CSE Mini Project On Morphological Image Processing To Forensics


Morphological Image Processing Mini Project  is an important tool in the Digital Image processing, since that science can rigorously quantify many aspects of the geometrical structure of the way that agrees with the human intuition and perception.CSE-Mini-Project-On-Morphological-Image-Processing

What is it based on? 

Morphologic image processing technology is based on geometry. It emphasizes on studying geometry structure of image. We can find relationship between each part of image. When processing image with morphological theory.

Accordingly, we can comprehend the structural character of image in the morphological approach an image is analyzed in terms of some predetermined geometric shape known as structuring element. Morphological processing is capable of removing noise and clutter as well as the ability to edit an image based on the size and shape of the objects of interest.                                            
Use of Morphological Image Processing: 

Morphological Image Processing is used in the place of a Linear Image Processing, because it sometimes distorts the underlying geometric form of an image, but in Morphological image processing, the information of the image is not lost. In the Morphological Image Processing the original image can be reconstructed by using Dilation, Erosion, Opening and Closing operations for a finite no of times. 


The major objective of this paper is to reconstruct the class of such finite length Morphological Image Processing tool in a suitable mathematical structure using Java language.

The Morphological Image Processing can be further applied to a wide spectrum of problems including, Medical image analysis such as Tumor detection, measurement of size and shape of internal organs, Regurgitation, etc. Robotics: Recognition and interpretation of objects in a scene, motion control and execution through visual feedback. 


This report represents the practical operation of Morphological Image Processing and it successfully performed the Fundamental and Compound operations of Morphological Image processing on Binary images in,    FORENSICS Fingerprint Enhancement and reduction of noise in finger print images.

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A C++ Mini Project on Controlling Electrical Devices Using Printer Port


The PC parallel port is a powerful platform, though inexpensive, for implementing projects dealing with the control of real-world peripherals. The hardware circuit developed can be used to control up to 255 electrical appliances using only 8 data output lines from the parallel port. Besides, the software program allows the users to know the current status of the devices. 

Project Implementation based on advantages: 

C++ Mini Project on Controlling Electrical Devices is developed, the software program and the hardware circuit work interactively to generate appropriate signals to switch the connected devices ‘On’ or ‘Off’. As in the Interface to switch a device On/Off it is required to enter the valid values of bit number. 

The hardware works like an On-Off switch according to the signal from the parallel port of the computer. The project has some important applications such as; It can be used for domestic purposes (Offices, schools, hotels etc.). Although Traffic lights are microprocessor controlled, this project can also be employed for controlling the same. 

User Friendly – The project has simple and efficient interface so that a person having elementary knowledge about computers and only the introductory knowledge about the system can use it. Easy Handling – Once developed and put to work properly then no further maintenance is required. Machine Independent – The project is totally machine independent.

No special package or hardware is required. 


This project can be made wireless also. Transmitter and receiver can be used with sensors attached at the hardware box and also at the application devices so as to make the system wireless. When the system is ‘On’ the bytes are digitally modulated and then sent at infrared frequencies through transmitter antenna. The receiver at the application devices catches the signal sent by the transmitter antenna and then the signal is demodulated and after demodulation, the corresponding status is read and operation is performed.

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Rainbow Technology A CSE Mini Project Report and Paper Presentation


Rainbow technology a cse mini project and paper presentation is, a breakthrough in digital data storage enables us to store up to a massive 450GB on just a piece of paper. Rainbow Storage is a group of techniques to store digital data in some colours, colour combinations and some symbols known as rainbow format, and therefore a rainbow picture will be generated. Rainbow-Technology-A-CSE-Mini-project-Report

Why is this useful? 

The technique is used to achieve high-density storage. With the help of Rainbow system we would be watching full-length high-definition videos from a piece of paper. The main attraction is the cheap paper. The Rainbow technology is feasible because printed text, readable by the human eye is a very wasteful use of the potential capacity of paper to store data. By printing the data encoded in a denser way much higher capacities can be achieved. 

Paper is, of course, bio-degradable, unlike CDs or DVDs. And sheets of paper also cost a fraction of the cost of a CD or DVD. In the Rainbow technology, soon we would be watching full-length high-definition videos from a piece of paper! With the popularity of the Rainbow Technology, computer or fashion magazines in future need not carry CDs in a pack. 

One of the major advantages of the Rainbow system is the fact that it should cost a lot less to produce than the typical polycarbonate DVDs, CDs and now Blue- rays. Hence huge data banks can be constructed out of Rainbow-based storage medium.

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CSE Mini Project Report and Code on Avail Doctors


In the hustle and bustle of the city, where people can’t afford to spare time for many quite a many issues, health factor is constantly being ignored or unidentified. This ignorance , however is building on leading to severe and major problems affecting the health of an individual. CSE Mini Project on AVAIL DOCTORS system of contacting a doctor and making an appointment is only possible if we personally are aware of the doctor or we walk into a nearby clinic or hospital.

 The only means of approaching a doctor is through other people, based on references. This causes hindrance to the people who are new to the city. People who are not aware of the medical field might look for alternate immediate means instead of looking for a particular doctor in the right specialization.

 Time Consumption – Making Simpler 

The process of identifying, the required doctor close to your vicinity is a time taking process. A few thousands of rupees  and long waiting hours probably will finally result in identifying a suitable doctor. The plausible solution for this is a search engine with database of all the doctors.

The website availdoctors.com consists of service availability on the Internet. It provides easiest way for all the doctors, patients and others to get all the information needed as quick as possible that too from anywhere in the world. The persons new to particular city can get all the information regarding all the different hospitals, doctors in any hospital data, their available timings data can be accessed in minutes. 


The primary objective of the site is to enable people to make an appointment with any particular doctor on any given day of the week. The patient can fix an appointment in any city without moving to any place. This site also contains the administration module, which deals with inserting and deleting the information into site and modifying and updating in time. 


The main purpose of going to design and develop this project is to get above mentioned benefits as well as the truth that Internet supports any type of service or business process where in communication between the patients and users. Doctor website designers are vital. This system providing the most up-to-date services database and providing link directly to a business from their individual listings. All you have to do is register.

download Project Report of CSE Mini Project Report and Code on Avail Doctors. 

CSE Mini Project on Traffic Flow Management Using Wireless Sensor Networks


     The upcoming field of wireless sensor networks combines in a small device sensing, computation and communication. This network comprises spatially distributed autonomous sensors which monitor physical as well as environmental conditions like temperature, sound etc. though initially developed for military uses; this system is used for civilian applications like habitat monitoring, healthcare applications etc.CSE-Mini-Project-on-Traffic-Flow-Management

       In this project “CSE Mini Project on Traffic flow management using wireless sensor networks” proposes a novel method to control traffic lights via wireless sensor mechanism. These wireless sensors are placed in the lanes that go in and out of the intersection. These sensors are used to detect parameters like the vehicle’s number, speed, etc and this data is communicated to the nearest control agent that determines the flow model of intersection.


      The project Traffic flow management using wireless sensor networks’ consists of four elements. They are the Wireless sensor network (WSN), the intersection control agents (ICA), the actuators which are traffic lights and the environment i.e. vehicles. Every sensory node monitors one lane and this data is sent to the ICA. Once the information is receives, the intersection agent chooses the best policy for vehicle flow.

       The intersection agents in different areas coordinate to exchange information and decide which flow model has to be implemented. The model of this project is tested using Glomosim simulator. This simulator is a software is used to simulate wireless and wired network systems.


     Though the system is ideal for addressing the traffic issues, yet it might face several challenges when it is implemented in a large scale network. The wireless sensor networks are an ideal platform for monitoring traffic which can offer competition to the current technology. Here a prototype of the sensor node for traffic surveillance is developed. 

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My SQL Connect Form with Project Code


          The project “My SQL connect form” is one of the most powerful My SQL manager and an administration tool which combines the feature of SQL browser, administrator, php and other MySQL front end features. It is a complete Unicode support and has table diagnostics and also has the provision of dropping a database. There is also presence of a multitab query editor and result set editor.My-SQL-Connect-Form-With-Project-Code

        This system allows browsing of databases and tables from an intuitive Windows and Linux interface. The most required feature of this system was a GUI which was incorporated in the system. Tables can be easily modified in this system as the creation and modification of databases is easily done and exact copies of the tables can be reproduced.


          The project My SQL connect form leads to a very easy process for creating database and performing data transactions which is simpler to the existing system. Here, creation of stored procedures, functions and triggers are done in an easier way. The SQL query editing customizes highlighting and snippet files. The result f any data grid is stored in a single dump file and also XML files.

            A graphical user interface is provided for creating and the editing of stored procedures and triggers. There is also the system of placing one file per table or also one directly into the host. The result of this transaction can be saved either as an HTML/XML or a PDF file. This system also sends a list of tables, columns and variables directly to the printer.


          The project discussed here can be developed easily and can also be integrated with other systems. However in this project, it is not possible to find out the minimum and maximum values nor is it possible to make selections in ascending or descending order. This can be enhanced in the future.

download Project Report of CSE My SQL Connect Form with Project Code.

CSE Mini Project Report on Multimedia Database Management System


        The project “CSE Mini Project on Multimedia database management system” can be defined as a framework which can manage different types of data. This data is potentially represented by a wide diversity of formats on a wide range of media sources. This Multimedia DBMS provides support for all kinds of multimedia data types and also in the creation, storage of multimedia database.Mini-Project-Report-on-Multimedia-Database-Management

                  This multimedia database management fosters suitable environment for the use and management of the multimedia database information. All the traditional database functions are supported by this project like data access and organization, data independence, privacy, integration, integrity control and concurrency support.


           This project Multimedia database management system keeping the traditional functions of DBMS as guide, the purpose of this system can be explained. In the integration method, the data items need not be duplicated and require different program invocation for obtaining the data. Data independence is for separating the database and management functions.

    Concurrency control ensures that the multimedia database is consistent throughout the rules and usually imposes some form of execution order on concurrent transactions. Persistence is the ability of the data object to survive through the different transactions and invocations. The privacy component ensures that the system does not get unauthorized access. Any queries can be solved at the query support. The version control is used for organization and management of persistent objects.


    Through this project it can be concluded that the database management for multimedia is a necessary requirement and can also be managed like the normal data which is very important for current multimedia applications. The multimedia systems do exist but they can be further enhanced by adding a lot of enhancements which will make the system work in a better way. 

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Mail Server with Intranet and Live Chat a Java Project

Email is very crucial in today’s business world. This electronic enabled communication has been embedded into the day to day life and nowadays businesses wouldn’t be able to function without them. This project “Mail server with intranet and live chat a Java Project” is an application program that has been designed to send electronic messages from one system to another. The organization’s requirement is kept in mind before designing this system.

To meet the contemporary business needs, mail servers have become very complex in nature and this additional complexity leads to increased expenditure. This project tends to create a mail server which will eliminate all these problems and at the same time fulfill the requirements of the  system.

The project here Mail server with intranet and live chat is based on communication and networking. Thus here mail server, intranet and live chat will be implemented. The mail server is an application which transmits electronic mail from one computer to the other and the standard used is RFC 822. Intranet is a term given to a private network which uses internet’s TCP/IP protocols as its architecture.

Every company has its own intranet which is protected by firewalls so as to prevent unauthorized access. These networks can be built using programming languages such as Java. The live chat consists of a virtual chat room where one can communicate with group members something similar to an online conference. This system is thus useful for exchanging information between group members.


The project described here is generalized and can be used in any organization besides schools and colleges. This system enables information transfer in an easy and systematic way thus allowing free flow communication. In the existing systems, information transfer was usually done manually. However in these systems, this is not the case and communication is enabled online.

CSE Mini Project on Library management system


The project “CSE Mini Project on Library management system” focuses on the development skills of user. This project is developed using relevant technologies. This project is carried out in groups where in students learn to work in a team as well as manage project schedules.

The project is done by making use of the best coding technologies. It also sticks to the fixed convention and adheres to project documentation standards.CSE-Mini-Project-on-Library-management-system

In this project the front end technology that is used is VC++ and the back end tool is ms access. Here information about books and the students who have borrowed the books is stored into the database.

These details are displayed from the database by writing the query in the programming language.


In this project Library management system, the creation of database for storing the details is done in tables. A table for member details is allotted as well as a table for book details is allotted. Another table is also needed which stores the details about students who have taken books and this table is named as Member book details.

The various details are stored at run time and similarly the transaction details are stored at run time.

This information is either stored in the database and they can be seen when required or they can be seen at run time by selecting the option display.

The earlier systems used to do the performance evaluation part manually but the proposed system maintains all the information in a standard database and generates reports when necessary. The user can carry out the search operation based on the above criteria’s.     


The project explains clearly the library management process in C++ and Visual C++. Here the connection between databases is established through the programming languages. Also, the system is flexible for future enhancements.

download Project Report of CSE Mini Project on Library management system .

Mini Project on Keystroke Analysis


        As PC’s and LAN have started being used for multiple purposes, the security of this system became an issue of concern. This led to the entry of passwords and smart cards into the market but was later attacked by hackers. As a result the password system has to be replaced by a system which offers a unique identity for users as well as authentication. Such a system is the application of biometrics which has been explained in the project.Mini-Project-On-Keystroke-Analysis

                This paper on “Mini Project on Keystroke analysis” offers an introduction to biometric security by the method of keystroke analysis. This system makes use of the rawest form of data which stems from the interaction between humans and computers. This method of keystroke analysis uses the manner and rhythm by which the user types the input on the keyboard. Digraph latency is used to record this behavioral pattern and thereby makes it to a top security feature.           


        The project Keystroke analysis employs user’s identity by the way in which their way of typing in a computer keyboard. The typed key measurements from every keyboard are recorded and this is used to determine dwell time when the key is pressed and flight time which is between key transitions. This recorded keystroke data is processed for a neural algorithm that determines a primary pattern which can be compared in future.

         The only hardware used is only a keyboard. This can be implemented by a password procedure implemented on the internet. The fact is that keystroke behavior is as unique as fingerprint analysis. This system cannot be used by other intruders as a person’s typing profile cannot be copied. This keystroke analysis can be used for ascertaining personal identity.


       The project can be used for proper identification and authentication. The typing dynamics can be used for different user profiles. Thus this becomes a valid tool for ascertaining personal identity.

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