Latest PPT Topic for CSE on Bluetooth and Java

Introduction to Latest PPT Topic for CSE on Bluetooth and Java:

Bluetooth is the complete wireless technology which is also called as the open source technology which is available in a very low cost and also there is no need of installation of any of the Bluetooth devices. It requires a very small amount of power supply to work. This device is a very short ranged type of application which uses the radio technology which has the ad hoc wireless communication for transferring both the voice as well as the text type of data. These data can be transferred anywhere in the world which comes under the coverage of the Bluetooth device.

The features of the Bluetooth device are that it has about 2.4 GHz ISM which is completely an open source processor. It is a global available free type of frequency. It has about 79 channels of the total channels spectrums. The speed of the Bluetooth is about 1600 hops/seconds. Bluetooth has about 10 to 100 meters of the coverage area.

There are about classes like the class 1 has 100 meters which covers 300 feet. Class 2 has about 20 meters of coverage area which has the 60 feet of the coverage area. Class 3 has the 10 meters of coverage area which covers 30 feet of the coverage area. It has about 1 Mbps of the gross rate area. It also has the various voice data cables.

The specification of the hardware and the software of the system is it has the reading capacity of the JSR-82 of the Spec. it has an operating system like the LINUX development of the environments. It has the application inbuilt like the Rococo stimulator. This system has the great partnership with the yahoo and its new groups. As the first application executes it should be kept very simple and it can be explored in the JXTA system in the later systems.

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