Internal Mark Assessment System in VB Project Report

The biggest challenge of a school office authority is to manage each and every student detail and their marks effectively and efficiently, often cases occur of changes in marks, pass list, name changes, data losses etc. In the existing scenario each student’s marks are separately entered by their teachers first in a sheet of paper and then later an office staff copies the mark into a register.  It is extremely tedious to search data from this registers and usually mark registers are kept separate from student registers, moreover there are every chance of entering wrong marks of the student. To overcome all the cons and disadvantages of the existing system, the proposed software is developed to make the entry and the retrieval of student data much easier.

 The proposed software will have following module features:

Master Module: Various master details such as batch, subject, course, subject, designation etc. can be saved, updated or removed. These entries are important as it is the base for other modules.

Staff Module: The complete details of each staff is added or edited in this module. The allocation of subject to each staff can be provided

Student Module: Complete details of the students such as name, address, course, batch etc. can be added in the student entry form. The admin can also enter grades obtained by students in internal exams per subject. The student attendance can also be noted in other forms

Report Module: Various reports can be generated such as Grade reports per batch, attendance report between dates, staff allocation report etc.

The wholesome computerization of the data will ensure that the data loss is kept to a minimum and the details can be searched pretty easily. The reports can be generated instantly by inputting certain data and a print and export option would be also provided. 

Download Internal Mark Assessment System in VB Project Report .

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