Medical Diagnostic System Java Project Report and Source Code

Medical Diagnostic system project is implemented in java platform. Main aim of this project is to develop a software application for doctors and patients for immediately diagnose disease using tools which was usually done through manual process. This system will used to quickly find out the disease and generate reports on about the patient status which will be useful for further understanding to deal with the case. This system don’t require any interference of doctor for analyzing case , system will analyze and send reports to doctor and patient based on symptoms. After analyzing patients details are stored in database which can view any time for further analysis. Using this report doctor can provide treatment for  patient and software will guide patient with doctors information who can solve his problem.

In order to use this application user must have basic knowledge of search engine and this application will provide main screen with search facility.

This application will provide effective service for rural area people where medical treatment  is not available every time. Users can use this application even  if  doctor is not available online and get basic information to treat disease.

This project reports covers introduction to topic, scope of project, hardware and software requirements, functional requirements.

Here we provide entire project report and java source code for free download. Computer science students can find more medical related projects with source code for free download.

Download Medical Diagnostic system Java project source code and project report.

Puyo Puyo Java Code

Puyo puyo project is implemented in java platform.  This game works on the principle of matching same color of spheres on the board and by moving blocks from left to right. After colors are matched block of same color spheres will be disappeared from the board. Four colors are used for matching (red, green, blue and green) and linking can be done horizontally, vertically or both.

As soon as matching is done spheres will be disappeared and new remaining spheres will fill the place. Scoring depends on number of same colors that are matched for a single move in the chain more matching more score. Level of the game is changed based on gaming standard and total number of spheres removed. 

In this project we provide entire source code in java and step by step procedure to run this program. As this project is implemented in java it can work on different platforms with minimum hardware and software requirements which are specified in readme file. 
Readme file provides rules of the game, compatibility, compiling the source code and launching the game, player control details. 

Project Planning Management System Project Report

Project planning management system project is developed in platform. Main aim of this project is to develop software application for software companies for handling project development is a secure and procedure oriented manner. Daily modifications that are carried out on every project is updated to server with version and data and time. This will help to update latest modifications made to project and update version to every team member to work on. This application is also called as bug tracking system. Main features of this system is testing team will update day to day information on bugs to database. Bug details module consists of bug details module, bug history, bug assignee, bug attachments. 

This application is implemented in nine modules. 

Administrator module: In admin module user is provided with registration form through which user can get unique user name and password and user authentication is performed by checking details in database and allow user to log in to the system. 

Products Module: Products module is sub divided in to three modules list of products, products versions and product users. Using this module user can update latest versions information for further use and provides solution for handling multiple projects version handling. 

Bug Module: Bug module is sub divided in to three modules bug details module, in this module day to day bug raised by team on project are updated. Bug History in this module employees can find bugs information on data and time. Bug assignee using this module project manager can assign bugs to employees and manage them. Bug attachments module helps to share bug related information between team members. 

Bug Tracking Module: Bug tracking module is divided in to three sub module track hierarchy, track resolution, track resource. 

Other modules that are included in this application are view module, search module and admin module, log out module and prepare logs module. 

Download Project planning management system project report.

VOIP Java Project Source Code

OIP project is implemented in java platform which works on client server architecture using socket programming. Main aim of this project is to develop a web application through which users can use voice communication with any user from any part of the world for free of cost.

This system works on internet protocol where every user is allocated with unique ip address which is similar to that of allocation different phone numbers for different users. As the usage of internet is growing and even mobile communication is integrated with internet facility using voice over internet protocol communication will help users to reduce communication charges.

In existing system phone communication is the leading voice communication system all over the world. Disadvantages of using mobile communication is cost in order to communicate to users who are located at different parts of world this system is not efficient in terms of cost per call. In order to reduce this problem voice over intent protocol communication will be help full.

In present system voice over intent protocol a software front end is provided for users and server is maintained by developers and user needs to register with the application and get unique user name and password.

Here we provide project source code on voice over internet protocol software application which is developed in java.

Seminar Report On Compiler

Introduction to Compiler

Compiler – Basically a compiler is a computer program that transforms resource code written in a computer programming language converted into another tantamount programming language known as ‘target language’ or the output. The name ‘compiler’ is in the first place used for programs that transform computer program source code from a one programming language or high-level programming language to a lower level language. A computer program that transubstantiate from a low level language to a higher level one is a decompile. The computer a program that translates between high-level languages is usually called a language translator. A compiler is likely to perform following operations: lexical analysis, syntax analysis, semantic analysis, preprocessing, parsing, code generation, and code optimization.

Llexical analysis: Lexical analysis is also known as “tokenization” is the procedure of breaking a character stream into individual unit chunks called ‘tokens’. The “lexer” or “scanner” is software used by the compiler to tokenize computer program code. Tokenization is made through pattern matching.

 Trends in compiler construction Semantic Analysis: Now it’s time to move forward to semantic analysis, where we dig even deeper in compiler to check whether they form a sensible set of instructions in the computer programming language. For a computer program to be semantically valid, all constants, identifiers, functions, keywords, variables, classes, etc. must be properly defined, expressions and variables must be used in ways that respected to that type of system, access control

 The code generator: generation of code’ is the last and important point  in our compiler model ‘. It takes as input an arbitrate representation of the source program and produces as output an equivalent target program code. The requirements traditionally obligatory on a code generator are severe. The output code must be correct and of properly executed, it means it should make effective use of the resources of the target machine. Moreover, the code generator itself should run expeditiously.

computer science students can find more seminar topics on compiler design 

Download Seminar Report and design PPT On Compiler.