Mini Project on Keystroke Analysis


        As PC’s and LAN have started being used for multiple purposes, the security of this system became an issue of concern. This led to the entry of passwords and smart cards into the market but was later attacked by hackers. As a result the password system has to be replaced by a system which offers a unique identity for users as well as authentication. Such a system is the application of biometrics which has been explained in the project.Mini-Project-On-Keystroke-Analysis

                This paper on “Mini Project on Keystroke analysis” offers an introduction to biometric security by the method of keystroke analysis. This system makes use of the rawest form of data which stems from the interaction between humans and computers. This method of keystroke analysis uses the manner and rhythm by which the user types the input on the keyboard. Digraph latency is used to record this behavioral pattern and thereby makes it to a top security feature.           


        The project Keystroke analysis employs user’s identity by the way in which their way of typing in a computer keyboard. The typed key measurements from every keyboard are recorded and this is used to determine dwell time when the key is pressed and flight time which is between key transitions. This recorded keystroke data is processed for a neural algorithm that determines a primary pattern which can be compared in future.

         The only hardware used is only a keyboard. This can be implemented by a password procedure implemented on the internet. The fact is that keystroke behavior is as unique as fingerprint analysis. This system cannot be used by other intruders as a person’s typing profile cannot be copied. This keystroke analysis can be used for ascertaining personal identity.


       The project can be used for proper identification and authentication. The typing dynamics can be used for different user profiles. Thus this becomes a valid tool for ascertaining personal identity.

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Biochips Tools of Ultra Sensitive Detector

Description: The research paper Biochips Tools of Ultra Sensitive Detector identifies various biometric procedures. It suggests that biometrics is a breakthrough research in the field of Computer Science Engineering.

Biometrics is based on the conjecture that the human physical features and characteristics are inimitable. Speech recognition, voice recognition, retinal scan, iris recognition and fingerprinting are some of the biometric procedures.

With the increase in the rate of e-transactions and transactions based on PINs, passwords and smart cards there is a serious dearth of security levels, it is here that the principles of biometrics play. The domain provides greater security levels to the above-mentioned procedures by providing security by considering the nuances and subtleties of human body characteristics.

There are two different ways to resolve a person’s identity: verification and identification. Verification (Am I whom I claim I am?) involves confirming are denying a person’s claimed identity.

In identification, one has to establish a person’s identity (Who am I?). Each one of these approaches has its own complexities and could probably be solved best by a certain biometric system.

Fingerprints are unique to each individual and no two fingerprints are alike. Fingerprint recognition is most widely accepted biometric among the technology being used today.

Fingerprints contain patterns of ridges and valleys as well as minutiae points. Minutiae points are local ridge characteristics that occur at either the ridge bifurcation or a ridge ending.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on the note that there is no denying of the manifold benefits derived from biometrics. Biometrics facilitates astounding security measures and utterly reliable. Biometrics is a domain that needs greater publicity and coverage.

Knowledge of biometrics has to be created in the society. Although dormant as of now Biometrics is a domain that has an incontrovertible growth prospect. All the regular security measures will have to transform into biometric procedures as early as possible.