Student Management System a .Net Project

Student Management System a .Net Project explains about the student management. It mainly explains the various actions related to student details. It shows some ease in adding, editing and deleting the student details. It also provides a less time consuming process for viewing, adding, editing and deleting the marks of the students. Student Management System includes, student registration, subject allocation, branch selection, semester wise selection, examination marks entry and displaying branch and semester wise result.


Why there should be the use of Student Management System Software(s)? 

This software is helpful for students as well as the school authorities. In the current system all the activities are done manually. It is very time consuming and costly. This system deals with the various activities related to the students. Proposed system has the provision of adding the details of the students by themselves. So the overhead of the school authorities and the teachers will become less. 

Another advantage of the system is that it is very easy to edit the details of the student and delete a student when it found unnecessary. The marks of the student are added in the database and so students can also view the marks whenever they want. Proposed system had some advantages for example it is User friendly interface, Fast access to database, More Storage Capacity, Search facility, Quick transaction etc. 


All the manual difficulties in managing the student details in a school or college have been rectified by implementing computerization. This project is only a humble venture to satisfy the needs in an Institution. Several user friendly coding have also adopted. This package shall prove to be a powerful package in satisfying all the requirements of the organization.

Its main objective is to provide a frame work that enables the manger to make reasonable estimates made within a limited time frame at the beginning of the software project and should be updated regularly as the project gets progressed.

Rainbow Technology A CSE Mini Project Report and Paper Presentation


Rainbow technology a cse mini project and paper presentation is, a breakthrough in digital data storage enables us to store up to a massive 450GB on just a piece of paper. Rainbow Storage is a group of techniques to store digital data in some colours, colour combinations and some symbols known as rainbow format, and therefore a rainbow picture will be generated. Rainbow-Technology-A-CSE-Mini-project-Report

Why is this useful? 

The technique is used to achieve high-density storage. With the help of Rainbow system we would be watching full-length high-definition videos from a piece of paper. The main attraction is the cheap paper. The Rainbow technology is feasible because printed text, readable by the human eye is a very wasteful use of the potential capacity of paper to store data. By printing the data encoded in a denser way much higher capacities can be achieved. 

Paper is, of course, bio-degradable, unlike CDs or DVDs. And sheets of paper also cost a fraction of the cost of a CD or DVD. In the Rainbow technology, soon we would be watching full-length high-definition videos from a piece of paper! With the popularity of the Rainbow Technology, computer or fashion magazines in future need not carry CDs in a pack. 

One of the major advantages of the Rainbow system is the fact that it should cost a lot less to produce than the typical polycarbonate DVDs, CDs and now Blue- rays. Hence huge data banks can be constructed out of Rainbow-based storage medium.

download Project Report and paper presentation  of CSE Rainbow Technology A CSE Mini project . 

Online Examination Project a Java Project

Online Examination java project is a newly developed project that assesses students by conducting online objective tests. The tests would be highly customizable. This project will enable educational institutes to conduct test and have automated checking of answers based on the response by the candidates. The purpose of the project is to see that the responses from the candidates will be checked automatically and instantly. Online examination will reduce the hectic job of assessing the answers given by the candidates. Being an integrated Online Examination System it will reduce paper work.


It can generate various reports almost instantly when and where required. This project would be very useful for educational institutes where regular evaluation of students’ is required. Further it can also be useful for anyone who requires feedback based on objective type responses. 



Online Examination java project allows faculties to create their own tests. It would enable educational institutes to perform tests, quiz and create feedback forms. It asks faculty to create his/her set of questions. Faculty then creates groups and adds related students into the groups. Further the tests are associated with specific groups so that only associated students can appear for the test.

The result of the response would be available to the faculty of the question set. Further the result would also be mailed to the student. This project would be helpful for creating practice tests, say for educational institutes and as a feedback form. The project requires programmed software with administrator aspect, student aspect and analysis.