Payroll Management System Project in Visual Basic VB

The entire Payroll Management System Project in Visual Basic system is menu driven and highly interactive. The system provides maximum flexibility to the user. All validity checks are taken care by the system during data entry. The timely and well-designed reports helped the management to make critical decisions in time. The actual user of the system is very much pleased by its efficient performance and the user of the package have extremely reduces duplication of words. 

                     Since the requirements may increase in future, the system can be easily modified accordingly, as the system has been modularized. The future expansion can be done in a concise manner in order to improve the efficiency of the system.


        This system is very flexible so that the maintenance and further amendments based on the changing environment and requirements can be made easily. Any changes that may lead to the system failures are prevented with security measures. The project will support for multi user environment, that is more than one user can access simultaneously. 

            It can be further developed to include more operations and analysis, as changes are required in the system to adapt to the external developments.   Further enhancements can be made to the system at any later point of time.

             Coding procedures can be modified according to the needs of the user. The system code is also well designed that it will form the basis for further enhancement and also new operations can be included in the system. The reports can be represented in all necessary propection. Added options can be design in reports.

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