Project Report On Automobile Breathalyzer

This Project Report On Automobile Breathalyzer is about Automobile Breathalyzer, which start with Introduction and expanded with other topics such as Design, Performance Requirement, Cost and Schedule. A breathalyzer is an electronic device made to estimate Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). Automobile Breathalyzers can detect blood alcohol levels of suspected drunk drivers.

project-report-on-automobile-breathalyzerAutomobile Breathalyzers are generally used by common law enforcement to catch drunken drivers on the road. As a fundamental rule, it is prohibited and illegal driving if your breath registers over 0.08% Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).Automobile Breathalyzers can be installed in cars for citizens who constantly are under the influence of alcohol.

If a Breath Alcohol Test indicates that a driver exceeds Illinois’s 0.08% Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit, the Automobile Breathalyzer will disable a car’s ignition. Ignition interlock device like a breathalyzer, fitted on vehicle’s dashboard. Before the vehicle’s engine started, the driver first must breathe out into the device; if the outcome Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) analyzed result is greater than the programmed Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)—usually 0.02% or 0.04%, the device prevents the engine from starting.

Testing Procedures:

A suspected drunk driver should breathe in the device. This sample is input directly into the device. The device determines and displays the Alcohol Source’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) the electrical representation of this result (e.g., voltage) is fed into the Signal Processor for further analysis. The Signal Processor consists of amplifiers to augment the output signal from the device and a microcontroller to regulate access to the ignition and to trigger appropriate messages to the user. Based on outputs from the microcontroller, it indicates the conditions as “Pass,” “Fail,” and “Warning.”


The Automobile Breathalyzer is a very useful device to suspected drunk drivers and Automobile breathalyzers should be installed into all vehicles, which Protects the vehicle user, public, and property from damages and injury.

Download Final Year Project Report On Automobile Breathalyzer.

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  1. Isnt that tough to give compulsorily iput??is there no any way tht automatically it dtects the BAC when the peron entrs the vehicle

  2. I think it is not useful. Because if another person who had not drunk can blow the air,then the engine starts and the drunken person can drive the car. So in these cases it is not useful

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