a part of the BSS, yet most of the tasks are executed by Base transceiver system. In other words, it is the heart of the wireless system- a very important tool in the field of mobile communications. 

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Automated Fault Location System in Primary Distribution Networks

This ECE project “Automated Fault Location System in Primary Distribution Networks” aims at correcting faults by information provided by intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) containing oscillography functions present at substation level. The fault in the system can be corrected using information stored in a database. This project is supported by an algorithm which gives info about fault type as well as rejection ratio for better results.

A power system is said to a proper designed one if offers reliable supply and good quality. Many a times system’s reliability is influenced by short circuit problems which is a major consideration for a power system. To eliminate such faults in the power system, they have to be located and the cause supporting them destroyed. By doing so a power system will be able to function in an efficient way. 

      Project description:

   In this ECE & EEE B Tech/ BE Final Project Report and Document IEDs are connected to a voltage feeder which monitors voltage as well as current signals. A computer is placed at the substation via a communication link and also connected to LAN. 8 software modules are built in the fault location system. The algorithm used for fault detection uses DSP for its operation.

          To determine the instant of fault occurrence, it uses discrete Fourier analysis. The DSP module then estimates the power in the pre-fault and post fault stage. By studying the circuit breaker status and load rejection it then sets to classify the faults as either permanent or transient. If the circuit breaker remains closed, no load rejection is present.


            This project is a step above the traditional methods and an excellent tool to operate the distribution network in a more efficient way, locating faults far off from the substation. High accuracy and stability is ensured by the project. As a result expenditure on maintenance is reduced thereby reducing the overall operational cost.

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GPS Project for Identifying vehicle accident

GPS Project for Identifying  vehicle accident project is for final year students who are looking to implement hardware and software integrated project by using telecommunication technologies like GSM, GPS. This projects main idea is to develop a simple hardware project using microcontroller which will help in finding location of person with accurate longitude and latitude measurements which is very useful in serious situations like locating a accidental spot of a victim. GPS-Project-for-Identifying-vehicle-accident.

As technology is playing a vital role in day to day life still there are areas where development is very less mainly in security field. SO this application fills that gap in finding out the location of person even in remote areas where there is no communication facility available. 

This hardware application works on vibration sensor and GPS system. This hardware application will sense vibrations when accident is accorded to a vehicle which will send signals to microcontroller then microcontroller will send signals to LCD display using GSM network. Then GPS will track vehicles longitude and latitude for every five seconds and process to computer.                

This application has lot of scope for introducing in to real life like providing information to 108 services. This application will help 108 services to track accident sport accurately which can save life’s.

 System specification for GPS Project for vehicle accident identification.

Hardware requirements 






POWER SUPPLY                             

 Software requirements 

1. Keil software 

2. Flash magic

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