Mba Project Report on Hospital Management

Mba Project on Hospital Management Introduction:

Assessment about the level of awareness of speciality services offered by Kovai Medical center and hospital in the Coimbatore region’ is a project aimed at studying the awareness about the various speciality services offered by KMCH, the compettive position of KMCH, the perception of people towards KMCH in terms of cost, quality and preference.

The speciality services include Open heart surgeries, Kidney transplants, Hip and Knee replacements, Brain Stroke, Infertility, Emergency services and interventional radiology. 

Mba Project Report on Hospital Management

Information pertaining to whether one is aware about KMCH’s speciality services or not was collected. KMCH, KG, PSG, GKNM, Ramakrishna are the leading hospitals inCoimbatore.

Which hospital is one able to recall when it comes to each of the speciality services, amongst the five major hospitals – data related to this was also collected. In order to assess the perception of the respondants towards KMCH some agree – disagree questions were asked.

They were used to assess their liking and preference for KMCH. 

The type of research adopted was the Performance monitoring type. The data was collected using a standardized questionnaire, through the interview mode.

The target respondant groups were the households of upper middle class category. Non – probability judgmental sampling was the sampling technique used. The sample size was 225. 

Descriptive Statistics was used for the analysis of the data collected. From the analysis it was found that KMCH enjoys a good popularity as far as emergency care services are concerned. 

Regarding the awareness about the various specialities, only open heart surgeries and Master health check ups are predominantly known to the respondants. For all the other specialities the awareness level is low.

KMCH has attracted the highest number of recalls for emergency services, hip/knee replacements, Brain Stroke and Master Health check up. The study also revealed that there are a large proportion of people who feel that the hospital’s charges for the services provided are on the higher side.

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