Scalable Multicast Protocol for Communication in Large Groups Project Report

SCAMP stands for Scalable Multicast Protocol for Communication in Large Group, this paper discusses about a new multicast protocol for communication with in large groups over internet. Most of the protocols build either shared tree or source based tree. Source tree are one which the node sending the data are supposed to be their root, source based tree are been used in data delivery. Source tree are been initiated by the receivers. It also helps in reducing the traffic in different parts of the network.

While shared tree, routers in the Internet act as root of the trees and distribute the data between the members of the group which lies in this tree. The shared is also used for signaling process, it provides information on source to all other members in the tree. One of the main advantages of source-based trees is that they support high data rate and they support sparse group, the advantages of these two are taken together in the SCAMP.

SCAMP protocol builds both of the shared tree and the source based tree. So in overall these protocols helps in reducing the traffic over different parts of the network, cut down the processing cost of the router and also make use of the bandwidth by subdividing the load over the network. Multicasting in IP network allows the transmission of IP diagram to a set of host from a multicast group. The end-to-end delay in source based trees is almost half of that in a shared tree.

Since SCAMP protocol builds source-based trees for the delivery of data packets. A brief study about the modes of packet delivery and an overview of the existing multicast protocols in this paper so a new protocol which are able to support high data rate and sparse as well as dense multicast groups are been proposed through SCAMP in this paper.

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Comparison between Windows XP and Windows 7 Seminar Topic

This paper discusses about two main operating systems in the market. Operating system provides a platform for the application software to execute. It performs as an intermediate between the application software and the hardware part of the system.

While comparing the two operating system both are been designed by Microsoft, where windows XP was first released in year 2001 later on there were several versions of windows XP in the following years. Some of the main features of windows XP are fast user switching, remote desktop functionality, it also provide good GUI as compared with older versions. The high graphics used in the OS need not perform in older hardware’s like Pentium 3 are the main cons of XP.

Windows 7 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft which has entirely different graphics performance, and much more high performance compared with the older version like vista, XP. Microsoft has worked on this operating system to correct all the bugs reported by the users and tried to improve all features as recommended by the users in the previous version OS developed by Microsoft. Some of the main system requirements are: processor clocked at more than 1GHz and minimum RAM of 1GB and HDD of minimum 40GB.

Some of the main advantage of windows 7 are it is faster than windows XP, it supports almost all software which was installed in windows XP i.e. software compatibility, windows 7 also provide more security features than older version. Windows 7 are available in different versions like home edition, professional, ultimate. On basis of different surveys conducted most of the people prefer to use windows 7 than windows XP, since windows 7 is more faster accurate and more secure than windows XP. But in case of systems with low system configuration windows XP is the correct choice.

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Artificial Intelligence for Face Recognition Project Report

This paper deals with recognition of image using neural network. Since today in modern life all of us rely on internet for most of the transfer of data and for grasping up of knowledge, so the security of using internet for data transfer of data has been more important, protection technique like encryption and authentication are been used to protect data while transmitting through internet, even though the security is insufficient so the increasedsecurity on internet is done by using face recognition using neural network, even though his approach is costlier it can provide high advantage of tight security.

It is used in identifying people in real time. By combining local image samplings, the self- organizing map neural network and the convectional neural network, the self-organizing map provides the quantization ofimage samples into a topological space where inputs are in the original space and also in the output space, thereby providing dimensionality reduction and invariance to minor changes in the image sample. These software features are implemented using MATLAB v 6.5.

By implementing the face recognition system the business transaction via internet can be improved. The hybrid neural network solution which compare and recognizes a person with a large database of faces, the neural system give most likely face of people from the database often only one image is available for a person, the next stage of the system is to train the images and stored to the database. Finally the authorized person’s face is used for security monitoring software. Different representation of faces like multidimensional, complex and visual stimuli developing a computational model for face recognition is very difficult. Faces has distinguishable landmark i.e. peaks and valleys on the human faces, There are almost 80 peaks and valleys in human face. Some of them are Distance between eyes, width of nose, depth of eye, jaw line, chin, etc.

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Advertising Agency Project Report Abstract

Advertising can be considered as the successful resource which is a combination of different techniques that could be used for the purpose of promoting products and services of a company. The brand image and brand awareness can be created by using the advertisements. Nowadays, in this competitive market for getting competitive advantages among their competitors many companies are using advertisements as their major marketing campaigns. In order to perform their advertisements, companies are trying to make use of advertising agencies through which they are trying to design their advertisements efficiently to attract the customers. Especially advertising agencies are happened to be important resources within the advertising field and they are playing important role in supporting the companies with their effective advertising designs and campaigns. Advertising agencies are the group of people who has experienced talented and skilled individuals capable of making efficient advertisements on behalf of companies in order to succeed themselves in the market place. The main functions of advertising agencies are explained in detail as follows:

  • They will allow the companies to create brand awareness among the customers of specific companies
  • They will support the companies in improving the sales and market values of their products and services
  • They will convey the products and service messages of the specific company to the customers

Advertising agencies are providing many added advantages to the companies in maintaining their product expertise with brand knowledge and they will even save the costs and time of the companies who are trying to market their products and services by using advertising agencies. The major advertising mediums in the current markets are newspapers, television, mails, radio, magazines, and broachers, outdoor and social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Orkut. 

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Administration of Super Specialty Hospital Activities Abstract

The main aim and purpose of this project is to design and develop a Web Based Hospital Administration System that can be used for managing the entire operations of hospitals and more specifically to offer efficient services to the patients over the hospitals. Hospitals can make use of this application called Hospital Management Software for the purpose of making medical bills and other activities involved at hospital. This project contains two different sections such as advanced MD as well as advanced EMR that are explained in detail as follows:

Advanced MD

This is medical billing software that can be used to generate the entire medical bills of the patients without any errors which generates the bill payment slip that can be used to claim different insurances that even includes different elements such as maintenance of patient record, appoints schedule, patient check in and check out details, claims management, medial bill collection, reports generation as well as hospital management.

Advanced EMR

 This advanced MD can be considered as the practice management that is used to produce the access to the users about their medical information which is having similar characteristics of EMR- Electronic Medical Records that saves the money and time of the patients which involves different elements such as patient chart and dashboard, patient documentation, patient charge sheets as well as partners of EMR.

Hardware Requirements

This application needs Pentium IV processor with 120GB RAM and 40GB hard disk with high resolution monitor.

Software Requirements

This system needs an HTML, CSS, Java Script along with Java, JDBC, JNDI, Servlets and JSP including Eclipse with Oracle or SQL server as database and Windows XP/2003 or Linux/Solaris as Operating System and finally the server deployments are BEA WebLogic/JBoss/WebSphere/Tomcat. 

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