Student Management System a C#.Net Project

The project “Student Management System a C# .Net Project” is designed to deal with all kinds of student details ranging from academic reports, college information, course curriculum, batch details and all other resources as required.

All student details can be tracked with the aid of this system and can be made useful for reporting purposes. Not only current information but future references can be tracked too.


The program will have the database of the courses offered by the college available at all levels of graduation and main streams, teacher and faculty details as well as batch execution details and all other aspects.

The program can be used to explore the faculty assigned for each batch, the strength of batches. On the basis of the information several reports could be made available.

Student Management System ASP.Net Project Description:

This project Student Management system replaces the manual version of student management system and lessens the manual work providing all kinds of student details on one platform. The system has four modules.

They are college & department details, login & subject details, student details and exam details. The college & department module is used for browsing college details and the different departments in the college.

The login & subject module begins the login process and subject details. Here the administrator has a separate login field. The student details module is used for entering student details like personal information and academic details as well.

The exam details module is concerned with information about exams, results and also about various other activities.

Screens  Reports  and System Implementation of Student Management System:

Student Management System a C#.Net Project

Data flow Diagram of Student Management System:

Data flow Diagram of Student Management System


The project has been carefully designed and efforts have been made to make the system totally error-free. It is efficient and less time consuming in nature.

It is also important to note that the system is robust in nature. Also no malfunction can be caused from outsiders. The software used in the system provides ample scope for future modifications.

download Project Report of CSE Student Management system a C# .Net Project.

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Gym Management System Project

Online Auction a .Net and Java Project

The project “Online Auction a .Net and Java Project” is an online website aimed at carrying out auctions. The slogan of this website is AAA standing for ‘Anytime, Anyone, Anywhere’. This is like an auction house provided online where in the users can take part from the comfort of their homes. The auction process has been made very simple by this system and it uses HTTP form authentication that creates a session cookie for any signed user.

This site brings the auction to the fingertips of the aspiring bidders and caters to a wider section of art lovers and antique collectors. This site is in the form of an open forum where buyers and sellers interact to exchange products. The site ensures that everyone gets a fair deal.Online-Auction-a-Net-and-Java-Project

Online Auction ASP.Net Project Description:

The project Online Auction has various pages. Home page is the one where aspiring users can browse through. The layout of this page is designed to make it a user friendly as possible. A navigational menu is provided to link to various pages. The users who desire to participate in the bidding process have to register themselves at the site either an s a seller or a buyer.

The register products module is used for presenting items for the bidding process. This module contains all the information about the products at the auction. The bidding module is used for bidding on the selected item. The system then carries out the bidding process and places it in the bid history against the bidder account. The My auction module is for both buyer and seller and the feedback page is used for sending messages to the administrator.
The project has been developed in such a way that it is devoid of any errors and is less time consuming. The system is robust and has provisions for future developments. 

Online Course Portal a ASP.Net C#.Net Project

The project “Online course portal a ASP.Net C#.Net Project” is designed for a campus/organization. This system provides access to registered users to browse through the site and join the course of their choice. Users can also access the course materials. Users can either register themselves as faculty or as a student. For both the type of users, the administrator has to approve of it. There is an approval page dedicated for it.Online-Course-Portal-a-ASP.Net-C#.Net-Project.

The course content of the web pages are designed in the html format and the files/folders will be uploaded in the zip format. There is a provision mechanism for the faculty members to create a test so that the students have cleared the test only can get admission to the course. All details such as duration of the test and format should be specified.

Online Course Portal ASP.Net Project Description:

The project online course portal as stated above is a web application and hence is created in XML based formats which finds new bits and places them on the web page in the reverse chronological order. The portal course is making use of RSS which stands for Rich site summary. This is a family of formats that are web based and is used for the purpose of publishing constantly updated works. These could be blogs, entries etc.

This project is a very useful web site for all the students and it is very easy for students to find a course of their choice by browsing through the list of available courses. Not only is it useful for students but also for the working employees. A discussion board is also enabled for the students and faculty to interact with each other and links will be provided to access course content.

Thus this project is very useful for providing a comprehensive list of the courses available. The site has the ability to keep track of the changes occurring on the web. It is also easy to use and access.

Online Banking Project a ASP.Net and VB.Net Project.

The project “Online banking a ASP.Net and VB.Net Project” is a model website used for performing internet banking. The website enables the users to execute basic banking transactions by sitting at the comfort of their home/office. The customers can access their bank account from the bank website. Through internet, the traditional banking takes the shape of a click and port model. E-banking allows bank transactions round the clock.

Anybody who is an account holder in the bank can access the bank account online by filling his account number and personal details. The transactions are executed online through the most powerful and secure backend software which is the MS SQL server 2003. This software is web oriented and application oriented.

VB.Net Online Banking Project Description:

            Online banking .Net Project provides a wide array of banking services online. There are four main modules in the project-account information, transaction, interest calculation and reports. The first module is account creation of the user which can be any type of account. All these details are fed into the database and this is validated by the bank.

         The second module consists of various transactions carried out by the customer. These transactions include deposit, withdrawal and money transfer. The administrator gives user id and password to the user. The user however can change the password when he wishes to. Withdrawals and transferring of amount is facilitated by this system in a secure fashion. Also, various other banking services can be provided.


Thus the main goal of developing software that meets the requirements of the users is designed here. User friendliness is also part of the project and the user can access the information without making use of complicated procedures. All other features like data security, extendibility and scope for future enhancements is incorporated in this project.

Online voting system a ASP.Net Project.

Introduction: The project “Online voting system a ASP.Net Project” aims at creating a system through which the voting process is made easier in cooperative societies. In the current system, voting is performed by using ballot paper and then the counting is executed manually. This is a time consuming process and involves manual effort. It might also lead to the possibility of invalid votes.Online-voting-system-a-ASP.Net-Project            All the above tedious tasks are eliminated in the above process. In the system discussed here, the counting of votes is done by using a computer. This saves time and also avoids the errors that might occur during the election process. The system is designed with the coding language ASP.Net with C# and the database is SQL Server 2005.

ASP.Net online Voting Project description:

   The project Online Voting system is designed to count the number of votes and thereby calculate the percentage of votes. Also the number of vote a candidate obtains is also obtained. Along with the number the percentage of votes for each candidate is calculated. The system is so designed that it can also check for duplication. It then decides the winner in every section.           The project is designed with a modular approach and the number of modules is decided as per the requirements of the organization. The two modules are administrator module and the user module. The administrator has total authority of the organization and maintains all the aspects. The user has the provision to view the list of all candidates and results as well as vote for the desired  candidates.

Conclusion:       Once the system is designed the software is tested in order to see the validity of the system is established. This is the method by which functionality of components is checked. After the system is tested then a trial run of the system is done so that errors if any can be eliminated.

Download Project Report of CSE Online voting system a ASP.Net Project.

ASP.Net Project on E-Examination.

 ASP.Net project on E-Examination project is for final year computer science B.Tech students who are looking to develop online website related project which is based on a real time issue. This projects main idea to overcome present procedure implemented in every college which is performed  through manual process..Net-Project-on-E-Examination

Existing system

In present situation procedure implemented for conduction examination is done through manual process. This procedure includes many problems. In order to solve these problems new systems in introduced Student. Existing system contains work like filling forms manually, mark sheets submissions, Time delay for results. In order to solve this problems new system is introduced.                                                                       

Proposed system

All the problems mentioned above can be solved through this E-Examination system which will provide features like filling of forms through online, attempting exams through online and results are displayed in few minutes. In this process records are stored in data base which can reduce lot of work for every department.

Objectives of the ASP.Net Project on E-Examination system   

The main idea of this project is to efficiently calculate the student examination procedure through automated online system. Which will save lot of time and provides fast result facility? It is one time implementation project which can be implemented with very less  cost.

ASP.Net project on E-Examination project is developed in different modules among them admin module is provided for professors who will prepare test paper for examination which is maintained securely. Then in student module students should log in using their hall ticket and password then they can attempt for the examination which is entirely automated. This application will display random questions which will differ from each student. Using this procedure invigilator risk will be reduced.

 There are four types of the modules in ASP.Net Project on E-Examination.

1:  Student Module
2:  Course Module
3:  Exam Module
4:  Administrator module

Corporate Address Book an ASP.Net Project.

  If you are looking for a software project which is related to Software Company then this project may help you. Corporate Address book a ASP.Net project helps Software Company to manage employee details. After employee is registered with system, admin will allocate a personal id for each employee where employee can store his personal data in that account. This application will allow employee to view his address book based on category wise. Employee can edit his details.Corporate-Address-Book-an-ASP-Net-Project.

Address book maintenance will be maintained by HR manager. He will enter new employee details in to address book.HR manager has the permission to delete and modify employee details. This application will provide full details and addresses of the employees are working in the organization. 

Corporate address book concept is used by many software companies in present market.

This project requires Windows XP operating system, sql server for database, ASP.Net is used for server side technology, ASP for server side scripting, HTML for Client side scripting and IIS is used for Web-Server. 

System Specifications for implementing corporate address book ASP.Net Project.


  • Processor              :          Intel P-IV system
  • Processor Speed    :         250MHz to 833MHz
  • RAM                     :         512MB RAM
  • Hard Disk             :          40GB            


  • Operating System            :            Windows XP
  • Database                           :             Sql Server
  • Server side technology     :            ASP.Net
  • Server side scripting       :             ASP
  • Client side scripting         :             HTML
  • Web-Server        :             IIS

Download CSE Corporate Address book a ASP.Net project.

Infrastructure Management System a ASP.Net Project.

If you are looking for a live project which was done is a company then this project may help you, Infrastructure Management System a ASP.Net project is about maintaining server in a factory where each server has the ability to backup the data after every operation it performs so in order to maintain that data information technology department of vishaka steel plant had developed a intranet based web application which will store data of servers generated log files in to online using system server group. Infrastructure-Management-System-a-ASP.Net-Project.

This project helps to backup log files from the stored server which will save time. Presently server management in vishaka steel company is managed using log books. 

Infrastructure management ASP.Net project is developed under six modules. 

  1. Server Management.
  2. Server Maintenance.
  3. Cat ridge Management.
  4. Mock Restoration.
  5. Software Management.
  6. Document Management. 

Hardware Interfaces

  • Pentium IV Processor.
  • 128 MB RAM.
  • 20GB Hard Disk space.
  • Ethernet card with an Internet and Internet zone. 

Software Interfaces

  • Windows 98 or 2000 or XP operating system.
  • Internet explorer 5.0 and Netscape navigator.
  • Visual Studio 2005
  • Front end: with C#
  • Oracle 9i as back end
  • IIS. 

Download CSE Infrastructure Management  System  a ASP.Net Project.

Patient Information System a ASP.Net Project.

If you are looking for a simple software application related to database then patient information system a ASP.Net project will be one of the options which may help you. This project is used to keep track of patient’s information while registering in hospital or clinic this application allows hospital faculty to access past visit of every patient. patient-information-system-a-ASP-Net-project

This application stores three members’ data patient, doctor and receptionist. With these application hospital authorities can view data of any patient with clarity on his past treatment details like doctor name, case and treatment details? This project is part of reality where every hospital and clinics are using so this project can be used as mini project. 

patient information system a ASP.Net project is developed in windows xp and sql server is used for database, ASP.Net as server side technology, ASP server side scripting, HTML Client side scripting, IIS as web server.

This application is totally intranet based system. It stores the records of Patients information from starting.

System Specifications for Implementing ASP.Net Project.


  • Processor              :          Intel P-IV system
  • Processor Speed    :         250MHz to 833MHz
  • RAM                     :         512MB RAM
  • Hard Disk             :          40GB          


  • Operating System            :            Windows XP
  • Database                          :             Sql Server
  • Server side technology    :            ASP.Net
  • Server side scripting        :             ASP
  • Client side scripting         :             HTML

ASP.Net CSE Project on SMS Library

Advancement in the present scenario of technology and research is growing day by day which had given the ability to transfer data from one end to other. Mobile technology has taken far more forward for achieving bigger goals.ASP.Net CSE Project on SMS Library project is about using mobile technology like Sms feature for searching books in library without any external human involvement. This application will reduce time for college students. 


  This project is developed using .Net frame work using c# which will be the front end and MySQL will be the database used as back end. 

Initially user should enter his details from front end in to database. When user sends sms to know the details of the book system in library will check database details and automatically fetch information and send back to user. There will be no cost for sms, this application uses free services like way2sms..Etc services for sending messages for free. 

.Net CSE Project On SMS Library application is developed using ASP.Net, C# .Net which is one of the best front end software available for developing quality applications. Main advantages of using C# .Net for this project is it is modern Component oriented language, It can be developed in windows , this language also provides best debugging and testing mechanism. This project uses inbuilt .Net frame work class library. 

This application is developed in 4 modules Admin module, Database Manager Module, SMS Extraction Module, Messaging Module. 

System specifications for SMS library ASP.Net project.

  • Platform                                          : .NET Framework 3.5
  • Front End                                         : Win Forms
  • Back End                                          : MS SQL Server 2005
  • IDE                                                    : Visual Studio 2008
  • Operating System                           : WIN XP/VISTA/WIN 7. 


  • Processor                                         : Pentium IV or above
  • Main Memory                                 : 1 GB RAM
  • Cache Memory                               : 512 KB
  • CPU Speed                                       : 1.9 GHz or above
  • Hard Disk Capacity                         : 20 GB or above
  • CD ROM Drive                                 : 52X