Online Blood Bank a C# .Net Project

Entering the details about the blood groups, members, addresses etc. And tracking the database is complicated when the details are maintained manually. This makes the maintenance of schedule erroneous. There are quite a few constraints causing hindrance to the existing system.

The whole process is time consuming and is not accurate leading to error prone results. It requires lot of manpower in order to get effective results and also lacks data security. The retrieval of data at any given point of time is time consuming. 

The percentage of accuracy is less and reports take time in order to be produced. The Online Blood Bank C# .Net Project is  a windows application allows you to access the whole information about Blood Bank Management Software, readily scalable and adaptable to meet the complex need of Blood Banks Who are Key Facilitator for the Health care Sector, it also supports all the functionalities of Blood Bank. 

It is used for maintaining information about the campus. The project includes 3 modules; The Admin, Donors and Acceptors. The admin module focuses on the both donors & acceptors. Each member in a donor & acceptor is given a user id and password, which identifies him uniquely. The member is given a login form. he enters the login details user id and password. 


Each member in a Donor is given a user id and password, which identifies him uniquely. The member is given a login form. he enters the login details user id and password. The options given to a each member in a staff are to change the password, inquire on a particular blood group and information on, “why donate blood”. 

In this you can   store the information about   Acceptors. The whole project makes work easier for every person using the software in their required category.

Intra Mailing System Documentation a ASP.Net Project


The project “Intra mailing system documentation a ASP.Net Project” is an enterprise Intranet application which will automate and improve the procedures within the organization. It is a very useful technology and keeps track of the steps during completion of projects. It keeps track about the employees as well as the track of the task given to each employee. The super users of this system are admin and the employees appointed by the admin.Intra-Mailing-System-Documentation-a-ASP-Net-Project

This is a web-based application and allows people from various corporations to exchange their work and ideas. In this software, there are links which can be connected to other intranet resources including databases. It outlines the approvals required for completion of projects.


The project Intra mailing system documentation begins with a login page, this is an html page. Here the user can login to the company’s website and access his account details. He can also finish his project tasks along with access provided him to the company’s database. There is a link provided for registering as a new user and another link in case a user forgets his password. Once the user gets registered he is authenticated by the admin. After the authentication he can access his home page and do all tasks related to him.

Admin is in charge of all the total activity occurring on the website. The role of an admin is simplified by ensuring that projects going on in the organization are linked to the business and important projects will receive the top priority which is set by the admin. He can also ensure if the given task is being completed under the given time.


The project discussed here has many advantages and it benefits an organization to a great extent. Through this system, a consistent approach to the systems is followed. The success rate of projects increases thereby it saves costs. It also raises the skill of project managers in the organization.

Share Accounting Package a .Net Project

The project “Share accounting package a .Net Project” explains the process for carrying out a bank business. When two or more people make an investment with the motive of carrying out a bank business it leads to the formation of a cooperative bank. Thus this person becomes a member of the cooperative bank and has to take care of the shares. The two types of shares in a cooperative bank are Share-A class membership and nominal membership. Share-Accounting-Package-a-Net-Project

Share-A membership is used when the person has to become a member of the bank. Nominal membership is taken when the person becomes a member only for the sole aim of pledging loans. There is a set of rules that a bank follows for granting membership. Board of directors checks the application of each applicant and makes him a member if he fulfills all the requirements.


According to the system Share accounting package, a share accounting module is needed. This module is required to maintain the details of the member of the bank and also its transactions. A module called details of share holder is needed too. Every share holder has its own id. For opening membership, the criteria have to be satisfied. His details are stored and as per the transaction id of the member and the withdrawal of share; these details are  stored.

Dividends are calculated on a yearly basis and once in a year so that the number of shares that are held by each member during different periods of the year. The dividend rate as well as dividend amount also need to be found out. Nominal membership maintenance is for those members who have joined for taking loans and all the details of his loans are stored.


This system s designed for a cooperative bank. It is user friendly and changes can be applied easily. The software can be upgraded with more features having deposit and loan modules.

Secure LAN Communicator a .Net Project

The project “Secure LAN communicator a .Net Project” is an easy-to-use system for LAN messaging application. A server is not required and is easy to install. This LAN communicator identifies and works under Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista. This system comes with a host of useful features like message notification alarms, personal or group messaging and an intuitive interface. Strong encryption is provided in this system and no unauthorized person can access the correspondence.

The system is very stable in nature and can run on all Windows operating systems. All the chat messages are logged messages and hence no message is lost in this process. Sound alarms are generated for incoming messages. The program is easy to install and does not require special assistance from the IT departments. The settings can be saved as well as transferred to other systems very easily.


The project Secure LAN communicator consists of two modules that are server module and a client module. The server module is for recording the information about users, login name, passwords which will respond to client requests. The client module can connect to the server module from any other computer with the aid of a user id and password. If the client is authenticated then the list of online and offline users are provided.

This system creates only one chat room providing a clear interface. This interface consist has one window which has a list of chat participants, messages, and outgoing messages. The status can be set as online, disconnected or away in this window. Once the users enter text into the input region, this is transmitted to the server and this is displayed by the server in output region.


The project described here has a lot of benefits. It is a network-enabled project. The data is entered data via simple forms. The user can check the data he has already send. Moreover the user offers transparency and accuracy.

Student Management System a C#.Net Project

The project “Student Management System a C# .Net Project” is designed to deal with all kinds of student details ranging from academic reports, college information, course curriculum, batch details and all other resources as required.

All student details can be tracked with the aid of this system and can be made useful for reporting purposes. Not only current information but future references can be tracked too.


The program will have the database of the courses offered by the college available at all levels of graduation and main streams, teacher and faculty details as well as batch execution details and all other aspects.

The program can be used to explore the faculty assigned for each batch, the strength of batches. On the basis of the information several reports could be made available.

Student Management System ASP.Net Project Description:

This project Student Management system replaces the manual version of student management system and lessens the manual work providing all kinds of student details on one platform. The system has four modules.

They are college & department details, login & subject details, student details and exam details. The college & department module is used for browsing college details and the different departments in the college.

The login & subject module begins the login process and subject details. Here the administrator has a separate login field. The student details module is used for entering student details like personal information and academic details as well.

The exam details module is concerned with information about exams, results and also about various other activities.

Screens  Reports  and System Implementation of Student Management System:

Student Management System a C#.Net Project

Data flow Diagram of Student Management System:

Data flow Diagram of Student Management System


The project has been carefully designed and efforts have been made to make the system totally error-free. It is efficient and less time consuming in nature.

It is also important to note that the system is robust in nature. Also no malfunction can be caused from outsiders. The software used in the system provides ample scope for future modifications.

download Project Report of CSE Student Management system a C# .Net Project.

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