Online E-Learning System .Net Project


Online E-learning system is a .Net based web application. This final year project supports  to learn and teach online. This E-learning system includes computer based learning and digital collaboration.All the information like programs , courses, examination details, fee details, staff , lab, library services  and all other details about university will be provided to the user in this application.

This E-learning system uses internet technologies to provide knowledge to the students about various topics. Only registered users can add, view or post any questions about books.This project provides efficiency and effectiveness in providing education to the students.This system makes easy  communication between students and lectures.


Student module:

Student registration page, resource page,course details page and display books and images. Student can add  and view question regrading books. Student can communicate with others in the chat application.

Admin Module:

Admin can login to the application with a valid credentials. Admin will add new books, images and new courses to the application. Admin can view all the questions posted by students and he can add new questions to the application.

Home page of the application where users can get login to the application

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