Maintenance of Private Banking System Mainframe Project for Experienced Professionals

Project Name              : Maintenance of Private Banking System

  1. Software Technology              : COBOL, JCL.  CICS, PL/I
  2. Tools                           :  CHANGEMAN, FILEAID, Easytrieve, Info Man, CA7, Expeditor

Project Summary:

     This Project developed for new advanced software with the maintenance of private Banking system. Migration of old customers data from existing system in banking management to new maintenance system and deleting the old data from the existing system , and  making few system compatible with the new private banking as they will be interacting with new system.

Have been involved in two system one is Credit and Risk Banking Control Monitoring System & collateral Management System,

Developer Responsibility:

  • Prepared the design and completely worked individually for the KODA UR from the design to implementation and support.
  • Preparation the UTP’s
  • Developing the code as all are Scratch programs
  • Test run the code by preparing test run JCLs.
  • Involved in all the testing phases Unit testing, SIT & UTP.
  • Involved in DR testing individually for the KODA UR.

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