Student Repository System Java Project


žThe main objective of this Repository system application is to store all the details of the students permanently by using the one-time registration process.

žThe students can register their details at once and they get one unique id which is useful to fetch their details to any application automatically.

Present Working System

žIn the existing repository system, the students have to enter their details every time whenever they required for filling the application.

ž It is time-consuming and sometimes there is a chance of misplacement of data.

To Be Proposed

žIn the proposed repository system the students no need to enter their details every time.

žBy using their unique registration id the details are automatically fetched to the application only extra details required are to be entered.

žThe students can update their details in the existed profile whenever they required.

žIt is the user-friendly environment and less time-consuming.


The proposed repository system has two modules:


  • žAdministrator can store and manage all the details of registered students.
  • žProvides the functionalities that the student can fetch their details whenever required.
  • žAdmin maintains the entire application who is responsible for the activities that are performed in the system.


  • žThe student can log in into the system with their login details.
  • žThey can add, delete and modify the existed details in the system.
  • žThe student gets the notification any activity is performed in the system.

Repository system is a Java-based project, Its like one time registration application in this students can register all their details one time and they will get one id using that if they can apply any application form like job purpose, certificates purpose like that they can utilize that id, if they enter that id automatically the details related to that fields fetched and extra details to be filled by the student.

and one thing is the photo and signature are also to be saved in a file and those also to be fetched automatically whenever required.

This project developed by using Java, NetBeans7.4, JDK 1.7, MySQL 5.5, SQLYog, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

15 Java Academic Mini Projects for Students

Adventurous Tourism Enterprises Project:

Adventurous tourism enterprises are intended to manage and provide tourism details through the application, based on the requirements of the tourists. It is an android based application which works through the internet. This system can be used to provide the detailed information of adventures tourism with all the facilities including adventurous places, guide, food, transport, shelter and main specialty of this application is to move with different kind of people from different places.

Smart Village Communication System Project:

1. In this Smart Village Communication Project, We have 3 modules in this app MRO, VRO, and Sarpanch.
2.MRO send the policies information to the VROs and VROs send that information to the people to their corresponding villages.
whatever the information send to the people from VRO that info also sends to MRO.
3. Sarpanch sends the plans and policies information to the people directly through messages.
4. The people who have this app they can register and send feedback to the MRO, VRO, and Sarpanch.
5. We have to maintain 2 types of data. temporary data and permanent data.
temporary data has the policies which have a time limit and permanent data has permanent policies,
6. The messages which are in temporary data are sent for the first time by MRO, VRO, and Sarpanch and the same message has to send automatically at the end of policy time.
7. The text message has to convert as an audio message when the people open that message.
8. Here only MRO, VRO, and Sarpanch and registered people have android phones.

Student Career Assessment Project:

If a student completes the exam less than 10 min and 12questions correct out of 15 questions in beginners level the system must show” student is having basic knowledge about JAVA programming language and he is able to understand java.

If a student completes the exam less than 15 min and 10 questions correct out of 15 questions in intermediate level the system must show” student is having enough knowledge about JAVA programming language and he is able to perform well java.

If a student completes the exam less than 20 min and  6quections correct out of 10 questions and one program executed out of 2 in expert level the system must show” student is having very good knowledge about JAVA programming language.

The project should use only GUI of NetBeans or any ide should not use HTML. total project should be in java language only(our guide instruction).

Mobile Theft Monitoring App Project:

Android project requirements:

Develop an Android application to control the theft mobile, in any case, if mobile is theft or lost this application should help the owner to control the mobile like tracking the GPS Location, turning off the mobile, deleting WhatsApp and social media remotely, ringing the phone,
Locking the phone remotely from the admin interface.

A web Application in online Shopping System Project:

The main purpose is to develop as per university norms this is the web application for doing shopping through Online.
This is web based Application which provides facility to the customer to purchase goods through Online.
Front End –presentation layer is developed by Visual Studio using with c#. Back End- Database of the project is using SQL server.

Online Academic Information Project:

In this Online Academic Information project work, we are focusing on the category of the people who don’t have enough time to visit the place & to gather all the required information regarding courses offered, fee structure, duration of various courses, facilities provided by the academic institute.

Tourism in Telangana Project:

The Project “Tourism in Telangana” aims at computerizing the activities of the tourism. This Project, process the tourist spot, bus spare details, train spare details, bus timings, and train timings them in the database. The processed details in the database can be either updated or viewed or deleted if required. This system is also used to generate a report, which describes the details of tourism.

Online Shopping E-Commerce Project:

This is Web Application to Maintain Company, Product vise Computer Parts and Purchase online computer Parts Using Payment Gateway.
Technology:, C#, SQL 2005

Courier Service System Project:

This project is designed to maintain the records related to courier services Package delivery, dispatch dates, arrivals, departures along with charges involved.

Contact Management System Project:

This application mainly used forCreateg and updating new contacts. Generation of the address book.

PT Education Management System B.C.A Project

To develop a project on Pt Education Management for Pt Education Institute to Manage Student, Staff and take test exam like an online exam in the institute.

Online Course information Website Mini Project

To develop a project on Online Course Information Website to give the information about Certificate course available with the free and institute name, address.

Payroll management Industrial Project in SAP

To develop the project in SAP HR Module for Payroll the Management System to manage new Employee Details, Manage Attendance, overtime works. Calculate Salary based on Attendance or word and after all Generate Reports.

College Feedback System Java Project


College feedback system is a web application which provides an easy way to know information about a college. In this application, all the information of the college will be added by admin. Students can find all the details of college and can give feedback which will be helpful to fresher’s who are searching for college information.

Existing System:

In the existing system, there is no proper information about colleges. Students who are searching for college details should go physically and make enquire about college which takes a lot of time and effort. The student is not able to give feedback about college.

Proposed System:

The proposed system provides an easy way to a student who is searching for college information. All the information is added by admin where students and fresher’s can easily access the information. This system saves a lot of time and effort of students. This system also provides a chance for students to give feedback about the college.



Admin needs to get logged in with valid username and password. Admin can add college, add placement and view college.


The student needs to get registered with the application by entering all the details in the registration page. A student can get logged in by entering college name, username, and password. A student can view profile, View College, view placements and can give feedback.


Fresher can get registered with the application by entering all the details in the registration page. Fresher can get logged in by entering college name, username, and password. Fresher can view profile, View College, view placements and can give feedback.

Output Results Pages:

  • Homepage:
  • Admin login page:
  • Admin home page:
  • Add college page:
  • Add placements page:
  • Student registration page:
  • Student login page:
  • Student homepage:
  • View profile page:
  • View college page:
  • View placements page:
  • Feedback page:
  • fresher registration page:
  • Fresher login page:
  • Fresher homepage:
  • View profile page:
  • View college page:
  • View feedback page:

School Management Software Project Synopsis

The Educational based School Management software project has 5 modules. 

  1. Student
  2. Teachers
  3. Principal
  4. Administrator
  5. Parents


In this module, every student is provided with a unique username and password. So that student can log in to view his attendance details, academic details, cultural details, fee details.

The sub-forms are:

  • View Attendance
  • Time Table
  • Examinations
  • Report Card
  • Fee Details/Payment
  • Leaves Details
  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Assignment
  • Homework
  • Bus Schedule
  • Activity
  • Health Checkup
  • Holidays
  • Internal Messaging
  • Ideas Room[Comeup with new thoughts]
  • Feedback
  • Reports


In this module, every teacher is provided with a unique username and password. So that teacher can login to view his attendance details, class details, cultural details, salary details, reports. 

The sub-forms are: 

  • Time Table
  • Examination Schedule
  • Mark sheet Entry for students
  • Salary
  • Maintain Attendance of students
  • Class syllabus
  • View School Timings
  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Holidays
  • Internal Messaging
  • Feedback
  • Reports


In this module principal is provided with a unique username and password. So that principal can login to view his class attendance details, academic details, cultural details, pay roll management. He can allocate rooms. 

The sub-modules are:

  • Timetable Management
  • Office Management
  • Attendance Maintenance
  • Academic Management
  • Examination & Mark sheet Generation
  • Health Management
  • Library Management
  • Lab Maintenance
  • Internal Messaging
  • Miscellaneous[Cafeteria]
  • Reports


The Administration Module is one of the key modules of School Manager provides a comprehensive set of tools which helps the management to manage various budgetary details. This automates common administrative tasks, increase efficiency and accountability, and eliminates paper-pushing and workflow bottlenecks. It contains the budget head, budget create, donation and occurrence. In short this, module manages the entire money flow in the institution.

The sub-modules are:

  • Student Fee Management
  • Accounts & Finance Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Transport Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Stores Management
  • HRD
  • Security
  • Front office Management
  • Site
  • Reports


In this module, every parent is provided with a unique username and password. So that parent can login to view his/her child attendance details, academic details, cultural details, fee management. 

The sub-forms are:

  • Student Attendance
  • Student Mark sheet
  • Student Activities
  • Fee Management

Employee Management System Project Synopsis

Project Description: Employee Management System is a program to automate or computerize all employee management operations.

Generally, every company has different departments (for example, Accounts/Admin/Human Resource/Technical/Vendors etc). For our project, consider the following departments. Due to the limited time, for our project, we will not be implementing the features of Vendors department.

Employee Management System is open to admins, HRs, Managers, and regular employees. Among all users, only the admins have all privileges to access all the information of EMS. So the admins will insert, update, remove the employees, departments, generate reports and whereas other users will have limited roles. Once the user’s login they can perform few tasks specific to their role.

Employee information can be modified by either Admin, Managers or by the employee himself/herself. Suppose if we want to keep track of a list of all changes made to an employee profile, we need to maintain logs.

Reports for employee management system are categorized into different types based on roles.

Note: To make concepts simple, assume that we are storing all the information in binary files.

Project’s Detailed Description:

1) Objective/ Vision:

This project is aimed at developing Employee Management System that allows to automate or computerize all employee management operations

2) Users of the System:

  • Admins
  • Regular Employees
  • HRs
  • Accountants
  • Managers

3) Functional requirements

  • Create initial setup which includes: Generating company information (includes creating departments, company history, CEOs information etc..) Generating employee information (adding/deleting/updating employee information, feedback’s, salaries) Generating unique employee ID for each employee
  • User management
  • Role-based user menus
  • Generating Reports

4) Non-functional requirements

  • Simple UI
  • Generic Coding

5) User interface priorities: console
6) Reports to be generated:

  • Reports for Admins
  • Reports for Regular Employees
  • Reports for HRs
  • Reports for Accountants
  • Reports for Managers

7) Technologies to be used:

C, and binary Files for storing data

8) Tools to be Used:

Dev C++

9) Final Deliverable must include:

  • Create initial setup mentioned as above
  • User management
  • Role-based user menus
  • Reports

Blood Bank Management System Web and Android App

  • Project Title: Blood Bank Management System
  • Category: Application Development, Enterprise. 

Objective: The Main Objective of this System is to design an Android Application to maintain considerable information of the Patients, Donors, report details for any blood-related organization.

Description: To develop an Android Mobile Application where blood donors can install the application and register with their name, E-Mail, valid ID, phone number, providing them Navigation for hospitals. And web-application where hospitals request blood bank for blood and blood banks with admin. Admin will send notifications to the users with Hospital details for the user to locate the hospital in their nearby area. The application also keeps a record of the donor’s health record for future reference. Blood seekers can request for blood to the administrator.


This project consists of two parts:

  • Users (mobile application)
  • Administrator and blood banks (web application)

Users (mobile application):  User should register for using this app. With their name, contact no, emailed, blood group etc., after successfully register user can get notification of blood request. The user can make a decision on the request whether he accepting the request or ignore the request. The user can share that request through facebook, twitter. The user can get directions from his current location to blood requesting location (hospital). The user can get information if the requesting person got a donor. The user can update details. The user can get the feedback about blood if they caught any problem in the blood. The user can get information of symptoms, telemedicine link, and doctor details.

Administrator and blood banks: A web application that can be used by the Admin to add blood requests of the patient after successful login. Admin will fill the details of blood request like patient name, blood group, contact number and choose the patient (hospital) location on the Google map address and latitude and longitude are filled automatically when admin click on a particular location in the map, admin can edit the address. Immediately after the location selected by admin displaying a list of a donor who is near to that particular location. Admin can increase the radius to get donor list more. If admin submits the form for blood request notifications will send to the donors. If there is any problem find in the blood admin will notify that to the user. Admin can select the donor by mobile number or name or serial number.

Functional Requirements:

  1. ADMIN PAGE who have contacts with blood banks,
  2. Donors will download the application and REGISTER with ID, DOB, phone no., blood group etc.
  3. Admin will send NOTIFICATION to the application users.
  4. Admin can locate people who are nearby.
  5. Admin can sort-out people who can come in emergency and send a notification to everyone if he gets a donor.
  6. Provide NAVIGATION to the hospital who require blood to reach as soon as possible.
  7. RECORD of donors information along with their details

No. of Users

Authenticated users only.

Hardware Requirements: 

  • Android mobile with a minimum version 2.2.
  • The processor is not less than 500MHZ.
  • RAM is not less than 2048MB.
  • SD card with a minimum of 512MB.
  • Resolution is not less than 480*800pixs.

Software Requirements: 

  1. Mobile Operating System: Android 2.2 or Later
  2. Server Operating System: Windows XP or Later
  3. Tools (IDE): Eclipse or Android Studio
  4. User Interface: XML
  5. Code Behind: JAVA and XML
  6. Telephony Service: Yes
  7. Internet: Yes

Online Medicine Donation System Portal ASP.Net Project


The aim and objective of this medicine donator project are to prepare a portal for the collection of unused medicine for further utilization by a needy person. The website must be like user can donate the unused medicine to NGO.
That NGO can help needy people. The user can donate the medicine.
It’s can be claimed by NGO.  They can collect from a particular place. There must be a login for the user, ngo, admin. Admin can see all details of user donated medicine. There must be a form like registration of the new user.
Medicine donate form. It’s must be tracked in the SQL Server database.

Project Description:

The Project is about the collection of medicine which is unused by the patient who recovers completely and medicine becomes waste that medicine can be collected and used further.


  • Membership and Registration:- To register and get membership donation of medicine.
  • NGO Details:- Different NGO’s can connect with portal and donate Medicine.
  • Donator’s details:- To Keep Donators details.
  • Help Desk:- To solves query of people.
  • Complaint and Suggestion:- Forgiving views and suggestion and also complaints if any.
  • Invoice:-Generate an invoice to give a record of their donated medicine.
  • Record Management:- To maintain the entire record properly about donators and their donation.
  • Collection of medicine:-Collection of medicine through courier.


  • Easy to Access
  • User-friendly
  • Reliable and coordinative
  • Easy to handle

Tools and Language:-

  • Frontend: ASP.NET
  • Back End: SQL Management System
Requirements Requirements description
Registration for a new user The user firstly needs to register with the website.
Sign in for an existing user The existing user can sign in directly to the website.
Donation of medicine The user can donate any kind of medicine.
 Selection of  NGO The user can select the NGO.
Advance notification to the user The user will get a prior notification once the collection team will reach at the user end.
Notification through email The user will get a notification once the medicine is delivered.
Feedback form The user can fill up the feedback form.

Mobile Canteen Web Application Java Project

We are in an environment where we are trying to reduce our stress and time. In today’s world time plays an important but we are but we are waiting a lot of time near canteens. Our pitch is to develop a web app to cut the lag in developing the meal to the patron. Generally, in all eatries, they follow a q-system, where we wait till our turn comes consuming a lot of time.

This Mobile Canteen web app consists of POS (Point of sale) model comprising of Inventory Management. Supplier request Functionality. Estimated time of Delivery. Users are connected to the web app through our website, where they have the liberty to order through an extensive menu without standing in the long q-lines to make orders. The user is notified with an estimated time for the meal to be ready. The user is required to complete the transaction electronically after which he is given a QR code which he needs to produce at the meal collection area.

The web app uses HTML/CSS for the displaying. At the back end, it uses Php, the database used for the cataloging the information is mysql.


  • It is a web app.
  • It is based on the POS (point of sale) Model.
  • Its main functionalities are ‘Supplier Requests’ and ‘Estimated Time of Delivery’.
  • It comprises the Inventory Management


Users are connected to the web app through our website, where they have the liberty to order to an extensive menu without standing in long Q-lines to make orders.
The user is requested to register and make the order as he wishes, as we provide the completed data of the menu in that web app and the user is asked to select the time of delivery of the order and requested to complete the billing transaction electronically, and we provide the QR codes by showing it user can collect the preferred meal.


  • User
  • Admin



As he gets login into the account, he can view the list of food items and also can order the food. 


After validating the user details, admin generates the menu and he will confirm the list of items selected by the user.



To give the food order we have many applications like swiggy , foodpanda , spoonly, freshfood ,fasoos etc.

In this we have to choose the nearby hotels and food items then a person will come and deliver the food


Here we have to order the food items in the canteen application. Firstly we should register for the canteen application.

Here we don’t have any third party person to delivery the food item

Instead of standing in “Queues” at the canteen we are giving orders in applications

UML Diagrams:

Use case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Collaboration Diagram:

Social Integration Computer Science Java Project


  1. Gather the information of top five colleges in Pune under Pune University.
  2. Need to study how we can add Facebook like and recommend button to our website.
  3. Need to study Twitter API’s for how we can tweet on user’s Twitter account.
  4. Login using social networking site leads to study login authentication API’s provided by social site’s.
  5. Study of meta-tags which we are going to add to our website. These meta-tags are going to help our website to come into Google search.
  6. Study of Google Analytics to collect analytics of the website. eg. How many users have visited our website & which browser they are mostly using to browse the site?
  7. Social sharing: User can be able to share the information available on the website with their respected social networking sites.
  8. We can retrieve info of the user he’s like’s hobbies and gain his feedback.


Supports social login for your web – we can log in to your web application using social sites.

Social sharing – We can share the content of the web into the social sites.

Recommend & Like’s – We can recommend the contents displayed on the particular URL.

Adding required meta tags into the pages as per the social site provider

Due to the popularity of social networking site, to capture web market, posting advertising of the product  & making our product popular it’s very important to have our web supports social integration. Social integration helps for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Having social integration with the web it’s easy to get the popularity of the product.  Social Networking has become an integral part of our daily lives. Friends and family are really important to us and keeping in touch with them & knowledge sharing. Social networking is becoming a   way of communication.

S/W  REQUIREMENT:-  JAVA ( J2EE ) version 6.0, MySql , Apache tomcat 6+, Eclipse.


  1. 512 MB main memory. (1 GB Recommended).
  2. At least 80 GB HDD (Secondary Storage Device).
  3. 14′ Monitor (Color or Black & White) for display.

UML Diagrams:

Activity Diagram:

Collaboration Diagram:




Social Integration ( USECASE DIAGRAM ):

Use case Diagrams:

Download the below attached Social Integration Computer Science Java Project Code & Database

Online College Management System PHP Project

The “Online College Management System” is concerned with three categories of modules:

1) User( student, parent or any user)
2) Admin
3) Faculties

User (student, parent or any user):

The user can view own result & attendance.
The user can know about college info., management, goal & objective.
The user will display fresh news & event.
The user can download fresh exam time table, syllabus, assignment as well as view blacklist which created by admin based on its attendance.

The user provides facility to know the fresher message from the director.
The user can easily view courses details as well as subject details which are college given you.
The user can view faculty details as well result of own subject which takes on college.
The user can view fresh album which uploads by admin.


Admin can perform add/update/delete and search following module :

  • course module
  • semester module
  • subject module
  • Student module
  • exam module
  • result module
  • the attendance module
  • faculty module
  • college info module
  • download module
  • event module
  • news module
  • login module & user type module

Admin can create an online blacklist using student attendance
Admin can upload student data as excel file as well as syllabus, blacklist, exam time table, student result & attendance, and fresh photo gallery.


Faculty also give a login to manage his/her profile.
Faculty can view own subject result so faculty can easily analyze own result so they will try to better result.
Faculty can view own subject attendance.
Faculty can upload own subject assignment.

Use case Diagrams: