Literature Review on The Tata Nano

According to the report of Tata Company, NANO entered the Indian roads in the year 2009 and it is the cheapest car in the world replacing Maruthi 800. This article was an introduction to Tata NANO car and its features with detailed information on making of NANO. According to this article, buying a car is the major dream for many people in India, especially for middle income and rural people.

Even though two wheelers are widely used in India, people are still looking to buy car according to their budget. Ratan Tata owner of Tata Motors specified his views on NANO that it is the only car that has fulfilled the dream of individuals to buy a car with general income. Tata NANO price is one lakh Indian rupees which is equal to that of two wheeler price.

The establishment of NANO can be considered as the competitive strategy of Tata Motors in order to attract customers of all ends. The detailed information on facts and figures of Tata NANO is explained in detail and according to TATA report NANO is “the people’s car”.

The significant information available on Tata NANO is explained clearly but still this article should be improved with new information on review of Tata NANO customers.

Tata NANO is taken as an example in the research process and for this specific reason this article is used in the research and analyzed according to the research requirements. 

The report submitted by PCTI (2011) includes significant information on overview of Tata NANO car along with its features, benefits etc. This article includes the significant information on conception and design of NANO car, expectations of customers on NANO introduction, modular design, pricing strategy and release date etc. On the other hand, this article even explained the impact on NANO car on Indian economy along with opinions of different analysts on Tata NANO car. This article includes a table that contains detailed information on entire features of Tata NANO car and their specifications. This article even explained the information on reviews of different communities of people who has used Nano cars previously. The actual failures and problems of Tata NANO car are explained clearly. Finally this article includes the information on major competitors of NANO car such as Bajaj Auto and some other electric cars.

The future work is required in order to explain more reviews on NANO car in order to identify whether NANO is a useful car or not.

 NANO car is taken as example in the research process and information on NANO is considered from this article. 

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