Student Management System a C#.Net Project

The project “Student Management System a C# .Net Project” is designed to deal with all kinds of student details ranging from academic reports, college information, course curriculum, batch details and all other resources as required.

All student details can be tracked with the aid of this system and can be made useful for reporting purposes. Not only current information but future references can be tracked too.


The program will have the database of the courses offered by the college available at all levels of graduation and main streams, teacher and faculty details as well as batch execution details and all other aspects.

The program can be used to explore the faculty assigned for each batch, the strength of batches. On the basis of the information several reports could be made available.

Student Management System ASP.Net Project Description:

This project Student Management system replaces the manual version of student management system and lessens the manual work providing all kinds of student details on one platform. The system has four modules.

They are college & department details, login & subject details, student details and exam details. The college & department module is used for browsing college details and the different departments in the college.

The login & subject module begins the login process and subject details. Here the administrator has a separate login field. The student details module is used for entering student details like personal information and academic details as well.

The exam details module is concerned with information about exams, results and also about various other activities.

Screens  Reports  and System Implementation of Student Management System:

Student Management System a C#.Net Project

Data flow Diagram of Student Management System:

Data flow Diagram of Student Management System


The project has been carefully designed and efforts have been made to make the system totally error-free. It is efficient and less time consuming in nature.

It is also important to note that the system is robust in nature. Also no malfunction can be caused from outsiders. The software used in the system provides ample scope for future modifications.

download Project Report of CSE Student Management system a C# .Net Project.

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Implementation Of Eccentric Network For Intranet A C# .Net Project will be best option for a student who is looking for software project which deals with software company problems. This project explains about establishing effective work relation between team leader and team members which will be alternative method for manual work assigning method. Using this application work delay problem will be reduced as well as relation between team leader and team member will be effective. IMPLEMENTATION-OF-ECCENTRIC-NETWORK-FOR-INTRANET-a-C# .Net-Project.

ECCENTRIC NETWORK FOR INTRANET a c# .Net project is already implemented in almost every software company. In a project team leader will assign work to his team members and discussions on the project will do through this application even when project leader is not in office. ECCENTRIC NETWORK application will provide private network for the team leader and team member. 

 By using this application team member can know there assigned work by checking offline. Team member is provided with network id, password with project name and his role in the project and time duration of the project.            

Implementation Of Eccentric Network For Intranet project uses .NET Frame work, ASP.Net for server application development and C#.NET programming language. 

System specifications for implementing

Software Requirements Eccentric Network For Intranet A C# .Net Project

  • Web-Technologies            :        ASP.NET
  • Frameworks                      :        .NET Framework 2.0  
  • Database                             :        SQL Server 2005
  • Web server                        :        IIS 5.0
  • Language                            :           C#

  Hardware Requirements

  • Operating System                : Windows XP Professional sp2
  • Processor                               : Pentium 4.0(1.6GHz)
  • Memory                                 :        512 MB 

Download CSE Implementation Of Eccentric Network For Intranet A C# .Net Project.