Knowledge Zone and K Blogs Project Synopsis


The project is aimed at developing a utility application that can enhance the teaching-learning curve in an institution. It further gives the students an opportunity to improve their research abilities in a particular subject area. The knowledge zone system will provide file upload and publish content option. This application is intended to develop the research skills of the stakeholders such as, faculties and the students. Administrator creates the master data which initiates the system, and enables the users to use the system. Users at different levels register with the system to post their articles on a particular subject with the keywords and also the subject related details. The Search feature will be enabled based on the keywords / authors and the article titles. Search can also be done based on the dates of the articles posted. This further can be complemented with a blog facility/option wherein users of the system can review the articles posted and add their point of view on the specified topic. This enables to group all the related information on a specific topic/subject area thus creating a knowledge base for the benefit of all the users concerned


Admin: System will have a separate admin or it can be HOD. Will approve student and faculty registrations. Will post the initial master data like categories, sub-categories, topics, description and related information for added topics. Once the content or information for a topic is published, it can be viewed by students and faculty both. Admin will also manage permission which will allow publishing content to the portal. If permission is provided to publish then a logged in student or faculty can publish content for a topic. Admin will also review the content and topics that are published by logged in users and once admin approves it, they are available for viewers in the portal.

Article Module: This Module will be used by admin and other logged in users to publish their own content for different topics. Articles once published will be forwarded to admin and they will be approved for viewer availability.

Dashboard: It will basically be the front end frame which will showcase the latest published topics and show a link which when clicked will open the content for the topic. It will be the catchy responsive part of the portal which actually will have search option too for searching specific topics. Topics that are shown in the dashboard (latest ones) will also show info related to the author who published it and publication date. It will also have download option which will allow content download for the selected topic.

Features In the system:

  • The option will be provided in the portal to like a published content.
  • The option will be provided to comment on a published content.
  • Share option will be provided for the posts that have been posted to the system by admin and faculty.

User Types: Admin / Faculty / Student / HOD

Technology to Use:

Design and Markup

– HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & jQuery for markup, design and interaction behaviour
– AngularJS will be used for making the site responsive and secured as per scripting is concerned.

Server side language (anyone can be used depending upon your preference)
– PHP (Core PHP or any framework like CakePHP, Phalcon or Laravel)
– C# and Asp (with a bootstrap framework or DNN skin)

Database Software (anyone can be used depending upon your preference and server setup)
– SQL Server

Hardware Requirements:

Intel Core processor
RAM 4GB and Above
HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above
64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above

Crystal Market E Kart Web Portal Project


This concept basically related to a portal which will allow dealers or vendors and customer linking on a common platform. This portal will be a web platform wherein vendor will register and add crystal products. They can also differentiate and highlight special crystals as per horoscope ( as they have a huge market). Once crystals are added they will be available for sale which can be searched and added to kart by customers for buying. Portal will provide an easy to use and responsive website.

Project Description in Brief:

The requirement will be to develop an admin module which will be used to sell products, register vendors, register customers, cart functionality and related crystals functionality. We can also manage coupons from admin panel. This will also involve web service / API which will communicate with Website front end and database and save data securely via admin panel.
We will also have employee management wherein executives delivering the sold products to customers will be registered and in turn, will track the delivery part. The application will involve order management and delivery. This will involve executive, the order created and tracking id.
The application will have an informational part too like About US, Terms & conditions, Privacy policy etc which basically will be static pages.

User Types: Admin, Customer, Employee logins (no vendor login as discussed)

  • Admin will have access to all modules in the web and can monitor everything in the application.
  • Customer / Buyer will have access to crystal products view and can browse through and access offers and then finally add products to the kart and order the same.
  • The employee is basically the delivery executive login who will actually manage the deliveries and will have access to the related delivery management screens only
  • Vendor / Seller is basically related to sellers who will register themselves, add their products to the admin panel and the added products will be marketed via the website.


Users Modules: Will involve login, registration and log out as the basic functionalities. Users will also have My basket functionality to manage the crystal products added to the kart. My orders will deal with the story of transactions and orders for a logged in and registered customer. My profile will have edit, delivery address manage option, change the password and other details that are necessary.

Admin Panel: Admin being an important module will manage delivery executive employees and their delivery history as it will be linked to order and delivery management. Customers also will be managed by the admin panel. Vendors will register to the application and we can manage vendors via admin panel. Registered vendors will be able to add their products which will be advertised for sale in the crystal market portal. Admin will most importantly manage the categories and subcategories that are involved in adding products and then their sales via the portal. It will also manage the filters that will be provided for searching for various types of crystals.

Kart Module: This Module actually will handle the addition of crystal products which are anticipated to be ordered by a viable customer.  It will be then linked to order management and delivery tracking.

Delivery / Order tracking: It will basically show which order is linked to a particular executive as admin will assign it to a particular executive. Complete delivery status can be tracked in this module. As per order management is concerned once a product is confirmed in kart it will be transferred to order tracking as an order id is assigned to it. And then a delivery executive is assigned an order. This workflow actually provides a flexible tracking system.

Future Enhancements:

  • We can come up with SMS alerts for delivery tracking and registration messages.
  • We can provide reports module with a different type of reports for admin login related to sales, order and delivery reports.
  • We can also introduce a comprehensive invoice module too.
  • Add coupon management system via admin panel

Technology to Use

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & jQuery for markup, design and interaction behavior
  • Bootstrap / Angular JS will be used for making the site responsive and as a framework.
  • PHP (CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Phalcon or Laravel) OR .Net with framework
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server

Hardware Requirements:

Intel Core processor
RAM 4GB and Above
HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above
64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above

Java Mini Project on Vehicle Hiring System


Vehicle hiring system is a web-based application designed to provide the user with an easy way to hire vehicles like cars, buses, vans, lorries etc on rent.
The customer has to choose the vehicle of his choice, the location where he wants to board the vehicle and pay for the rental online.
This application calculates the fare based on three categories short distance, medium distance, and long distance.


Vehicle hiring system is a web application which includes an end user i.e, a customer in which they can make a reservation and view other related information about their reservation.
The administrator has all authorities to change and manage the system such as adding a new vehicle, removing and updating any related information about the vehicle and keeping track of all vehicle reservations.

Existing System

  • The current system does not have wide ranges of vehicles available.
  • The customers do not have the facility to give feedback.
  • Description of vehicles is less.

Proposed System:

  • A wide range of vehicles including vans, two-wheelers, buses etc., are available.
  • Feedbacks and reviews from the users can be taken.
  • A detailed information about the vehicle is available.
  • Notification on timings and pickups is available.



Admin can view/edit/delete vehicle and driver details and has authority to view transaction details of the users.


This module enables the user to Login/ Register, view vehicle details and hire vehicle and perform the transaction.

Admin Login Details:

  • Step1: Start
  • Step2: Login to the account with a unique username and password
  • Step3: Choose from the options
  • Add vehicle (car/bus/2 wheeler etc.,)
  • Add/Delete/update vehicle details
  • Step-4: View vehicle reservations of the users
  • Step-5: Confirm vehicle reservation and calculate fare based on distance.
  • Step-6: Stop

Customer Login Details:

  • Step1: Start
  • Step2: Login to the account with username and password.
  • If not registered, register by filling required details.
  • Step3: Hire the vehicle and enter details such as date, duration, and boarding location.
  • Step4: Confirm the reservation.
  • Step5: View bill and make payment.
  • Step6: Stop

Flow Chart:

ER Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Collaboration Diagram:


Database Tables:

Admin Table

  • admin_id number(32),
  • name varchar2(256),
  • email_id varchar2(256),
  • constraint pk_admin primary key(admin_id)

Vehicle Table

  • vehicle_id number(10),license_no varchar(20),model varchar(20),
  • status varchar(20),
  • drate number(10),
  • Status varchar2(20),
  • constraint pk_vehicle123 primary key (vehicle_id),
  • unique (license_no)

Customer Table

  • c_id number(32),
  • name varchar2(256),
  • email varchar2(256)
  • address varchar2(256),constraint pk_customer123 primary key(c_id)

Feedback Table

  • fid number(10) not null ,
  • message varchar(140),
  • email varchar(50),customer_id number(10),
  • constraint pk_feedback primary key (fid),constraint fk_feedback foreign key(c_id) references
  • customer(c_id)

HIRE Table

  • hid number(10) not null ,
  • hdate date,
  • amount number(10),
  • vehicle_id number(10),
  • constraint fk_hire primary key (hid),
  • constraint fk_hire foreign key (vehicle_id) references vehicle123(vehicle_id)

BILL Table

  • bno number(10) not null,
  • bdate date,
  • Famount number(10),
  • hid number(10),
  • Constraint pk_bill primary key (bno),
  • constraint fk_bill foreign key (hid) references hire(hid)

Real Estate Website Academic Project


Project Understanding:

As per our discussion, we need to design a website for a real estate company which deals with plots for sale and luxury apartments. We also had a discussion in regard to few clarifications and inputs from your side specifically to understand the project flow. In this document, we present our understanding of what needs to be accomplished in the project along with the budget and time estimation.

Project Description & Statement:

To design a website which will have the option to view the upcoming project, completed projects and related info for the purchase of plots. It will have the option to book site visit and download brochure as needed. We also provide an option to upload pictures related to completed projects and upcoming projects which can be viewed on the website by anyone who visits the site. For managing pictures, visits and maintain customer information we will provide admin panel.  It will be connected to DB via a customized, eye catchy and responsive front-end website and thereby save the data in a secure way.

User Types:

Admin: To manage information that we will show on the homepage and manage images that need to be used for promotions and advertisements. Will also have access to upload pictures in gallery page of the website.

Modules Description:

  • Home Page Design/splash screen
  • Home Page with Menu Features
  • Gallery
  • Contact US
  • Projects
  • Logo / About US
  • Admin Panel/pages
  • Web Service API


Contact Us page will provide an address, phone and email id information related to the customer. Will also have the option to submit any queries. We will need SMTP configuration related details to configure the same.

Homepage with menu features will have scrolling banner and option to get access to projects (upcoming, completed, ongoing), gallery, the board of directors, blogs (if needed) etc. All features in the home page will be responsive and we will use the framework to achieve the same.

Admin panel will have the option to add pictures to the gallery page.  Will initially add two service types as Luxury apartments and Plots for sale. Depending upon service selected pictures that will be scrolled on the home page will change dynamically. All those settings will be configured in the admin panel.

About US page will be showing details related to partners of the organization like their images and a brief description.

Admin panel details:

Sl No Task / Module
1. Admin
Admin Login, Forgot Password, change the password
2. Customer registration
Registration details info in admin panel with options: Name, Phone, Email, City, State, Comments
3. Category Create category types depending upon the activities carried out by the organization
4. Images module Will have image name, category type id, description etc


Design and Markup

– HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & jQuery for markup, design and interaction behavior

– Bootstrap / Angular JS will be used for making the site responsive and as a framework.

Server-side language (anyone can be used depending upon your preference)

– PHP (CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Phalcon or Laravel) OR .Net with framework

Database Software (anyone can be used depending upon your preference and server setup)


– SQL Server

Hardware Requirements:

Intel Core processor

RAM 4GB and Above

HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above

64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above

E-kart Website WordPress Theme Project


In today’s day to day life purchasing of products by visiting stores has become a tough job. As a standing in a queue for making the payment of the product has become difficult for customers. To overcome these difficulties, we are coming up with E-kart.

E-Kart is an e-commerce website which helps to choose a wide range of products through your desktop or smartphone rather than visiting the outlets. It is developed using word press which is an open source blogging platform and content management, the basic e-commerce functionality in word press can be achieved through Magento. It is been developed to handle accurate stock and also to overcome a payment gateway problem. E-Kart ensures that it accepts a review from our genuine buyers.

Word press power stats save the tracking information and analytics data in the backend. E-Kart uses “Machine Learning” analysis to know the exact number of customers visiting our site track user engagement, it also shows us the product with high demand in that particular to understand the seasonal market demands for seasonal product supply.

The Modules used in the project are

1. Admin
2. Customer


Admin will login into the application with the default username and password. Admin can add and edit the products and product details. He can also view the orders placed by customers and reviews by customers. Admin can also view the abandoned cart products and featured products. Admin can also view the payments.


The customer can view the application by registering or without registering as a guest user. But the guest user has limited functionalities compared to the registered user. Registered customer must log in with the username and password after logging in he can select the products and add them to the cart. After the product is selected customer needs to provide some additional details like shipping address after that the payment will be initiated by the customer, after successful payment the customers will get 3 emails listed as Order copy, Delivery Details Copy and Thanks Copy.

In this application, we used 2 Plugins namely in this application they are

1. Akismet
2. Recomendo

Existing System:

In the Existing system, we are experiencing high crowd in the stores which make for us select the products and making the payments also takes a lot of time in some reputed stores.

Proposed System:

In Proposed System the admin will maintain a wide range of products at affordable prices for customers and it makes easier for those who buy in the application. If a customer leaves the product in the cart without buying and exits the application then the customer will get the mail after particular threshold time.

UML Diagrams:

Use case Diagram for Admin:

Use case Diagram for Customer:

Sequence Diagram for Admin:

Sequence Diagram for Customer:

Activity Diagram:

Class Diagram: