Efficient Online Banking System Project Abstract

Online banking system can be considered as the one of the great tool supporting many customers as well as banks and financial institutions to make may banking activities through online. Every day banks need to perform many activities related to users which needs huge infrastructure with more staff members etc. But the online banking system allows the banks to perform these activities in a simpler way without involving the employees for example consider online banking, mobile banking and ATM banking. But banking system needs to be more secure and reliable because each and every task performed is related to customer’s money. Especially authentication and validation of user access is the major task in the banking systems.

Existing system

The existing system is having many problems such as security problems, more human involvement which is a time consuming process with many manual calculations. It even includes the machine damage and signature verification process for secured transactions which allows the customers and banks to waste their valuable time and resources. The major problem in online banking system is unauthorized user access with fake passwords. The hackers are trying to hack the user accounts and are performing different unauthorized transactions.   

Proposed System

The proposed system is highly computerized in which the data related to user accounts will be secured high with high accuracy that even reduces the machine damage and human made errors and this existing system is highly efficient to offer best services to the customers as well as banks because it has user friendly access that consumes less time when compared with normal banking system.

Hardware Requirements

This system needs an Windows XP operating system with 512 MB Ram along with a Pentium processor.

 Software Requirements

The software requirements of this system are ASP.Net visual studio of 2005 with same SQL server 2005 that is supported with AJAX.

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Broadband Feasibility Project Abstract

Nowadays, internet is playing vital role in the world through which the users can get good fetching because it is a low cost product which is unwired with huge bandwidth facility. The optimal technology can be connected between two different rooms with technical architecture of LED and Photo Diode. Broadband is happened to be buzz word nowadays because it is the latest technology through which the internet can be connected and browsed with a speed of 256 kbps per every second. Basically some of the existing internets can be connected by dialling through phone which does not support the speed same as broadband. Broadband is a user friendly access which does not need any telephone and huge data packets. When compared with normal internet connection, broadband is having many added advantages through which users can access the internet applications such as search engines, files downloads, watching movies, songs, audio and video chats and search engine optimizations in a fastest way.

LAN- Local Area Networks

 The LAN’s so called local area networks are been fixed and accessed only within the single specific location that allows the users to use and share the resources such as data transfer etc between their PC’s by using work stations.

Advantages of Broadband

The main advantage of broadband is that it can be accessed wherever there is an internet facility i.e. PC’s, Laptops and Phones. It can be connected wirelessly with small sized antennas and Satellite dish. The latency of this broadband is very less when compared with satellite based internets.

Disadvantages of Broadband

The major disadvantage of broadband is that it is not such reliable which includes many drop outs that cause interruption in internet usage. The speed starts reducing based on the mode of internet usage by the user because of presence of asymmetric servers.

Advantages of LAN

The main advantage of LAN is that it is easy to build a LAN network which is cost effective when compared with WAN.

Disadvantages of LAN

The main disadvantage of LAN is that it is limited upto specific size as per kilometers and it works only in limited computers. 

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Data Leakage Detection Abstract

The data sets are been distributed to the data distributors which are so called third party agents or third party users. In some circumstances, the distributed data seems to be leaked by some unknown users. This study will propose some data distribution strategies in order to increase and develop the prospects of reducing the data leakages which are not based on the changes done on the data that is released such as watermarks. Alternately, a realistic data records can be created which are not genuine in order to identify and detect the data leakages from third party user.

Existing System

In existing system, there is no possibility to distributed and perturb the sensitive and secured data which is capable of making the data less sensitive. In the existing systems, the data of the original distributor will be changed which is known as data leakage which is incorporated with the embedded data copies. The data leakers can be identified only when the data copy is within uncertified user hands and the watermarks will even be disrupted by the data recipients which turns the data into malicious data. 

Proposed System 

In the proposed system, distributors of data can identify the unauthorized users and their locations where their original data is been changed. In this system, if the unauthorized user is identified, then the distributor can stop distributing their data with the agents and even can legally penalize them for data leakage cases. This paper includes the development of a specific model by using different types of algorithms that supports the distributors to identify the unauthorized data users and it can be used to assess the faults done by the third party agents by using fake objects. 

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Online Prepaid Card System

The main aim of Online Prepaid Card System  is to the decrease the physical work at the online prepaid system without any human based errors. This system contains many features in which the subscriber details and outlet details will be provided perfectly that does not consume more time for storing the files. This will even allow the users to get rid calculating typical credits and profits. The main title of this project is “Automation of Online prepaid distribution Accounts Management” which is a user friendly application easy to access without any operational errors. This system will perform different tasks such as manipulation of sales transactions, storage of subscriber and outlet details, managing regular transactions, verifying stock updates, production of regular reports as well as maintenance of credit reports. Nowadays, even company is maintaining all these data physically and this application will support them in updating and storing the data online.

Existing System

In many existing systems the users are faced with different data entry and data storage problems in managing the information on subscribers successfully. They are even facing problems in data verification and Sim activation process because of manual updating which is consuming more time and leading to many human based errors.

Proposed System

The proposed system is totally based on online process in which the data will be stored in computers and it will be stored in the database and the information stored can be accessed easily as well as the sale and profit calculations can even be calculated easily.

Software Requirements

The software requirements of this system needs Windows XP operating system with HTML and Java Script of client side with JDK 1.5, Servlets, JSP 2.1 and Struts from server side with a specific backend of database of Oracle 10g along with Apache Tomcat server 5.0 for Java programming.

Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements of this system are Pentium 2366MHZ with SVGA color monitor with 10GB hard disk and 512MB hard disk. 

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Development of a Campaign Information System Project

In this paper, the insurance company is planning to start its campaign, in order to market and sale their products and services accordingly to their potential customers. Campaign is the process of marketing the products and goods by using any online or offline resources such as television, Paper Adds, Sign boards, magazines, social media sites etc. Each and every company has its own marketing campaigns in order to sale their products which differ from one company campaign with the other. In order to start any campaign there is a need of making a campaign plan that gives clear idea on the marketing needs, campaign estimations, costs to be spent, expected outcomes and problems and expected sales etc. There are two different aspects involved in campaigns such as actual variance percentage as well as estimated variance percentage which supports the companies in estimating or predicting their future business for the new products established into the market.

In order to perform these tasks, the new system will be developed that includes the different types of functionalities which is an internet based application. In this system, the initial step is login page in which user needs to enter their user id and password which has inbuilt password change option through which the passwords can be changed as per user requirements.

Steps to Run Project

In order to run this project, there is a need of creating two different platforms such as Microsoft platform as well as Java platform. In Microsoft platform the system will be designed by making use of the different types of Active server pages with front end Oracle SQL as well as back end of server DB2. The system is even designed by using Java platform by making use of Java server pages with Oracle or SQL front end and Server or DB2 backend.

Hardware requirements

This system needs PC with 5GB Hard disk along with 512 MB Ram with great resolution.

Software Requirements

The software requirements of this system are SQL Server or Oracle data base with Linux operating system and finally Tomcat version for Java programming. 

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