Library Management System Project in VB with full Source Code

This post provides full visual basic (VB) Script source code for the Library Management System Project. Here VB code works for server side scripting validations and like be a windows based application.

The main advantage of this project is to useful for college libraries, school libraries for book management system.

The below added Vb code explains how Student details, Book details, Book Issue details, Admin book add and delete features, Library details. Database tables are stored in MS Access database.


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  1. Hello sir….
    Please send library management system project like as below concept sir..
    Concept : All will forgot the date of return so that we can send them a sms to return the book on this day , date , book name with author name also for this coding with front end – vb and back end – SQL and analyse , design , flow diagram , implementation , testing , maintance , testing all…. Please send to my mail sir…

    Thank you

    1. hello sir, my name is Tumisang and i have an assignment on vb so can you please email me the codes for library management system 2008 right away..thank you bye <3

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