The Visual C++ Development System

Different types of windows development tools as well as visual interfaces such as Microsoft 32-bit and Visual C++ are been associated in order to complier Windows 95/98 as well as Windows NT. The below list will give a clear idea on the tools that are associated with Microsoft VC++ compiler such as new integrated debugger as well as new integrated resource editors.

New Integrated Debugger

Microsoft is having its own capability to develop its own code which can be debugged directly into platform of Visual C++ that is associated with alternated integrated debugger. This particular debugger id is been accepted and accessed from the menu of Debug and this integrated debug will allow the users to execute the programs in a simple way, through which the content variables can be viewed and managed in a sectional way.

Integrated Resource Editors

This particular aspects are been accepted and accessed from the menu of resource in which the resource editors will allow the users to design as well as create the different types of resources related to Windows like Bitmaps, Icons, Cursors, Dialog boxes and Menus through which the visual interfaces can be created easily. Basically, Microsoft Visual C++ is the famous tool of Microsoft accepted and used all over the world and it is having a latest version of C++ 6.0 a part of Visual Studio Version 6.0.

System Requirements

The hardware requirements of this system are Microsoft Windows 95/98 or else Microsoft NT with Intel 486 or higher processor which has 16MB Ram with 20MB hard disk with a great resolution of 800* 600.

The Software requirements of this system are Pentium based 200MHz along with 32MB RAM with 1GB Hard Disk that contains super VGA monitor along with CD-Rom Driver. 

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A Docdetector for Detecting Hidden Data in MCDFF Project Abstract

Introduction to A DOCdetector for detecting hidden data in MCDFF Project:

Nowadays, every user of digital forensics who are using the files incorporated with MCDFF- Microsoft Compound Document File Format are facing many problems. Basically, it is very simple to perform the data storage in this MCDFF but it is too difficult to reduce the data which is stored within this MCDFF. In genera the files which are downloaded from internet in the form of Win3 API- application programming interface, there are many possibilities to the hackers to hide the information present in it. Even though many research works are been carried out earlier on MCDFF to reduce the data present in it, most of the research works faced failure and none of the tool is designed to overcome this problem.

This study deals with (“DOCdetector”) which is a new tool that is capable of detecting the hidden data present within MCDFF by using the exploits of this tool. The different study methods which are been utilized for the purpose of secured and hidden data allowed us to design and develop a specific tool called (“DOCdetector”) that is capable of examining and detecting the hidden data from MCDFF. 

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Electronic Stethoscope Project Abstract


The project aims at designing a electronic stethoscope. We will design a circuit which same as a conventional stethoscope. The circuit is designed on a veroboard. The entire circuit runs on a 9V battery source. By using low cost electronic components like resistors, capacitors and opamps the required design is achieved.

Circuit description:

The heart beat sounds are generated will be in low frequency range of 20 t0 30 khz. So it equipment must be designed to detect these low frequency range. The opamp is made to operate low frequency ranges so the gain of the opamp will be in the range of 3.9. The high output impedance of the fet makes the resistor to operate at 12 khz, by which the capacitor allows only low frequency signals. A Butter worth low pass filter with a cutoff frequency of 103hz is produced due to gain of the resistors and by making it to pass through capacitors a sharp butterwoth response is produced. By reducing the capacitor gain values the cut off frequency gets increased to 1khz and this frequency range is used for detecting respiratory sounds.


The entire circuit is placed on a veroboad and the microphone is connected by using a shielded cable. The microphone is connected to the stethoscope by using a isolated rubber sleeve. The stethoscope head can be designed by using thick jar. The microphone must be sealed properly to avoid acoustical noise. To avoid fiction noises the microphone head must be moved while listening heart beats. Thus the stethoscope can be designed by using electronic components.

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Electronic Safety Assistance for Blind Using Micro controller and Dsp Voice Processor


The main objective of this project is to provide safety for blind people from obstacles. This device ensures safety for the blind while walking. The device is to be carried by blind and when the device senses any obstacle it gives the message through voice processor and accordingly he can move. The entire design is built on the concept of embedded system and AT89C52 microcontroller is used which monitors the components.

Circuit design and working:

AT89C52 microcontroller is the heart of the design. The IR waves are transmitted into free space and when these touch the obstacle its gets reflected. The reflected waves are receives by the IR receiver. The demodulator is used to process the signal and it gives the processed signal to the microcontroller. The microcontroller then drives the relay connected to the dsp voice processor by which the blind person can come to know about the obstacle. The microcontroller is provided with an oscillator frequency of 12mhz, and a reset logic signal is fed to the microcontroller so restart when bugs occur. The entire circuit is provide with an rechargeable battery source. The advantage of selecting AT89C52 microcontroller is that it has an 8kb of flash memory. The relay is to drive the dsp voice processor according to the given signal.


The device is very helpful for the blind people to go in a exact path without the help of others. Instead of using IR signals we can also use light signals detecting obstacles. The IR signal response for after the detection of obstacle is delayed by 0.2 seconds which is to be overcome.

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Electronic House Project Abstract

Introduction to electronic house:

The main aim of this project is to save the power in a house hold environment. We will employ certain techniques to reduce the usage of power. In this we are six major equipments which are use monitor all the devices present. By using this model we can have a monitor control over the devices.  All the monitoring equipments are controlled using a remote controller. The six equipments are

Remote operated gate control;

This is used for opening and closing of the gates, it has a sensor placed in front of the gate which gives us the signal on the remote so that we can operate the gate. By using this we can provide safety to the house.

Auto adjustable timer unit:

By using this timer unit we can set the time control for the working of the devices , after the completion of the time the devices gets off. This is used to set time control for devices like water sprinkler in garden, and bed lights etc.

Remote operated appliances:

This is used for controlling the devices like fan, ac, tv ,washing machines etc. All these appliances made on or off by using the remote control.

Touch sensitive burglar alarm for internal security:

This is used for providing internal security to lockers and some cupboards. The sensor placed for these things gives an alarm when touched by a un identity.

Automatic gate light and bell system:

This device is to give  a bell and puts on lights when the person is entering. By this we can the power by reducing the unnecessary use of gate lights. From the automatic bell we can know when any one is coming.

Water level indicator and controller:

By  using this we can know the level of water in the tank and it automatically puts off the pump when the tank gets full. By using these equipments we can save the power.

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