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You can download  current final year Aeronautical engineering project reports and final year  Aeronautical engineering project ideas for free of cost. Aeronautical engineering covers different branches like design, construction and science. Here in this category we provide list of useful aeronautical projects for final year students.

  1. Unconventional Propulsion Technologies Project Report a Aeronautical engineering projects
  2. Aeronautical Project Report On Aircraft Structure. a Aeronautical engineering projects

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Unconventional Propulsion Technologies Project Report

This Unconventional Propulsion Technologies Project Report gives details on Unconventional Propulsion Technologies in aerospace. The report begins with Introduction and other contents of the report are air propulsion, Spacecraft propulsion. The subject of unconventional propulsion is very wide covering devices such as ducts, propellers, pre-swirl and post-swirl devices through to oscillating propellers and even winds propulsion. This report is concentrated over unconventional methods that can be used for air propulsion and space propulsion.

The word propulsion is come from Latin words “pro meaning before or forwards and pellere meaning to drive.” It means to push forward or drive an object forward. A propulsion system is a machine that develops thrust to push an object forward. Propulsion: known for its secondary importance about the general, behind its major energy imposter.

In technological advances and all, by far the least alternative improvement has been succeeded in the utmost greatest importance right behind alternative energy methods. In an ancient period, the means of propulsion was animals, later being supplemented by wind power was used for sailing ship. From the time of Industrial Revolution, mechanical propulsion has been possible; at the beginning use of steam engines was started. Most vehicles were using an internal-combustion engine, with various energy sources to power them.

There are various energy sources to power. They are generally categorized as Vehicle propulsion, Air propulsion, ground propulsion, Marine propulsion, Spacecraft propulsion. Air propulsion is defined as moving an object through the air. This report explains various unconventional methods for air propulsion. Spacecraft propulsion is a method used to accelerate spacecraft and artificial satellites the report further explained about the spacecraft propulsion and its classification, advantages and disadvantages.             


Unconventional Propulsion Technologies is to develop guidelines for carrying out propulsion tests and extrapolating the results to full scale for propellers with ducts, partial ducts, pre-swirl and post-swirl devices, tip plates and Z-drives. Propulsion Technologies is to Inspects, maintains, modifies, tests, and repairs propellers, turboprop and turbo shaft engines, jet engines, gas-turbine turbine engines, and engine ground support equipment (SE).Manages aerospace propulsion functions and activities.

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Aeronautical Project Report On Aircraft Structure

This Aeronautical Project Report On Aircraft Structure is about the Aircraft Structure. The aircraft structure is an important part, which depends on the optimum requirement of the customer and the environments in which it will be going to fly for the major time. It has to go various checks at a regular intervals of flying hours under proper inspection. This report contains the basic information regarding the components of an aircraft and the basic concept of its design, which contains pictorial presentation of Airplane components.

aeronautical-project-report-on-aircraft-structureThe report also provides the brief description of Aircraft Tires, which includes Aircraft Tire Construction, Tread, Tread Reinforcement, Breakers. Casing Plies/Cord Body, Beads, Flippers, Chafers, Bead Toe, Bead Heel, Inner liner, Tread Reinforcing Ply, Sidewall, Apex Strip. The structure of an aircraft must be such that it can bear the differential pressure as well as the cyclic loads due to continuous take offs and landings.
The pressurization system of an aircraft must be in tune with the aircraft structure so that the differential pressure between the cabin and ambient pressure is under a constant value. To sustain such high differential pressure, aircraft thickness should be high which in result in a high amount of dead load or known as weight of an aircraft and high cost of production, which is undesirable. The report also contains the example which has changed the aviation history from the structure point of view.


There are various factors, which had changed the aviation history from the structure point of view such as the composites are being used to give extra strength to the material or the structure with a minimum addition to the dead load or weight of an aircraft. The factor of safety is designed to make the passenger journey comfortable and safe. The construction of an aircraft has to be done according to the requirement of the customer and the atmosphere or environments in which it will be going to fly.

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